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Work experience

Feb 2012Present


  • Answers multi-line phone and greets customers.
  • Directs customer to appropriate source for customer service issues.
  • Tracks customer sales and traffic.
  • Updates financial infomation in Microsoft Access.
  • Assigns customers to appropriate design consultant.
  • Consolidates sales figures in TOREX and FROG databases.
  • Prepares financial reports daily for distribution.
  • Updates and processes daily sheets for design consultants.
  • Notifies design consultant of customer arrival via paging system.
  • Maintains and updates "Home Call' binder.
  • Prepares invoices, customer receipts, etc., for regular mail.
  • Receives incoming FedEx and UPS shipments.
  • Prepares shipments for FedEx and UPS delivery.
  • Collects and processes customer payments on accounts.
  • Performs desktop publishing duties for special store promotions.
  • Performs other clerical duties, as assigned.
May 2013Present

Freelance Writer

Wake Living Magazine
  • Receives assignments from editor for quarterly publication in the local magazine.
  • Conducts interviews and gathers information via email, telephone, and/or in person.
  • Writes and submits profiles to editor concerning select restaurants, privately-owned businesses, and more throughout Durham, Orange, and Wake Counties before designated deadline.
Feb 2011Feb 2012

Information Specialist (Receptionist)

Ethan Allen

·Answered multi-line phones and greeted customers and assigns them to appropriate design consultant.

·Printed financial reports from STORIS database and consolidates them for daily folder.

·Tracked customer traffic and sales in Microsoft Access, using Daily Designer Record.

·Entered and tracked customer sales information in Microsoft Excel, using Daily Balance Sheet.

Jul 2011Feb 2012

Office Administrator

SAS Institute, Inc. (Greene Resources)
  • Answered multi-line phones.
  • Managed movie, special events, and entertainment ticket sales.
  • Installed and disassembled select sports equipment.
  • Scheduled appointments for Campus Cuts, Skin Care, the Nail Salon, and Massage Therapy.
  • Reserved courts and sports equipment for racket ball, tennis, ping pong, and other sports-related events.
  • Issued sports equipment to eligible participants.
  • Educated participants on the rules and regulations of the Recreation and Fitness Center (RFC).
  • Managed completed payroll deduction forms for eligible participants.
  • Kept track of sports equipment and exercise clothing, while replenishing necessary items when inventories are low.
  • Entered employee payroll deduction information into the Gym Order System.
  • Performed housekeeping duites, as needed.
Jun 2010Oct 2010

Administrative Assistant

Cormetech, Inc (Manpower)
  • Greeted customers and referred them to the appropriate source in the Sales and Marketing Department.
  • Answered multi-line phones.
  • Created and edited Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for gas and coal projects.
  • Attended weekly meetings and entered gas project-related data into Microsoft Access for incorporation into Experience Lists.
  • Composed and edited letters, memos, performance curves, for customers.
  • Edited and published O&M manuals, CD’s, and lab reports.

Feb 2010Jun 2010

Optometric Assistant/Medical Receptionist

The Eye Center
  • Interviewed patient, recorded medical history, and confirmed purpose of visit.
  • Dilated pupils, reported patient history summary, and performed various pre-screening tests such as Auto Refractor, Tonometry, and Retinal Photography.
  • Scheduled routine eye exams for eyeglasses and/or contact lens.
  • Verified insurance coverage and input patient data into Officemate.
  • Updated and recorded patient information in electronic medical record or Exam WRITER.
  • Prepared charts, pre-admission, and consent forms.
  • Entered and updated payment information in Microsoft Excel.
  • Received commission for the sale of contact lens.
  • Performed housekeeping duties.
Jun 2009Aug 2009

Program Assistant

Easter Seals UCP of NC (Monarch Services)
  • Updated ACTT team member emergency phone list, using the ACTT Durham Portal Site. 
  • Prepared check requests for clients and vendors.
  • Received contact information from the Qualified Professionals (QPs), physicians, nurses, etc.
  • Updated contact sheets daily.
  • Answered multi-line phones.
  • Communicated, orally and in writing, with clients, team members, nurses, doctors, hospitals, etc.
  • Faxed documents such as Person-Centered Plans (PCPs), LME Authorization Requests to the Durham Center or PCPs and Inpatient Treatment Reports (ITRs) to Value Options (Medicaid).
  • Managed budget and client filing system.
  • Composed and edited spreadsheets, memos, letters, etc.
Apr 2008May 2009

