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Onyeberechi Education Services, Educational Specialist, President, nonprofit, volunteer tutoring


Mr. Onyeali Onyeberechi brings years of professional experience as an educational specialist to his current role as the President of Onyeberechi Education Services, a non-profit service that offers academic support to middle school students in Hyattsville, Maryland. Onyeali Onyeberechi’s diverse background and skills give him a unique and insightful perspective as a guide and coach to students interested in maximizing their educational potential. Onyeali Onyeberechi’s background in educational services, teaching, writing, and administration make him an ideal supporter of youth. During his tenure at the International Finance Corporation, part of the World Bank Group, Onyeali Onyeberechi provided support to high-ranking officials and managers by proofreading and editing documents. His research was used to develop critical reports. Onyeali Onyeberechi was also responsible for interfacing with clients. Having worked in various areas of communications, Onyeali Onyeberechi is a seasoned communicator who is able to create, develop, and transmit ideas with clarity and precision. Onyeali Onyeberechi put his teaching skills to further use as a Teaching Clinician who wrote extensive notes, taught reading comprehension, and created a curriculum. His ability to develop content for the learning disabled resulted in various acknowledgments including the Most Valuable Clinician Award and the Star Service Fanatic Award.As his Onyeberechi Education Services grows and serves an increasing number of students, Onyeali Onyeberechi will continue to use his education, experience, and expertise to mold the minds of students and create a meaningful impact.

Work experience


President; Educational Specialist/Tutor

Onyeali Education Services

Volunteering/non-profit service to provide students the necessary tools to strive in all facets of their academic pursuits and endeavors.




Morgan State University

Dartmouth College