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About Orca Inspection Services

Based in Bainbridge Island, Washington, Orca Inspection Services LLC is a complete structural home inspection service. Orca Inspection Services’ hands-on consultation during a property assessment results in a report detailing specific problem areas. Both of these services offer home buyers, sellers, and investors an honest and realistic portrait of a home’s condition.The experts at Orca Inspection Services have years of experience in construction, house painting, carpentry, and home inspection, giving them a unique and comprehensive understanding of a home’s condition. Orca Inspection Services meticulously covers every area of the home and delivers a report electronically to the client within 24 hours of an inspection. This report includes photos of particularly complicated or problematic areas for easy reference, as well as color-coding to identify the severity of individual issues. As owner and lead inspector for Orca Inspection Services, Dylan Clark developed the system used in writing these reports. His intent was to achieve clarity and organization within the reports, which sometimes reach as much as 30 pages in length.As part of its inspection process, Orca Inspection Services provides a Washington State-compliant pest inspection and observations regarding potential energy efficiency improvements. As always Orca is very concerned with safety and clearly states potential safety issues in the report. Orca Inspection Services is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors and the Washington State Pest Management Association. It is a licensed Washington State Home Inspector and Structural Pest Inspector. In addition, under Dylan Clark’s leadership, Orca Inspection Services achieved certification as an ENERGY STAR Home Performance Tester and a Home Tune-uP Auditor.