Personnel Specialist II

Department of Naval Science/Naval ROTC (Alutiiq)
  • Served as the principal assistant for Naval ROTC at Chapel Hill, where I performed administrative duties in support of Naval ROTC and Marine Corps ROTC programs.
  • Used automated programs and software to compose, edit, manipulate, save, and retrieve technical correspondence (Request and Authorization for TDY Travel of DOD Personnel; and Travel Voucher or Sub voucher), standard letters (Initial Proceed Letter), reports (Candidate Nomination Listing By Unit), and other program documents (NROTC Scholarship Service Agreement and NROTC College Program Application).
  • Tracked incoming and outgoing correspondence. Initiated travel authorizations through the Defense Travel System (DTS) for Phase I, II, and III Summer Cruise travel; active duty TDY/TAD, Officer Candidate School (OCS), and aviation cruises.
  • Updated midshipmen information in Citrix (OPMIS), i.e., subsistence, LOA, summer cruise, grades, physical examinations, unit placement, PRI, swim, and security clearances.
  • Proofread and edited documents requiring signature of Commanding Officer (CO) and/or Executive Officer (XO) for the commissioning and disenrollment of midshipmen.
  • Submitted requests through Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DODMERB) for approval of scheduled physical examinations.
  • Informed a student, orally and in writing, concerning the status of submitted DODMERB request for physical examination with further instructions.
  • Updated and maintained various office procedures and files (Regulations for Officer Development Manual for the NROTC-UNC-CH or ROD) to ensure effective and efficient operation of the ROTC unit.
  • Communicated with midshipmen, officers, and other staff members, orally and in writing, throughout the DOD and UNC system to obtain personal information, midshipman status, and current student standing.
  • Prepared and processed paperwork for the orientation of new ROTC students.
  • Assisted with the scheduling and processing of pre-commissioning physicals. 
  • Updated enlisted service and outpatient medical records for annual certification.
  • Prepared and tracked correspondence for out-going and in-house correspondence.
  • Worked with DFAS - Indianapolis and DFAS - Cleveland to resolve midshipmen pay issues.
  • Assisted active duty members with the scheduling of separation physicals.
  • Entered MECEP personal information into OPMIS.
  • Entered newly-assigned officer information into OPMIS.
Jan 2002Jan 2008

Medical Support Assistant II

UNC Healthcare System
  • Entered lab work for Post Liver Transplant Program patients.
  • Ordered office supplies.
  • Answered multi-line phones.
  • Recorded meeting minutes.
  • Sorted and distributed mail. Used Microsoft Office 2003 software to create spread sheets, letters, memorandum, etc.
  • Proofread all correspondence for appropriate grammar, spelling, and correspondence procedures, prior to departmental distribution.
  • Maintained filing system.
  • Updated patient information in Trans Chart (created by Ohio State University) database. Used same database to download reports for scheduled staff meetings.
  • Used WEBCIS hospital database to track patient labs, scheduled appointments, view message alerts, and to lookup ICD-9-CM Codes for select diagnosis.
  • Prepared educational packets for new liver transplant patients.
  • Communicated orally with the HLA laboratory, concerning the retrieval of donor paperwork for new transplant patients.
  • Used hospital database to schedule bone density, chest x-rays, liver ultrasound, renal ultrasound, and MRI appointments.
  • Communicated, orally and in writing, with clerks from other services throughout the hospital, concerning patient referral appointments (dental clinic, headache clinic, cardio graphics, urology clinic, hematology, and OB/GYN).
  • Provided administrative support for the Pediatric Liver Transplant Program by calling parents and reminding them of their child's missed appointment and the urgency for rescheduling.
  • Composed and proofread final drafts of letters to patients, concerning missing lab results, missed appointments, and return-to work approval, prior to mail distribution.
  • Served as backup Pre-Liver Transplant Program Assistant by preparing the TOP 5 report for the on-call nurse coordinator, in the event a liver became available for transplant during non-duty hours.
  • Used the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) website to download current reports of applicants waiting for liver transplantation.
  • Served as backup Clinical Business Associate for the Transplant Clinic by greeting and processing patients for their scheduled clinical appointments.
Jan 2000Nov 2001

Program Area Assistant 2

Research Triangle Institute (RTI)
  • Prepared, processed, and tracked purchase requisitions in the Process Research Program section.
  • Sorted and distributed mail. Edited and proofread scientific manuscripts for appropriate grammar, spelling, and correspondence procedures, prior to submitting final proposal to the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) for potential grant funding.
  • Answered multi-line phones.
  • Ordered office and laboratory supplies.
  • Communicated, orally and in writing, with staff members and students prior to making travel and lodging arrangements for conferences, etc.
  • Maintained and updated FTSR database, PDF, publication, program, and Process Research Program personnel files. Ordered journal, book, and patent requests.
  • Used Microsoft Access to enter article abstract information in the FTSR database. Used Microsoft Power Point to create and edit slide presentations.
  • Used COREL Word Perfect to update Cost Management Reports for DOE.
  • Used Microsoft Word to compose and edit letters and memorandum.
  • Communicated, in person, with clients when I delivered or picked up vital project-related documents within designated areas on the RTI campus, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and within the RTP commuting area.
Jan 1990Dec 1999

