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Leverage Synergy
I can leverage synergy across platforms because I've been using the Macs in the Pod Office this year. I still don't like them, but I've learned what to do when they crash PS.
Staple Removing
How do you keep an efficient webmaster busy?
Dreamwaver CS4
Photoshop CS4

Best Work

Foothill's math and science scores fall behind. This story represented a lot of research, as all of my stories do; that is my true potential as a journalist. Especially given that our platform is the web, thorough research has often been sacrificed in the name of speed. One edit needed to be made to provide additional context for the argument, but it was made swiftly and without hesitation because I'm not afraid to have my own work proofread. And as an opinion piece, it presents a clear point of view that is backed by the extensive research, without summarily assigning blame for the sake of creating controversy, and offering some ideas on how to improve the situation rather than simply complaining. It is currently on the list of most read opinion stories, which spans both years of publication.

Anti-gay bullies a thread even in tolerant communities. I did not actually write this article, but rather provided graphics and a text pop-out. The graphs themselves were not difficult to create, but they demonstrate my ability as a journalist in new media. The guest speaker that reviewed the site mentioned these graphs specifically as a reason the Dragon Press is ahead of the rest. They enhance the site and benefit other journalists as well as myself with additional visual resources for their work. Where other high schools embrace new media by adding in additional overused Web 2.0 techniques, we have graphic representation of data, using our highly visual culture to support the validity of our articles.

Almost Midnight: Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows. This story demonstrates my range as a writer in journalism. Though I am in the Opinion section, the premiere of a movie that has become iconic to our generation needed to be covered, and it had fallen to me. I stepped up to the challenge and came in the next day, completely exhausted, to type up my thoughts. There was no need to review the film itself, because everyone and their mother already had. I instead wrote about the experience of attending a midnight premiere, attempting to put the reader in my place to feel the chill in the air and hear the hum of eager voices waiting in line. It was a departure from my usual writing, and indeed, a departure from the usual Dragon Press style of covering an event, but it was all the better for its uniqueness.

My Highlight

It's not as if we require proof that we're putting effort into the work we do, from conception to publication. Even so, coming in second in Kansas City was a rush. All too often, it seems like the best performance falls to popularity. Everything is a popularity contest. However, we managed to be popular with a high-quality publication. We were never going to best a private school with an actual budget, and I think we all knew that. But our own hard work won that award, our own initiative and design - whatever the Star thinks about the benefits of stealing.

Goals for 2nd Semester

My goal for the second semester of school, particularly in February, is to contribute strong content for the opinion section. The Pacemaker review continues into February, and I want to contribute and put our best journalistic foot forward, which includes opinion pieces with strong research. I've been putting off writing about the privatization of public libraries for a while, but that is something relevant to our community and our school, which the reviewer said the section needs. I also want to continue proofreading and train a replacement so the Dragon Press can continue (no doubt less efficiently) when I'm gone.


Forensics - I have been a member of the Foothill Speech Team for four years now, where I participate in tournaments on a regular basis. My main event is Policy Debate, though I also participate in Original Advocacy and Persuasive speaking.

PTYA - I have been participating in plays with the Performance Theater for Young Artists on and off since 2006. I recently played Aunt Eller in their fall production of Oklahoma and am currently in rehearsals for Les Miserable. I have also begun acting as stage manager since the production of Oklahoma, managing tech as well as acting.

FOL - My hero project involves volunteering with the San Buenaventura Friends of the Library. Over the summer, I volunteered at their book warehouse, and I volunteer at all of their book sales. I'm currently involved in building them a member database.

AYSO - Though I can no longer play soccer, I am a volunteer referee for the fall and spring seasons of girl's soccer.