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Work experience


Owner/Operator Website


Patio was created and designed by Dean Geyer through Focus Learning Center in Utah, USA. I have created several web and blog sites, all sites are quality informational sites including one product site. This business course offered all aspects of running a small business online.


Owner/Operator Website

Wax Inspirations Ltd

Design and manufacturing of high end wedding candles, day to day business operation of running a small business. All internet sales and shipping to the United States. More information available upon request.


Service Adviser/Tower Operator

Cherry Ford Sales

Full duties for automotive customer service department, including all aspects of repairs, after market warranties, service advisor and tower operator dispatch.


Service Advisor

Kennsington Ford/Coastal Ford

Full duties for automotive customer service department, including all aspects of repairs, after market warranties, lot management and service advisor.


Automotive Lot Manager

Stadium Motors/Zephyr On Broadway

Lot manager, all duties pertaining to automotive warranties, pre-delivery inspections and customer service.Previous Zephyr Automotive group


Automotive Lot Manager

Preston Chevrolet

Lot manager, all duties pertaining to automotive warranties, pre-delivery inspections and customer service, under coat and rust proof packages etc.


Grade 12 Completion

High School Graduate

All high school programs completed, graduated at Langley, BC 1978


Seeking a position in the Oil Gas Industry, any division where my extensive business experience will be further developed and utilized. Open to any position that deals with customer service, warehouse management, manual labor, off shore or field work that requires excellent and reliable help. I'm a person that is very trainable and open to a wide range of job opportunities for employment. I'm very flexible and extremely adaptable for various job positions indoors and out. Job relocation to any country or area is not a problem.


What I Can Do For My New Employer

 Big Questions for my future employer: Am I worth hiring?, Can I be trusted?, Am I hard working?, Can I take instructions and follow through?

TRUST - Yes I'm a person of honesty and can be trusted, I have always been a person that makes every possible effort to make honest decisions and for the right reasons.

Hard Working & Am I Worth Hiring - My idea of a hard working person is not watching the clock and doing what is required for the departments best interest. I never had a job where you work eight hours and it's over, I have always been a person with full commitment. Hard work is expected from all employers these days, but communication with management is a must for getting a clear idea of where the business is going. Having a employee listen to what is reasonable expectations from management and owners is vital and the only way a team can succeed in general. Yes I have the qualities to be a team player and am willing to be put to the test. I remember when people would only deal with myself, why?, because the client's new that the information I gave them was for real, not information just to make a sale. Yes I'm a loyal person that has excellent work ethics and trust is part of the package.

Having clear instructions from my employer is essential, I truly believe that good instructions and a system in place makes team success that much easier. Having the experience of running my own business made me understand all the aspects of the day to day requirements to succeed in business. Being able to focus on change when needed really makes a huge difference, I'm looking forward to work with a team that wants a person with excellent qualities that they can count on. 

If you're looking for a hard working employee that can be trained for any dept of your business, you hit the jack pot , I'm a person that is dedicated and have strong work ethics. I'm a person that is flexible, understanding, focused and will do what is asked specifically pertaining to the job description I will be doing. I'm 49 years old, very physically fit and have a clean back ground for security clearance as needed. I request a chance to work for your company. I look forward to receiving a email or phone call for immediate job interview and placement. I will get back to you as soon as possible and hope to hear from you soon. Job relocation to any area is not a problem.Skills  - Able to work unsupervised and also in a team effort, strong action of any job task assigned.

- Excellent oral communication skills, making common sense decisions for the specific job task, always practice continuous learning, getting along and providing positive support for co-workers.

- Mechanically inclined, automotive, construction and various outdoor jobs and projects.

- Computer  website design, video creations, Word Press and many aspects of software programs etc.

- Excellent skills working with people, following through with layout instructions, customer service and management expectations.

- Shipping experience, warehouse and general daily duties, computer knowledge for daily tasks etc. - Very physically fit, non smoker and able to do any job that requires physical effort indoors and out.- Safety minded and always make every possible effort to avoid any injury or possible physical risk.- Able to work in a fast pace environment and physically demanding jobs of any type. 


Dean Marshal Geyer

- Canadian Citizen (Yes - Confirmed)

- Health (Excellent)- No Drugs (Will Take Drug Test)- Criminal Background Check (Clean - Check For Confirmation)- Valid Drivers License (Yes -Excellent & Confirmed)

Contact Information

e-mail [email protected]

1 877-389-8884 Leave Message PleaseDean Geyer


Dean's InterestsLearning is my general interest and at the same time making money, I really enjoy helping people in general.

I enjoy education and reading books, building relationships with people that are mentally active and seek more knowledge in general.

I really enjoy communicating with people on a daily basis, helping friends and people in general succeed, team work and positive spirit of doing good things for people that appreciate my efforts.

Daily practice of people skills is what really does interest me, I really enjoy the study of spiritualism,  good karma and knowledge of mental advancement studies. I have a big list of personal interests that I'm working on, in general spiritual growth and daily practice of doing things for the right reasons. I have a hobby business site which is , this is one of my project sites for helping other people, informational pages for other people to share their ideas and help others in need.    My daily thought is think well and do well, always treat people the way you wish to be treated.


Ford Service Advisor Certification

Ford of Canada