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Work experience

Previous Experience:

·I.R.S. Records Toronto, Canada: Managing Director responsible for all aspects of the boutique’s

       4-person operation. Responsible for promotion, publicity and marketing. Coordinated marketingplans with

       distributor/sales force EMI to achieve release strategy & priority for I.R.S. projects.

·A&M Records Toronto, Canada: Special Projects Coordinator / I.R.S Label Manager. Started at A&M as an

       unpaid intern.

Mar 1996Jan 2009

VP, Marketing Director

Universal Music Group / Interscope- Geffen - A&M Records


·Profit-oriented, successful marketer with a proven track record as an innovator and motivator.

·Over 15 years experience project managing: developing, budgeting and implementing marketing


·Strengths: Strategic thought leader and team builder. Outgoing & results driven. Good communicator.

        Adaptable management style.

·Understand how to effectively market on-line and off-line to the constantly changing marketplace.

 Professional Experience:

·Create written marketing plans. Execute. Analyze the results and the research.

·Set, manage and monitor quarterly project budgets. Budget range $100,000 to $2,000,000. U.S.

·Spearheaded successful campaigns resulting in individual artist album sales ranging from $10 million to

       $90 million U.S. gross revenue.

·Responsible for project managing all marketing activities for artists ranging from John Fogerty, Lyle Lovett,

       sublime, blink-182, The Cure, and New Kids On The Block (’08 reunion) to new and developing artists.

·Leadership: Initiate, motivate and lead marketing meetings. Work closely with all departments and the

       field staff to get input for the marketing strategy. Achieve buy-in from key stakeholders.

·Hire and motivate independent marketing companies. Set goals, negotiate incentive based fees and  

       monitor results.

·Develop licensing and non-traditional marketing opportunities for projects.

·Plan and execute advertising campaigns.

·Packaging / Design: Hire designers and oversee conception through to production of physical and digital

       releases.Direct the design of all marketing tools online and offline, consumer and industry ads and music


·Manage marketing campaign coordination with concert booking agents and concert promoters.

·Key liaison / ”problem-solver” between the record company, the artists and their management.

·Manager and consultant for the company’s joint venture record labels/partners.

·Adapted to and managed change, through 3 different management and presidential changes in the

       company, in 5 years.

·Hired as Marketing Director. Promoted to Vice-President, November 1997.

Oct 1992Feb 1996

Vice President, Marketing And Promotion

I.R.S. Records-EMI Music, Los Angeles, CA

·Transferred to the U.S. head office from Toronto, Canada.

·Restructured and changed focus of I.R.S. promotion department to resolve difficulties. Concentrated efforts

       on Alternative and Adult-Alternative radio formats.

·Led, supervised and motivated eight member staff.

·Set creative direction for artist releases.Established goals and objectives. Formulated strategies. Created  

       and monitored execution of marketing plans. Analyzed the results. Established, monitored and maintained


·Key liaison between the record company, the artists and their management.

·Traveled extensively throughout the country. Visited primary, secondary and tertiary markets.


Music, Travel, New York Yankees, Apple ®, Rodney Dangerfield. 


U.S. Citizen




Sept 2009UCLA Social Media Marketing Seminar: - Embracing the evolving Web 2.0 phenomena.

                             Marketing techniques using social networking, virtual communities, webinars, Twitter,

                              YouTube and MySpace.

May 2002Executive Development Program - Universal Music Group, Santa Monica, CA

                              One of two people from MCA Records selected by executive management to attend.

May 1994“Leadership in Action” – Center For Creative Leadership, San Diego, CA

                              EMI Music, Executive Management Program.

GraduateSeneca College Of Applied Arts & Sciences, Toronto, Canada

                              Business Major. Graduated with high honors.