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Work experience

I do not know if this falls under the category of initiative but it sure enabled me to step out of my comfort zone, get creative, come up with a new idea, and pursue an unusual angle. The act of being in journalism has granted me the opportunity to take control of my work, my accomplishments, my present, and my future. During first semester I wanted to drop out, I felt unworthy, unintelligent, and much like I felt during my infamous years of middle school. The style of writing was like a new language to me, it made my prior dreams of becoming a journalist seem like hopeless aspirations. After conversing with both Mrs.Wantz and myself, I felt like maybe I need to step out of my comfort zone, maybe I should get creative, come up with new ideas, and take this experience as an unusual angle. So that’s exactly what I did; staying in journalism is the initiative I am now taking. By not giving up I am taking initiative in running my own life, in loving my own work, in determining my future, and in being a part of the journalism experience. 


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Cooperation is integral to the development of almost anything in life, whether it’s a household, a school, yourself, or a journalism staff. To compromise and to cooperate are things that have always seemed easy enough, never hard to do, but also never put into action on a journalistic level. Before journalism I didn’t know what it was like to sit one on one with someone of approximately your same age and have him or her analyze your work. It takes compromise, cooperation, and a humble outlook to be able to truly understand and learn from the critiques given.Without cooperation between editors and journalists there would be no understanding, no learning, and no growing. 

2nd Semester Goal

My goal for second semester is to progress as a journalist. I hope to be more comfortable with journalistic writing, not be afraid to take chances, not miss any articles, and diversify my writing style. What was keeping me from an A was my bewilderment pertaining to how things are done in journalism. Now, after becoming more comfortable with the way things go I hope to excel in the areas I had initially set for myself. I do not want to let my confusion become a barrier to the ultimate potential of the journalism experience. I hope to get an A next semester knowing that I have progressed and I didn’t give up.

Highlight of the semester

The highlight of first semester was my first interview. During this interview I got to feel what it is really like to be a journalist, I felt like a real journalist going out to get the story. I learned so much from the 10-minute interview that I just wanted to keep on going. I wanted to understand more, to question more, to report more. The interview made me feel empowered, it ensured me a job well done, and prompted a sense of urgency to get the story heard. After the satisfaction I felt from the first interview I acquired a better understanding of what it is like to have a career as a journalist, I no longer categorized myself as just a student.

Best Work

-First-Person Reflection: "Psychologically, I became part of the dead":

After Being in Every Fifteen Minutes I came out with a new awareness of the reality of distracted driving. The experience left me in somewhat of a trance, I was mad, I was sad, I was thankful, and I was confused. With this article I was able to delve into the clouded emotions of that day and truly analyze exactly what I was feeling. In some ways, this article worked as therapy for me. It gave me the opportunity to share my experience with others while helping me come to terms with the reality of drinking and driving. After the process of writing this article was finish I was no longer confused, still a little mad, definitely sad, but most of all thankful.

-The Christmas Meaning is Being Bought out:

I feel like by handing in this article I was officially admitted into the journalism class of 2010-1011. Before writing this article I felt lost in the world of journalism, the new writing, the interviews, the head lines, the witty leads, these were all things that I had never encountered. The journalism world caught me completely by surprise, however, with this article I feel as though I regained myself and took a new admission into the class. This article taught me the structure in which to write, the emotional path in which to take, and the result in which to exhibit. Now, after writing this article I feel more comfortable with journalistic writing, it has granted me the pleasure of saying, “hey I think I can do it.”


My article on finals -which has not been submitted yet- was the most enjoyable article I have written. I got to completely go off on my frustration with the week of finals and everything that comes along with it. This article enabled me to let out my built up stress on the subject and write with more fury then I think I will ever get the opportunity to again. The beginning of the article was comprised of mostly an emotional rage, but toward the end I was able to see that finals should not control us, we control finals! This article, I believe, was the perfect example of PMS gone wrong and awareness gone right.

Rights & Responsibilities

As student journalists it is our responsibility to print the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me god. If a publication does not exhibit the truth then we may become subject to libel or slander which is punishable by money damages. The first amendment grants us the right of freedom of speech, but in a school setting, and as student journalists there are certain limits to this amendment depending on the circumstance. For example, school administrators do hold the right to refuse any publication that is thought to be untrue or inappropriate, as stated in the Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier case in 1983. However, in the Tinker v. Des Moines case in 1967 it was ruled that suspension due to the wearing of armbands that both John tinker and his sister Mary Beth tinker wore was protected under the First Amendment, therefore liberating students and their right of self expression.