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Work History

2016 DecemberCurrently

Quality Control Inspector / Turkish Standards Institution (TSE)

Department of Transportation Dangerous Goods / Regional Officer of Istanbul
  • Testing, inspection and marking of metallic tanks for Pressureless, Pressure, Fuel Oil / Asphalt, Chemical, Class 2 Gases (LPG and LNG) and Cryogenic,
  • Initial, periodic, intermediate and exceptional inspections for the fixed tanks (tank vehicles),
  • Examination of the manufacturing conditions and documents, inspection of the material grades and wall thicknesses, check of the design characteristics, examination of the manufacturing methods, inspection of the condition of the tank, inspection of the main dimensions, non- destructive testing (VT, RT, UT, PT, MT, ET) of the welds, dynamic longitudinal impact test,
  • Examination of the interior and exterior conditions,
  • Hydraulic pressure, vacuum test, leakproofness test, PV ventil test, determination of water capacity, inspection of service equipment and frame or structural equipment,
  • Test report, certification and marking,
  • Periodic inspection and testing of seamless steel transportable gas cylinders,


2016 January

Intern / ASOS Process Engineering

Produces Drying Technologies for Mining Sector

Project Management Department (2 Months)

2015 August

Intern / BAYKAR Technologies

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Systems

R&D Departmant (2 Months)

2014 August

Intern / KALE Aero

Aerospace and Defense Industry

Manufacturing Department (2 Months)


2017 SeptemberCurrently


Anadolu University

Human Resources Management

2012 September2016 July

Bachelor's Degree

Tekirdag Namik Kemal Universty

Mechanical Engineering




Composer, Song Writer, Singer, Have a Ensturment (Classical Kemenche)