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Well rounded software developer with 3+ years experience in building robust internet-based applications, with active knowledge in the analysis, design, development, testing, and implementation of high-quality software products. Competent in both frontend and backend development tasks, including converting design mockups to modular UI components, client-side security, REST/GraphQL API development, server maintenance, and third-party API integration, etc. while working with multiple languages, frameworks, and technologies. Proficient in all stages of the Agile Development process. An easy-going team player with a passion for learning and making constant improvements.

Professional Experience

Dec 2017Present

Full Stack Software Developer

STACK: ASP.NET Core, React.js, Entity Framework, IIS, Azure

Worked on the proprietary credit engine used by several financial institutions to automate loan adjudication.

  • Implemented the digital loan contracts workflow via Docusign to disburse over $50M.
  • Configured the credit engine according to client-specific loan adjudication requirements.
  • Built & maintained customized frontend React/Redux/Sagas stack for the loan origination using  for clients
  • Integrated several third party APIs from credit agencies like Equifax, Experian, etc.
  • Help train & onboard new co-op hires.
May 2017Oct 2017

Software Developer Co-op


STACK: Django, React.js, Vagrant, AWS, Jenkins

Our team was responsible for a complete re-write of the frontend from Django templates to a React-Apollo-GraphQL stack to enable mobile-friendly experience for over 1000 customers.

  • Converted sketch designs to mobile-friendly React components.
  •  Built an Apollo/GraphQL API  for communication & data flow between the React app and the Django backend.
  • Wrote integration and unit tests for the React components to improve code quality.
  • Created a "living" style guide using React Storybook.
Sept 2016April 2017

Co-op Software Developer

Ayogo Health Inc.

STACK: Rails, AngularJS with Typescript, AWS, Jenkins

Worked primarily on the flagship product Habit Engine, a customizable platform where healthcare providers can engage and motivate their patients, and the BC government-sponsored LiGHT project.

  • Implemented the initial version of the virtual coach system that assists Healthcare providers in treating obesity among Canadian youths (LiGHT).
  • Authored a Rails gem and npm module that enabled patients to receive real-time notifications from their HealthCare Providers. 
  • Built plugin for iOS and Android using Cordova for fingerprint authentication and a fallback PIN within our hybrid application.
  • Assisted the QA team in setting up automated E2E tests for the Habit Engine platform.


Aug 2019

Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration (Finance)

Simon Fraser University

Technical Skills


  Javascript, Ruby, Python, C#, Typescript, C++, Java



Ruby on Rails, React.js, .NET, Node.js, Django, AngularJS, jQuery, Material UI, Bootstrap


SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB


Git, RSpec, Selenium, Entity Framework, ASP.NET, GraphQL, REST APIs, XML, Jenkins, Vagrant, Raspberry Pi, HTML/CSS, Linux, Jira, Agile, Digital Ocean, Heroku, JWT, Ajax



A 10-level space-themed game where users try to avoid collisions with asteroids and other space objects by using the gravitational pull of black holes they create. 

  • Used Babylon.js framework to build a solar system comprising of planets, asteroids and black holes with each object exerting its gravitational force on objects around.
  • Implemented all the sound effects in the game.
  • Designed the 10-level main menu page for players.


  • Constructed an algorithm for solving a maze and return to the starting point in the shortest way possible while operating autonomously.
  • Built a sumo wrestling lego robot that detects and attacks opponents within a sumo ring while taking in and interpreting incoming data about its environment, opponent and boundaries.
  • Extensively debugged and tested codes for both the maze solving and sumo robots to ensure optimal functionality.



Basketball, Soccer, Music, Philosophy, Swimming, Hackathons