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Work Experience

May 2017Dec 2017

Software Developer Co-op


STACK: Django & React

Working primarily on a complete re-write of the frontend from Django templates to using React Apollo GraphQL stack to enable a mobile friendly experience for customers (PolicyStat Anywhere) 

  • Participated in the initial planning and decision making before kicking off the PolicyStat Anywhere project
  • Converted sketch designs to CSS and React components
  •  Built an Apollo/GraphQL API  for communication and data flow between the React app and the Django backend 
  • Wrote functional and unit tests for the created components using Jest, Enzyme and Selenium 
  • Implemented a style guide using React Storybook,  which displayed the app's components in their different states. This allowed for more effective collaboration between the design and product teams
  • Gave presentations during Lunch n Learn on the technologies newly introduced to the team - React, GraphQL, Storybook, Styled Components etc..
  • Proactively researched and introduced new ideas to the team on the best practices when using the new Stack
  • Also wrote and updated unit and Selenium tests for the Django app
Sept 2016April 2017

Co-op Software Developer

Ayogo Health Inc.

STACK:  Rails & AngularJS with Typescript

Worked primarily on the flagship product  Habit Engine, a customizable platform where  healthcare providers can engage and motivate their patients.

  • Implemented the  initial version of the virtual coach system that assists Healthcare providers in treating obesity among Canadian youths -  LiGHT project
  • Authored a Rails gem and NPM module  that enabled patients to receive real-time notifications from their HealthCare Providers. 
  • Created a Cordova plugin for iOS and Android that enables custom fingerprint authentication and a PIN fallback within a hybrid application
  • Wrote groovy scripts for automating builds in Jenkins 2, also added parallel testing to speed up build times for both front-end Typescript and back-end Ruby
  • Assisted the QA team in setting up E2E testing framework using Selenium, Protractor and Sauce labs. Produced several E2E tests for the Habit Engine platform
Dec 2015Apr 2016

Junior Software Developer (co-op)

The Coding Bull  

STACK:  Rails & React

Worked primarily on Little fleets, an app that boosts companies' productivity by helping them track and organize their workforce.

  • Designed a system that enabled companies create & schedule jobs
  • Stripe and Square API integration for online customer subscriptions and on-site payments
  • Integrated google maps to track workers and plot their routes in real time
  • Developed a feature that allowed companies to save cost by optimizing their workers' travelling route across several job sites
  • Implemented company wide analytics for companies to compare workers on various criteria such as total distance travelled, average speed/acceleration, total complaints etc.
  • And many other features... 


Double degree in Mechatronic Systems Engineering & Business Administration (Finance)

Simon Fraser University

 ~3.40 CGPA

Technical Skills


  Ruby, Javascript, Python, Swift, Java, C++



Rails,  Django, Node, React/Redux, Angular, Cordova, jQuery


SQLite3, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


Git, Selenium, Styled Components, Protractor, GraphQL, Jenkins, Raspberry Pi



A 10-level space-themed game where users try to avoid collisions with asteroids and other space objects by using the gravitational pull of blackholes they create. 

  • Used BabylonJS framework to build a solar system comprising of planets, asteroids and blackholes with each object exerting its gravitational force on objects around
  • Implemented all the sound effects in the game
  • Designed the 10-level main menu page for players



  •  The code was written in RobotC and C
  • Constructed a robot that solves a maze and return to the starting point in the shortest way possible while operating autonomously
  •  Design codes that enabled the robot calculate and correct its degree measurements while turning and moving around in the maze
  • Built a  sumo wrestling lego robot that detects and attacks opponents within a sumo ring while taking in and interpreting information  about its environment, opponent and boundaries. 
  • Extensively debugged and tested codes for the maze solving and sumo robots to ensure optimal functionality

Awards & Scholarships

  • SFU Engineering Entrance and International Summit scholarships 
  • Overall Best Student Award in the 2009 International Baccalaureate Program at D-Ivy College, also awarded best in Physics Higher Level (HL), Mathematics HL and Chemistry HL


Philosophy, AI, IoT, Swimming,  Foosball, Basketball, Soccer, Music, Reading