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Orlando Ramos, Ed.D.

Regional Superintendent/Principal Coach

Work experience

July 2015Present

Regional Superintendent(2015-2017)/Principal coach(2017)

Milwaukee Public Schools

Major Accomplishment: MPS recorded across the board gains in ACT scores for first time in district history, significantly reduced student failure  and suspension rates. Latino students outperformed Latino students in the State of Wisconsin for first time. African American students doubled their scores on ACT writing for first time.

  • Directly supervise 26 high schools and support services
  • Principal coach
July 2012July 2015

Associate Superintendent

East Baton Rouge Parish School System

Major accomplishment: Improved all "F" rated high schools to D and C status as per State of Louisiana. District moved from D to C in State rankings-4 points short of B status.

  • Graduation rate at a 4 year pattern of growth
  • 23% of EBR schools improved at least 1 letter grade
  • Over half of EBR schools increased school performance scores
  • In collaboration with Union President, introduced restorative practices to school district/schools
  • Recommends to the Superintendent specific policies, procedures, plans, and programs for attaining instructional support objectives of the administration and school board
  • Direct supervision of comprehensive High Schools
Jul 2011Jul 2012

Transformation/School Improvement Officer

Decatur Public Schools

Major accomplishment: Initiated and implemented new grading policy and school wide literacy initiative at district high schools

  • Responsble for Implementing strategies as outlined in School Improvement Grant
  • Recorded significant increase in student pass rate
  • Tripled number of students attending after school tutoring
  • Created and implemented new district grading policy
  • Received Decatur School District Award of Excellence for implementing literacy intiative

Reason for leaving: Advanced and accepted Associate Superintendent position in  larger school district and this position was grant funded

Jul 2010Jul 2011

Director of Transformation/Turnaround Schools

Chicago Public Schools

Major accomplishment: Negotiated signed agreements with various stakeholders in 8 communities to implement school transformation strategies.

  • Provide management oversight for the internal lead partner, The CPS Office of Transformation Schools(OTS), along with senior consultative services to schools supported by OTS. Coordination of all OTS activities and acts as a senior advisor/coach to school leadership teams.
  • Build processes, protocol and infrastructure for transformation schools portfolio including development of school improvement plans. Co-write school improvement grants.
  • Establish menu of interventions, including identifying potential supporting partners to address strategic needs of schools. 
  • Build successful relationships with local internal and external stakeholders at teach community that selects 'Transformation office" as lead partner. Significant public/political relations responsibilities.
  • Supervise and support portfolio of identified Transformation High Schools.
  • Assist with supervision of Turnaround schools(15%)

Reason for leaving: Mass layoffs due to budget cuts

Jul 20082010


Lee Mathson Middle School

Alum Rock Unified Elementary School District, San Jose, California

Major accomplishment: Significantly reduced student suspensions and implemented school improvement strategies with majority teacher support. Increase in number of students scoring proficient and advanced on state exams

  • Responsible for instructional program, teacher evaluations, budgeting and all aspects of leading a middle school 6-8

Reason for leaving: Advanced and accepted district level position in Chicago

Jul 2005Jul 2008


Richmond High School

West Contra Costa Unified School District, Richmond, California

Major Accomplishment: Tripled the number of Advanced Placement courses, recorded a substantial increase in students applying for college, created a mentoring program for African American male students and was named recipient of California Peace Prize (1 of 3 recipients annually in the State of California).

  • 1800 ADA, grades 9-12.RHS made AYP/API after 5 consecutive years in program improvement status(2009)

  • 17% increase In students deciding to go to college as per student survey developed by college admissions office.

  • 63% of English Language Learners moved up one or more levels. ELL placement rate was 40-42% for 5 consecutive years and never surpassed 50%. 90% of the student body home language is Spanish.

  • Introduced and implemented new standards based grading system with majority approval of staff.

  • Implemented school wide sustained silent reading program with culturally relevant novels to improve interest in reading.

  • Tripled the number of AP offerings as well as recorded substantial increase in number of students passing AP courses.

  • Created a mentoring program for African American male students-Partnered African American professionals with RHS students.

  • Served as a member of Concilio Latino-an advocacy group focusing on Latino issues in West County.

  • Oversaw daily operations of school; responded to crisis, extensive media contact.

  • Provided community leadership-involved in several community based initiatives.

  • Charter school Principal 2005-2006

Reason for leaving: Accepted position in San Jose to support wife education/career goals

Jul 2002Jul 2005


New York City Dept. of Education

Major Accomplishment: Designed and implemented strategies that led to significant improvement at a persistently failing Junior High School-PS101

  • Students posted significant gains in State Math and English examinations.

  • Hire, train, support, observe and evaluate teachers and support staff
  • Budget and finance operations
  • Created and supervised district suspension site

Reason for leaving: Accepted Principal position in California


Teacher/Assistant Principal

New York City Dept. of Education

Major Accomplishment: Received performance bonus award from NYC Dept. of Education and NYC Council of Supervisors and Administrators for creating and implementing strategies that led to overall school achievement and improvement. Successfully implemented conflict resolution program targeted toward gang members and at-risk youth to reduce suspensions by over 30%. School was removed from NYC Police Dept. top 10 most violent schools list. Program received national accolades. Concurrently served as Evening Principal with Auxiliary Services for High Schools(2000-2002)

  • Taught bilingual social studies grades 9-12 1993-2000

  • Voted bilingual teacher of the year by students-1998
  • Voted friendliest teacher-1999



John Jay College of Criminal Justice



Nova Southeastern University

A.C.S.A. Superintendent's Academy

A.C.S.A. Curriculum and Instruction Academy


Superintendents Credential

Louisiana Dept of Education

Administrative Certification(SUPT.)

Pennsylvania Dept. of Education

Conflict Resolution Specialist

New York City Board of Education

School District Administrator

New York State Dept. of Education

School Administrator and Supervisor(Tenured)

New York State Dept. of Education

Administrative Certification

California Department of Education

Superintendent Certification

State of Washington

Administrative Certification

Florida Dept. of Education