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Currently a Partner, Entrepreneur &  CTO at Rulegrid Inc, an IOT technology incubation firm. The company is a self incubator, investing in home grown IOT technologies. 

Previously the General Manager for Cloud Engines Israel and VP R&D for Cloud Engines.

More than five years of experience as a senior director of world class Enterprise Ready security products for a top security company - VeriSign.

More than nine years of managing  development centers in Israel for  American corporations.

Vast  experience in founding a startup (which was acquired), and managing it's engineering activity as a VP R&D

Ten years of experience in researching, adopting and developing bleeding edge technologies.

I carry an Executive MBA from the Bar Illan University in Israel (including an executive program from Boston University) and undergraduate (BA) degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Haifa University.

Work experience

Aug 2010Sep 2015

General Manager and VP R&D

Cloud Engines Israel

Cloud Engines is the maker of Pogoplug ( a cloud storage solution for the costumers. Pogoplug offers private and public cloud for consumers as well as being a platform for enterprises such as Bouygues Telecom, Bezeq and partners such as Buffalo storage, Sprint, HP and more. 

Cloud Engines is a well funded profitable startup, based out of San Francisco with dev center in Israel. 

As the country manager of the Israeli office (R&D and Support Center) for Cloud Engines, the maker of Pogoplug, responsible for the company's activity in Israel, which includes R&D and World Wide Support, the total of 25 people. 

As the company was shifting its mobile, PC and Mac development away from India, as well as its support organization away from California, was responsible for building the new R&D team to lead all iOS, Android, Mac and Windows development in the new location and transfer the knowledge from the old office in India. 

Together with Director of world wide support, building a first class, top notch world wide 24x7 support.

Feb 2006Jul 2010

Director of Engineering and Site Manager (GM)


Director of Engineering and Director of Product Management for VIP-Fraud Detection products: Fraud Detection Service and Fraud Intelligence Network. Responsible for the development and Engineering Services of these two products including major scaled deployments and SaaS. In the last year in VeriSign, also the Director of product management, responsible for leading the product from business prospectives as well as engineering. 

As a director of product development I report to the VP of Engineering in the User Authentication business unit in VeriSign and work closely with the Directors of Product Management for the two products I am responsible for.

As the director of product development I manage a team of 45 Engineers and Researches as part of the products. As a site manager, manages the entire activity of VeriSign Israel including financial and HR and other engineering activities. 

Responsibilities: As the director of engineering I am responsible for the Engineering relations with different aspects and interfaces for the products and its teams such as Professional Services, Customer Support Management, Engineering Escalation and 1st tier support. Above all responsible for the Engineering relations to the customers.

As a founder in Snapcentric and the senior employee in the new emerging VeriSign Israel it was my responsibility to execute the merge of Snapcentric into VeriSign and to build the new development center for VeriSign in Israel.

As the senior engineering manager in Israel I am part of the ongoing effort by VeriSign to identify potential companies for M&A and conducting technological due diligence on the behalf of the organization.

As the Director of Product Management I pushed the product into the cloud as well as adding additional fraud detection capabilities such as Anti Money Laundering. 


VP R&D and Founder

Snapcentric Inc

Vice President and Founder of Snapcentric Inc. a Fraud Detection company.

Was responsible for all the engineering activities of Snapcentric, including developments,QA, integration, architecture designs, installations and due diligence.

As VP R&D I had to build the engineering team from scratch, lead them to the technological solutions the company took, represent the company with customers, board and investors from the technological perspective. As VP R&D I reported to the CEO of the company and worked closely with the VP of Business Development and Product Management. 

As a founder I took part in the decisions of fund raising and the final M&A. Through the entire process with VeriSign I managed and lead the technology due diligence.


Team Manager

Mercury Interactive (Today HP)

Lead the R&D team of the Analytics product; a result of the acquisition of Allerez.

After the acquisition the company had to be merged into Mercury, and being an American company with most of it's engineering team based in California had to remotely manage the people, develop the product and integrate it into Mercury.


J2EE Architect

Sun Microsystems

J2EE architect in the MDE (Market Development Engineering) department.

The department is a world wide department working with ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) to adopt Sun's technologies. Engineers in this department design, develop and support the ISVs while they POC and deploy Sun's technologies.

As a J2EE architect I was responsible to help Israeli ISVs to adopt the (then young) J2EE technology and later the iPlanet (today Sun Java System) J2EE Application Server. 

As a J2EE architect I reported to the MDE Senior Staff Manager in Israel and to a Senior Manager in Menlo Park, California. 


ISV Lab Manager

Sun Microsystems

Responsible for managing the ISV Lab. The ISV lab was a benchmark lab to which ISVs could come to certify their software or test their performance on Sun's platforms. The job included managing the customers' relationships, build their certification and/or performance projects and build the lab for them.

The lab included Sun's hardware from simple desktop to servers such as the E10,000 and software as the Solaris operating systems, compiling tools and enterprise platforms such as iPlanet (at the time...)



Executive Program

Boston University


Bar-Illan University

B.A Math and Computer Sci.

Haifa University

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