Established in 2009, Onyx Lending Partners supports families facing the daunting prospects of foreclosure. The company, based in San Ramon, California, helps families assess their options and choose one that is most conducive to their financial well-being. Foreclosures are associated with a negative connotation, causing people to dread the prospect due to the resulting embarrassment, credit problems, and harassment from bill collectors. Specializing in private financing, Onyx Lending Partners helps change this through its menu of services, which include a strategic referral network designed to assist families in finding homes they can afford.The company has changed the lives of a number of families who have been affected by adverse economic conditions, and a family located in Yucca Valley provides an example. The family had found themselves behind on their payments with $200,000 still owed on the mortgage. After contacting Onyx Lending Partners, the family was able to utilize the company’s network to find an alternate home and obtain favorable repurchase terms. Instead of waiting to be evicted, the family worked proactively with the company to develop an understanding of the process, take control of their future, and avert more problems. The Kinners, based in Brentwood, are another example of a family that was helped by the company. Facing foreclosure, the Kinners turned to the firm and found insightful guidance. They were able to remain in their home by allowing Onyx Lending to guide them throughout the process involved in repurchasing their home.More information about the company is available at

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