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Jan 2011Present

Double degree in Mechatronic Systems Engineering & Business Administration (Finance)

Simon Fraser University

 ~3.40 CGPA

Sept 2015Nov 2015

Web Development Program

Lighthouse Labs

Work Experience

Dec 2015Apr 2016

Junior Software Developer (co-op)

The Coding Bull 

Coding Bull is  a dev shop that creates web and mobile applications for a variety of clients. I've worked on two major apps and other minor ones:

Little fleets - Analytics app that boosts companies' productivity by helping them track and organize their workforce.

Swipswap - Revamping a craigslist style app that incorporates social media, located in the US with over 26,000 active customers.

My job required me doing (but not limited to) the following:

  • Designed a system that enabled companies create & schedule jobs (similar to Apple's iCalendar) and also assign the jobs to workers
  • Stripe and Square API integration for online customer subscriptions and on-site payments
  • Integrated google maps to track workers and plot their routes in real time
  • Coded the login/signup functionality and role delegation to users (admin, employees and companies)
  • Save costs and optimize workers' travelling route through GoogleMaps API
  • Build Job reports and time cards for workers that can be exported in different formats (PDF, Excel)
  • Added Intercom interface for communication between site admin and visiting customers
  • Implemented company wide analytics for companies to compare workers on various fields, like total distance travelled, average speed/acceleration, total complaints etc.
  • Customized .liquid templates and saved customer information on Shopify websites
  • And many more...

Technical Skills


C++, Ruby, Javascript, RobotC,  HTML, CSS/SASS


Rails,  Reactjs, Babylon.js, Sinatra, Bootstrap, jQuery, Node.js, .liquid


Arduino (JohnnyFive), Google Maps, Stripe, Square, Shopify, Intercom, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, OMDB



SQLite3, PostgreSQL, Firebase


                                                                                           Technical  skills continued... 

Switchboards, Oscilloscopes, Function generator, Electronic circuit, Feedback control systems


Stress – Strain analysis, deformations and deflections, Technical drawings and documentation, Properties and Strength of Materials, 


RSpec (Testing/BDD), Git, SolidWorks, MatLab, Advanced MS Excel, Photoshop, Trello, Google Analytics



A 10-level space-themed game where users try to avoid collisions with asteroids and other space objects by using the gravitational pull of blackholes they create. 

  • Used Babylonjs framework to build a solar system comprising of planets, asteroids and blackholes with each object exerting its gravitational force on objects around
  • Implemented all the sound effects in the game
  • Designed the 10-level main menu page for players


  • Conducted an analysis on Bellvue Bridge truss system under various loading conditions
  •  Calculated the stress – strain relationship, deformations and safety factor in trusses
  • Doctored a full analytical report on this system including recommending new design that enabled the system support heavier objects based on theoretical calculations


  •  Constructed a robot that solve a maze and return to the starting point in the shortest way possible while operating autonomously
  •  Design codes that enabled the robot calculate and correct its degree measurements while turning and moving around in the maze
  • Built a  sumo wrestling lego robot that detects and attacks opponents within a sumo ring while taking in and interpreting information  about its environment, opponent and boundaries. The code was written in RobotC
  • Extensively debugged and tested codes for the maze solving and sumo robots to ensure optimal functionality

Awards & Scholarships

  • SFU Engineering Entrance and International Summit scholarships 
  • Overall Best Student Award in the 2009 International Baccalaureate Program at D-Ivy College, also awarded best in Physics Higher Level (HL), Mathematics HL and Chemistry HL


Philosophy, AI, IoT, Swimming,  Foosball, Basketball, Soccer, Music, Reading