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An organizational ninjutsu is a person who influences individuals and businesses by surreptitious measures, speech and intriguing methods. A true ninja has great patience and psychological insight and usually works one-on-one through the organizational structure in a silent way. The ninja can also promote your business through creative and unique methods to the external environment. As an organizational ninja, D'Pearl incorporates a soul or mission into the workplace and additionally inspires individuals within the whole to engage their personal potential. She activates a sense of purpose and passion for activity, instills self-confidence all guided along a plan toward efficiency and effectiveness. This unusual approach contagiously effects the bottom line of any business while maintaining a positive atmosphere within the business environment.

D'Pearl acts as a liaison for individuals in career transition, businesses who are looking to offer support, tangible and intangible benefits to their employees, and families looking for financial and/or personal change.

Work experience


Various Universities around the World

Professor Hockenberry teaches, publishes and presents worldwide.

Her famous classes focus on: Neuro-Leadership, Management, Quantum Ontological Storytelling, Creative and Intellectual Deviance, Executive Coaching, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship, Knowledge Management, Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Global Studies, Critical Thinking and Ontological Decision-Making


Organizational Ninjutsu



University of Vienna, Austria



DeSales University


Colorado Technical University



Life Insurance and Securities Licenses