Onuray Sahin

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2014 - Present

Mobile Application Developer


I am responsible for developing Android applications

Feb 2012 - Feb 2014


Dregens Teknoloji

Funded by the help of the Turkish Republic Ministry of Industry and Trade

Sep 2010 - Feb 2012

Mobile Application Developer


Developed Android, iOS and  Blackberry applications

Apr 2009 - Sep 2010

Software Developer


Developed Flight Reservation System Modules


2011 - Present

Master Degree

Yildiz Technical University

Electric-Electronic Faculty, Computer Engineering Department

2005 - 2010

Bachelor's Degree

Yildiz Technical University

Electric-Electronic Faculty, Computer Engineering Department



I have been developing Android apps for 5 years and used almost all of the Android API.

Electronics & Robotics & Sensors

I have deep knowledge and experience on electronic boards, sensors and integrating all components to build a functional robot.

Wearable Technology

I have been practising on designing and developing smart wristbands which solves problems in daily life. Arduino and Intel Edison are my favourite development boards.  I have also managed projects integrating Thalmic Myo gesture recognizer and Emotiv Epoc EEG headset.

Java & JSP & Oracle

Working on these technologies for 5 years. Developed Human Resources Management and Flight Reservation Systems.


Developed & published 3 iOS apps for my customers.


  • Wi-Fi Deadspot Android Application
    • Detects issues relevant to Wi-Fi signal, bandwidth and content provider.
  • CepYol Android Application
    • You can compare prices and buy bus and flight tickets by using CepYol. 
  • Nesine.com Android Application
    • nesine.com is the lead bet company in Turkey. http://www.nesine.com/apps/android
  • Vodafone CampusZone Android & Blackberry Applications
    • CampusZone gives all necessary information about university campuses in Turkey.
  • IBB Beyaz Masa Android Application
    • Official application of the Istanbul Municipality, takes complaints about the city.
  • Veloxity Android SDK
    • Veloxity collects & reports realtime network statistics as a background service.
  • Ministry of Justice, SMS Informing System
    • Gives information about continued lawsuit
  • Rentacarss Android & iOS Applications
    • Rented cars can be tracked & shown on map at realtime. 
  • Fatih Municipal Android Application
    • Gives all the information about Fatih / Istanbul. Paying bills is also supported.
  • Restoservis Restaurant Ordering System Tablet Application
    • Shows restaurant menu, takes orders, provides payment methods on the table.
  • Simultaneous Localisation and 3D Mapping by Using Autonomous Mobile Robot
    • A self moving robot, aims to create maps of the environment using laser sensor.
  • Autonomous Parallel Parking Robot
    • The robot detects a suitable parking spot and park with manoeuvres.
  • Car Detection and Distance Estimation on Traffic
    • Uses a single camera to measure distances to the frontal cars at realtime.
  • Wheelchair Controller using Brainwaves (EEG)
    • Created a wheelchair controller for disabled people to help them to be able move around by just thinking.