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Domus Market Place

Domus Market Place is a real estate firm with special focus on developing environmentally friendly property in suburbs around the center of Israel


Founder / Owner

Online trading company

We are a privately held investment firm and a World Finance company, founded in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis to enable investors to manage risk and maximize profits in the most secure trading environment possible.

Oren Shabat Laurent

Options Wide Open – Oren Shabat Laurent

Known as a specialist in the field of online options, Oren Shabat Laurent is an Israeli businessman with over a decade of experience in trading.

Starting the Journey

Oren Shabat Laurent was born in Israel raised and educated in New York, United States. He went back to Israel for the final years of high school and completed his military service with the Israeli Defense Forces, as a staff sergeant in the Paratroopers Brigade. After an honorable discharge he started his tertiary education in the United States at New York University, where he studied Economics.

Oren Shabat Laurent’s Early Career

Laurent worked on Wall Street as a broker in the retail sector for various leading companies in the industry. His specialized field was structures and stocks. When the global recession hit the sector in late 2009, Laurent moved back to his country of birth, where he ventured into entrepreneurship. He founded an online trading company. His knowledge grew along with his reputation, and Laurent soon became known as an international authority on everything related to the field of online trading, including statutory laws and regulations governing the industry.

Other Business Interests

Laurent has expanded his business interests through the years and now also owns a real estate company and an underwriting firm, as well as investments in the hotel industry. His property venture concentrate on developing green suburban real estate around Israel.

Philanthropy and Home Life

His keen interest in sport inspires Laurent to provide corporate sponsorship to several Israeli athletes. He is also actively involved with a charitable initiative that creates recreational opportunities for handicapped children. Laurent has two children of his own and is happily married.

The Future of Finance According to Oren Shabat Laurent

Deeply interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Oren Shabat Laurent expanded his business interests to include digital currency with the aim of exploring its potential for economic transformation. Launched in 2013, Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency available to consumers and businesses alike. As Bitcoin and other digital currencies took the world by storm, they were met with some apprehension from the corporate world and industry professionals who are not as enterprising as Laurent, who believes that it is the next step in the financial evolution and is including it in his future ventures.