Administrative Support Assistant (OA)

Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Developed, reviewed, and implemented established guidelines and procedures for the Employee Education System (EES).
  • Managed a system of files (paper and electronic forms).
  • Managed information files in the EES database management system.
  • Located, analyzed, and interpreted regulations and other technical materials for assigned area.
  • Drafted and responded, orally and in writing, to inquiries and requests from the Marketing/Communications Coordinator, the Site and Logistical Support Unit Manager, other EES leaders/groups, and external customers relating to administrative policies.
  • Served on task forces and review groups, cross-divisional work groups, and with external customers to review and develop plans for educational support and administrative operations.
  • Composed, typed, edited, and proofread submitted answers to FAQs and other items, prior to their inclusion on the EES Internal/External Web page.
  • Used postage meter machines and Fed Ex Ship 3.1 software to process regular mail and overnight deliveries.
  • Recorded meeting minutes.
  • Ordered supplies for educational programs and other Operations Division requests.
  • Maintained appointment calendar for upcoming events.
  • Scheduled conference calls by communicating via telephone to the VANTS (VA Nationwide Teleconferencing System) operator exactly what date, time, and number of lines were needed.
  • Initiated TRACE codes for upcoming meetings, programs, and conference calls. Proofread final drafts of various office (informational letters, invitations, memorandum) and educational documents (book covers, tents, name tags, brochures, and signage) prior to departmental and divisional distribution.
  • Consulted with staff members and vendors, orally and in writing, prior to making travel and lodging arrangements.
  • Served as backup Campus Manager by assisting staff members with educational projects, maintenance requests, and supply issues.


Sep 1994Dec 2006

Pending - B.A. Degree

University of Maryland University College (UMUC)

Courses include Desktop Publishing; Technical Writing; Income Tax Accounting; Concepts of Computing; The Art of Narration; Creative Writing; Business and Professional Ethics; Global Environmental Change; Writing for Managers; Critical Analysis; Listening; Mathematics: Contemporary Topics and Applications; Graphics/Text Integration; Writing for the Computer Industry, Communication Theory; and The Internet:  A Practical Guide.

Jan 1982Jun 1983

Clerk-Typist Certificate

Paul D. Camp Community College

Courses include Communication Skills I and II; Typewriting I, II, and III; Introduction to Business; Business Machines; Business Math; Personal Development; The Individual and His World; Survey American Economics; Secretarial Accounting; Fundamental Business English; Filing and Records Management; and Machine Transcription.


Judy Young

Kimberly Bauman

Lisa Pendergraph

Tommy Thompson

Tuggy Bigelow

Janis Carter

Cynthia Whitsel

Joseph G. Ellis

Jack Poll



Communication Studies major, who seeks a full-time position in an office setting, where I can showcase my administrative, desktop publishing, creative writing, editorial, customer service, organizational, communication, and team building skills.

Awards, Certificates, and Recommendations

  • Certificate of Completion - Information Security  (IS20060807) 7/12/11
  • Certificate of Completion - Code of Business Ethics (CE20050211) - 7/12/11
  • Certificate of Completion - SAS Business Ethics in Selling, Buying, and Competing - 7/7/11
  • Certificate of Completion - SAS Respect in the Workplace (SRW20050602) 7/7/11
  • Certificate of Completion - Personally Identifiable Information Version 1.0 - 2/20/09
  • Certificate of Completion - Anti-Phishing - 2/20/09
  • Certificate of Completion - Portable Electronic Devices and Removable Storage Media - 2/20/09
  • Certificate of Completion - DoD Information Assurance Awareness - 1/21/09
  • Certificate of Completion - AC Level 1 Awareness Training - 1/5/09
  • Certificate of Completion - DoD Information Assurance Awareness - 4/29/08
  • Special Act or Service Award - 5/17/99, 3/23/99, 12/9/98, 7/10/98
  • Performance Awards - 8/20/96, 5/20/97
  • Suggestion Awards - 6/17/94
  • Certificate of Training - Advanced Business Writing Skills - 10/28/93
  • Letter of Recommendation - 7/23/87
  • Certificate - Directorate of Personnel and Community Activities Office Management and Grammar Refresher Course - 03/05/87
  • Good Conduct Medal - 12/30/86
  • Overseas Ribbon - 12/30/86
  • Army Achievement Medal - 12/30/86
  • Certificate - Head Start to German - 08/8/85 to 8/15/85


Writing; editing; reading; web surfing; computer software; dancing; biking; walking; watching old, black & white movies on American Movie Classics (AMC) and Turner Classic Movies (TCM); westerns such as Gunsmoke, Big Valley, Bonanza, Rifleman, and Tombstone (with Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell); Lifetime Movie Network; soap operas; shopping; good, quality music; and fine dining.