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Professional and organized Fashion Design student offering the following skills:

·Flat sketching

·Costing & specification

·CAD: Photoshop, Illustrator

·Illustration of fashion figure

·Concept design

·Sewing capabilities

·Trend and color analysis

·Creative design

·Draping, patternmaking, grading and marking

·Microsoft word, PowerPoint

·Fluent Chinese, English and Cantonese 

Work experience

May 2010Aug 2010

Intern Development assistant


John Paul Richard division of Mike Gonzalez Inc.                                                         

Design Intern                                                                                                                        

·Organized fabric swatches and defines them

·Communicated with other product stores

·Responsible for finding stuff at vendor

·Planned out traveling schedule for clients

As work as a Development Assistant for my internship, I really do learn some different skills from school, is not just about design, is the term that you need to know what you should get and where you should buy for your collection. The Development Assistant is about how to managing your cost to get your collection done perfectly. For example: I need to communicate with lots of vendors, compare with the price. Organize all the products. My time managing is become better, because everything and project has to be on time no matter is for send it out or bring it back! 

Aug 2006Dec 2006

Designer Assistant

Feng-Tai Universal Fur Center

Design Intern                                                                                                    

·Sketched, developed

·Traced, cut garments

·Pined garment and muslin patterns onto form for designer to approve that patterns conform

in proportion and balance to design-sketch concept.sign-sketch concept.

·Knowledge of pattern making, sewing and concept designs though completion.

As work as a Designer Assistant for my internship in China is a interesting experience. 

Jun 2002Jan 2004

Customer Service Agent

Phone X

·Serviced 10 to 15 clients per day to activate phone systems

·Organized monthly inventory files and conducted monthly meetings with sales team



Jun 2008Jun 2010

Associate Degree

Fashion Instituted Design of Merchandise

A student whos major of Fashion Design and graduated in 2010 June at FIDM. 

FIDM teach me lot's of stuff that includes sewing skills, fabric identify, daft, draping, fashion trend and concept sketches for your own collection. 

Thanx to FIDM