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Work experience

Aug 2010Present

News reporter

Foothill Dragon Press

The Foothill Dragon Press is our online high school paper at Foothill technology high school. This year is the second year that the foothill dragon press has been an online newspaper. There has been a lot of work put in our site and has demonstrated that it is one of the best online school newspaper their is although it is a new high school site.This year is my first year in Journalism. Though it is a challenge i enjoy being a part of such an amazing website. In our site you will find the most recent online story's happening in our school or our district. Our goal is to reach out to all and let everybody know the most recent new in our school or district. Our staff members are always on the look out to cover the most recent news and take the necessary intitiative to try and cover the latest news on campus. The dragon press is the best.


Aug 2008Present

Foothill Technology High School

Foothill technology  was first opened in the year 2000. It gave the students an opportunity to choose their path of education. Foothill is one of the top schools among california. We have proven that we are all capable of being the best and we can do anything if we try hard enough. Foothill has one of the best staff, teachers and students. The atmosphere is small but you all feel like a family. You can't get lost and everybody is open to be anyone or anything they want. Foothill is very accepting and i think thats what makes us the best school. We are home of the dragons and we are all foothill.

Best Work

Personal Initiative

As a journalist I learn that you really have to step out of your comfort zone which is hard for some of us like me. A journalist must always be comfortable around everyone and everything in order to get what they need. Becoming a journalist made me step out of my own little shell, it made me interact with people I barely even know. I think that being able to step out of your shell shows great initiative, it proves that you are ready to do anything and aren’t afraid of getting the perfect shot or moment. It wasn’t easy leaving my comfort zone it took me a while to in brace the idea that I was a journalist and a journalist must always be out there with no fear. When I did the report on the murder of AlainaStockdill it was a really emotional story to do, but when I went to the little girls house and took pictures of her I learned that being a journalist is not easy but it’s a privilege. As I took pictures people walked up to me and ask me who I was as I told them, they surrounded me with questions, questions that I did not know but made me proud of being a journalist. I learned that a journalist is seen as someone very important and from their on I learned that I must step out of my comfort zone. I took the initiative of stepping out of my comfort zone by doing one of the saddest story as a journalist.


When I first began as a journalist my pictures where horrible. They seems as they had been token by a eight year old. When we were thought of the rule of thirds I learned how to properly take a picture and capture the emotion behind it all. Now every time I take a picture I always look for the pictures with all the emotion behind it all. I try to get as close as I can and capture the perfect picture. Journalism has thought me a lot but it has especially thought me how to capture a perfect picture.


I love being involve with my community and school. As a child I was always thought that if you ever need help in order to receive it you must help others. That seemed to always stick to me and made it the reason for the urge to be pat of my community and help others. I am currently volunteering at Community Memorial Hospital and I am a part of Teen voice. Both organizations are design to help others that are in need in any way I can. I also tutor algebra students as a freshman and sophomore and I played club soccer. Beingmy junior year this year I feel the pressure and stress. I couldn’t keep up with so many activities so I stopped playing soccer and tutoring. I still continue volunteering at CMH and teen voice and I love every second of it. I am also part of M.E.C.H.A on school and I work at Sbarro at the mall. My schedule Is pretty busy but I love doing what I do and I will continue doing so.

Goals for 2nd semester

First semester has been great but a little difficult. I love being a journalist but its hard coming up with news story since our campus is very small and our faculty is of large size. Its hard fighting for that one breaking news because there are two journalist all ready on the story. I am not satisfied with my grade at the moment and for second semester I hope to find more story’s to write and my grade to be an A. My goal is to also to write one of the best story’s ever and improve my writing. I hope I will be capable of doing all this second semester.

My highlight

Journalism is just an amazing class and I love being part of it. The best part of it was when I was covering one of Foothill’s FNL events. We were all having a blast and I was up on the stage in spirit hall filming. I got distracted when my friend started taking to me. I was filming when I forgot that I was up on the stage I felt off it. To my disgrace I did not turn of the camera and I caught it on video. The video shows exactly when I fall and how I go up. I saw the video and I couldn’t stop laughing it was a moment that I will never forget. It was painful but hilarious!


We learned many character traits in our pyramid this semester, but the one that I think reflects to me is Integrity. I think that in order to be a good journalist you have to passion for it but loyalty. You can’t just go around and publish false statements or be a reporter that lies. Loyalty and integrity are the most important. I always try my hardest, very polite to others and I always publish the truth. I don’t want the readers to be reading false information. Integrity I think fits me the best and I think in order to be the best journalist we must have all the characteristics in the pyramid and I am getting there slowly, but im getting there. All journalist have one characteristic they are good and I think our staff in almost at the top of being the best journalist there is. With passion and heart into every article and story we are slowly getting there and I think that’s what matters.

Rights and Responsibilities

Student publications have the responsibility to inform readers about the truth and are subject to libel and slander if they abuse their power and publish false information. The first amendment in the Constitution, gives freedom of speech but in a school environment there are limits to that speech depending on the disturbances they cause.  In the Tinker v, Des Moines court case, it was ruled that their free speech was protected by the Constitution and had the school officials had good cause  to suspend them then the students would have had a restraint on their freedom of speech. However, student publications can have prior restraint if there is reason to believe that they are publishing issues which are harmful or stating facts which are untrue. As stated by the Supreme Court in the Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier, educators were not violating student’s freedom of speech if they decided to remove publications which were deemed to be inappropriate. It is a privilege for students to publish events and issues which they want their school to be informed about, but if they use their power for the wrong reasons then they should be punished by having their speech be withheld from them because they did not use their power in a responsible manner. As journalist we have to be careful of what we write at all times.