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A challenging position/responsibility with the possibility of career advancement. A senior software engineer which allows me to apply my technical skills in an enlightened, dynamic, and high paced environment to develop a highly scalable and optimized system adhering to company's principle and business that leads to customer satisfaction and self-motivation to perform better everytime. The best position will require strong communication skills, an ability to juggle multiple tasks, and thrive in an interrupt-driven atmosphere while continuing to retain and expand my technical skills.


Currently learning the SOA and WOA

Very keen in learning new technologies.

Puzzle solving.


Presently working in CSC India Pvt Ltd at the client PayPal – en Ebay Company in Chennai with a total work experience of 2 years and 7months as a Project Lead and/or Lead Engineer.

Software Engineer – Web Application Developer (Sept 2009-Present)

  • Reviewing the requirement document along with peers, product and quality team and finding the technical feasibility and challenges of implementation.
  • Preparing technical design document according to the frozen requirements which also involved taking part in the design patterns and early stages of software development along with the UML diagram preparations.
  • Prototyping, peer code reviewing and coordinating tasks among the team (communicating relevant information with the onsite counterpart) to ensure smooth functioning of the project with strict adherence to timelines.
  • Implementing the required modules using OOP concept.
  • Optimization of the code with proper analysis of the algorithms and the resources used.
  • Preparing and performing the unit and integration testing to ensure the quality of the product.
  • Performance testing of the code.
  • Responsible for maintaining timelines of delivery, quality and optimization of code, task allocation among the internal team and coordination various tasks besides coding for modules.

Associate Application Developer - Web (Jun 2008-Aug 2009)

  • Development of project modules as per the functional specification and visual design.
  • Creating and developing Unit Test Plan and Unit Test Review for the project.
  • Fixing technical issues in the later stage of the project, thus ensuring a smooth integration of the product into the PayPal system.
  • Interacting and working with the Onsite Coordinator for any technical issues related to the project.


Soft Skills
Software Development, Design Patterns, OOAD, Project Leadership and Team Management.
Development Environment
IBM Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest, SVN, Eclipse, GIT and Internal tools like ICE, Genesis etc.
XPT Architecture
PayPal's proprietary architecture and language to develop and render the front end web pages. It is based on XML.
Spring Web Framework
Infrastructure for building rich web based application and support the development of highly dynamic websites
Delivering the best user experience in front-end.
Algorithm design and Data Structures. Efficient and optimized code development.

Looking Forward

Work experience

Jun 2008Present

Software Engineer

CSC India Pvt Ltd

CLIENT: PayPal - an eBay Company

P2P Redesign Send Money (Sept 2010-Present)

Project/Feature Lead

  • Leading and managing a team of 3.
  • Complete movement of code and functionality from PayPal proprietary XPT architecture into Java based Spring framework using JSP for send and request money.
  • Implemented algorithm for random numbers as a part of new functionality.

China UnionPay (May 2010 –Oct 2010)

Project/Feature Lead

  • Integrated China UnionPay cards into the Paypal system and provide the China Worldwide users a more efficient and convenient buying experience.
  • Implemented Binary Search Tree for card detection
  • Lead and managed a team of 4

Express & NextGen Checkout (Nov 2010-Apr 2010)

Software Engineer/Developer

  • Lead engineer responsible for the code optimization in JS.
  • Improving the user experience by increasing the performance of the page loading time.
  • Mentoring other developers in the team.

Refunds Enhancements (Mar 2009-Oct 2009)

Software Engineer/Developer

  • Lead engineer responsible for all phases of software life cycle
  • One member team
  • Enhancing the buyer and the seller experience in the refund process of the purchased goods.

Seller Protection Policy (Aug 2008 - Feb 2009)

Associate Developer

  • Building protection functionality for Ebay and non-Ebay customers
  • Improving the user experience by increasing the performance of the page loading time.
  • Coding and testing various modules using internal tool



Sun Certified Java Professional 5.0

Sun Microsystems