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I am looking for a part-time job or freelance work withing the field of communications because my current job at ICUBE-NEWYORK INC. isn't offering enough hours.

About Me

My greatest strength is determining people’s motivations and understanding the nuances of human interaction. My minor in Sociology, combined with my interest in Psychology, gives me a unique perspective on why people act the way they do on both an individual and group level.

My passion is acquiring knowledge and discovering the truth. I proactively ask questions and perform research when I am unsure about something. I am very logical in my approach to reality, so I put more weight into testable evidence when determining the truth compared to emotional appeals.

What sets me apart from my competition is my willingness to give and accept constructive criticism. Improvements can only be made once people realize that improvements are needed. When working in a group environment, I am willing to be the voice of descent because I respect people enough to tell the truth, even if the truth isn’t what they want to hear.

Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Creative Content Manager


• Competitor Analysis• User Experience Analysis• Creative Brainstorming

Sep 2010Dec 2010



• Social Media Marketing• Viral Video Promotion• Photography/Videography


Eric Vidal

"I like Matt's wit and web savvy sensitivity. He has been interning with icube-newyork since September 2010. Matt is a dedicated & hard working team member."

Desigual Undie Party

Inbound Marketing Certification


Aug 2007May 2010

Bachelors of Science

Bradley University
  • Minored in Sociology
  • 3.0/4.0 GPA Overall


Microsoft Office
PowerPoint  (Transitions, Effects, Text Manipulation) Excel  (Charts, Macros) Word  (Text Manipulation, Charts)
Apple Final Cut Pro
I know how to: Manipulate Video  (Color, Speed, Effects) Manipulate Audio  (Volume, Speed, Effects) Add Text
Adobe Premiere Pro
I know how to: Manipulate Video  (Color, Speed, Effects) Manipulate Audio  (Volume, Speed, Effects) Add Text
Adobe InDesign
I know how to: Arrange Imported Objects Manipulate Text Add Effects
Adobe Photoshop
I know how to: Use Layers Crop Perform Color Corrections Paint