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Jan 2011

Double degree in Mechatronic Systems Engineering & Business Administration (Finance)

Simon Fraser University

 ~3.40 CGPA

Work Experience

Sept 2016April 2017

Co-op Software Developer 

Ayoogo Health Inc.

STACK:  Rails & AngularJS with Typescript

Worked primarily on the flagship product Habit Engine, a customizable platform where  healthcare providers can engage their patients.

  • Authored an in-house Rails gem and npm module  that enables real-time notifications to be sent to patients/users
  • Wrote groovy scripts for automating builds in Jenkins 2, also added parallel testing to speed up build times
  • Implemented Sidekiq workers to handle backgrounds jobs on various apps within the company
  • Assisted the QA team in setting up E2E testing framework using Selenium and protractor. Co-authored several E2E tests for the Habit Engine platform 
  • Implemented various unit tests on the server-side using rspec and client-side using mocha, sinonJS, karma and phantomJS
  • Upgraded existing gems and applications to Rails 5, updated CI system to Jenkins 2
Dec 2015Apr 2016

Junior Software Developer (co-op)

The Coding Bull  

STACK:  ReactJS & Rails

Worked primarily on Little fleets, an app that boosts companies' productivity by helping them track and organize their workforce.

  • Designed a system that enabled companies create & schedule jobs (similar to Apple's iCalendar) and also assign the jobs to workers
  • Stripe and Square API integration for online customer subscriptions and on-site payments
  • Integrated google maps to track workers and plot their routes in real time
  • Coded the login/signup functionality and role delegation to users (admin, employees and companies)
  • Save costs and optimize workers' travelling route through GoogleMaps API
  • Build Job reports and time cards for workers that can be exported in different formats (PDF, Excel)
  • Added Intercom interface for communication between site admin and visiting customers
  • Implemented company wide analytics for companies to compare workers on various fields, like total distance travelled, average speed/acceleration, total complaints etc.

Technical Skills


C++, Ruby, Javascript & Typescript, RobotC,  HTML, CSS/SASS


                                                                                            Technical  skills continued... 

Rails,  ReactJS/Redux, AngularJS,  NodeJS, Bootstrap, jQuery


Arduino (JohnnyFive), Google Maps, Stripe, Square, Shopify, Intercom, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, OMDB



SQLite3, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase


Git, Selenium, Protractor, RSpec, Mocha, Karma, SinonJS, Enzyme, Jenkins



  • Created Abstract classes and classes to map out simple data structures (ints, chars, strings) into nodes in an abstract syntax tree
  • Used a tree traversal methods (Pre-order, In-order and Post-order) to interpret  the inputted code written in c/c++  based on instructions read from a BNF
  • Implemented virtual functions to ensure derived classes methods were implemented in the correct way


A 10-level space-themed game where users try to avoid collisions with asteroids and other space objects by using the gravitational pull of blackholes they create. 

  • Used BabylonJS framework to build a solar system comprising of planets, asteroids and blackholes with each object exerting its gravitational force on objects around
  • Implemented all the sound effects in the game
  • Designed the 10-level main menu page for players



  •  Constructed a robot that solve a maze and return to the starting point in the shortest way possible while operating autonomously
  •  Design codes that enabled the robot calculate and correct its degree measurements while turning and moving around in the maze
  • Built a  sumo wrestling lego robot that detects and attacks opponents within a sumo ring while taking in and interpreting information  about its environment, opponent and boundaries. The code was written in RobotC
  • Extensively debugged and tested codes for the maze solving and sumo robots to ensure optimal functionality

Awards & Scholarships

  • SFU Engineering Entrance and International Summit scholarships 
  • Overall Best Student Award in the 2009 International Baccalaureate Program at D-Ivy College, also awarded best in Physics Higher Level (HL), Mathematics HL and Chemistry HL


Philosophy, AI, IoT, Swimming,  Foosball, Basketball, Soccer, Music, Reading