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Onuray Sahin

Work experience

Feb 2014Present

Mobile Application Developer


I am responsible for developing Android applications

Feb 2012Feb 2014


Dregens Teknoloji

Funded by the help of the Turkish Republic Ministry of Industry and Trade

Sep 2010Feb 2012

Mobile Application Developer


Developed Android, iOS and  Blackberry applications

Apr 2009Sep 2010

Software Developer


Developed Flight Reservation System Modules



Master Degree

Yildiz Technical University

Electric-Electronic Faculty, Computer Engineering Department


Bachelor's Degree

Yildiz Technical University

Electric-Electronic Faculty, Computer Engineering Department



I have been developing Android apps for 5 years and used almost all of the Android API.

Electronics & Robotics & Sensors

I have deep knowledge and experience on electronic boards, sensors and integrating all components to build a functional robot.

Wearable Technology

I have been practising on designing and developing smart wristbands which solves problems in daily life. Arduino and Intel Edison are my favourite development boards.  I have also managed projects integrating Thalmic Myo gesture recognizer and Emotiv Epoc EEG headset.

Java & JSP & Oracle

Working on these technologies for 5 years. Developed Human Resources Management and Flight Reservation Systems.


Developed & published 3 iOS apps for my customers.


  • Wi-Fi Deadspot Android Application
    • Detects issues relevant to Wi-Fi signal, bandwidth and content provider.
  • CepYol Android Application
    • You can compare prices and buy bus and flight tickets by using CepYol. 
  • Android Application
    • is the lead bet company in Turkey.
  • Vodafone CampusZone Android & Blackberry Applications
    • CampusZone gives all necessary information about university campuses in Turkey.
  • IBB Beyaz Masa Android Application
    • Official application of the Istanbul Municipality, takes complaints about the city.
  • Veloxity Android SDK
    • Veloxity collects & reports realtime network statistics as a background service.
  • Ministry of Justice, SMS Informing System
    • Gives information about continued lawsuit
  • Rentacarss Android & iOS Applications
    • Rented cars can be tracked & shown on map at realtime. 
  • Fatih Municipal Android Application
    • Gives all the information about Fatih / Istanbul. Paying bills is also supported.
  • Restoservis Restaurant Ordering System Tablet Application
    • Shows restaurant menu, takes orders, provides payment methods on the table.
  • Simultaneous Localisation and 3D Mapping by Using Autonomous Mobile Robot
    • A self moving robot, aims to create maps of the environment using laser sensor.
  • Autonomous Parallel Parking Robot
    • The robot detects a suitable parking spot and park with manoeuvres.
  • Car Detection and Distance Estimation on Traffic
    • Uses a single camera to measure distances to the frontal cars at realtime.
  • Wheelchair Controller using Brainwaves (EEG)
    • Created a wheelchair controller for disabled people to help them to be able move around by just thinking.