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  • Rule of thirds with photographs
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  • format to maintain a clean, professional website
  • thinking of clever, attention-grabbing headlines

Best Work

3OH!3 hits a high note at Venture Theater: Ventura is a small community in which everyone knows nearly knows everyone else and the latest news. The popular band, 3OH!3, has been climbing up the charts at a rapid rate even in the small city of Ventura. Since Ventura is not exactly comparable to Los Angeles in the event category, this 3OH!3 concert was a big deal. I was able to cover this concert on Sunday night at 8pm. I consider this article as one of my biggest accomplishment because I was able to maneuver and last through a hectic day and produce a strong piece at the end of the day. Before I rode to the concert with anticipation flowing through my veins, I performed hours of community service for my ballet studio as they presented The Nutcracker ballet that afternoon. After aiding their production, I made my way downtown for the concert. During the concert, I made mental notes of the performance and took several pictures of the event. Then, I wrote the article at 11pm even though I had school the next day. Thinking back I do not understand how my brain was even functioning but I passionately wanted the story to be the first one published. Thus, I believe this article has sentimental value, quality, and a memory attached while depicting an epic night in a small, beach town.

Ballerina gracefully balances dance and school: The week previous of writing this article, I was in a major rut. I could not think of fresh, new material that would be of some relevance and interest to the main adolescent readers of the dragon press. Then, this idea hit me. Even though I am not a Feature journalist, I jumped at this idea and felt a hinge of excitement at attempting a different type of article. The article itself is not why I would consider this piece as one of my best. I consider this article as quality work because of the emotion and gratitude the dancer and her family felt after reading this article. The dancer of the article repeatedly thanked me and felt special after reading this article. Furthermore, her family even read the article and posted comments stating their joy. Even though I was not with the family when they read the article, I picture them at their computer screen and savoring every word as tears well up in their eyes at the acknowledgment of their inspirational dancer. I believe that great articles are not defined by the sentence structures or diction but by the impact and relevance to the readers. A great article captures the readers' interests, sparks emotions, and contains a special memory for the journalist and individuals associated with the article which is why I categorize this piece as one of my best.

Scream band Of Beloved hits the 805 music scene: Once again, this article is one of my best since it contains sentimental value, a memory, and a new twist. Katy Perry, Justin Beiber, Rihanna, and others are always circulating around the news and local publications. Every corner is filled with these popular, mainstream, talented artists but what about the other side of music? Not every type of music is pop, or R&B, or sing about teenage love. I wanted to expose the other side of music: the nitty gritty, the screaming, the instruments, and the lyrics about unconventional love. I wanted to connect to the other spectrum of students that do not blast the norm music in their cars so they can relate to a section of the Arts and Entertainment sections as well. For this article, I got to go to Santa Barbara, interview a successful, unsigned, local band, and visit a recording studio. I got to feel the inspiration, enthusiasm, and determination. This band is the definition of those adjectives and I feel that this article was able to convey every troubling moment and joyous moment of building a band with non-generic music. This specific band has dealt with several obstacles and experienced several highs and this article illustrated each emotion. The band was thankful and I am sure that the couple individuals felt thankful to have an article on the Arts and Entertainment section that they can find interest in.

Personal Initiative

I believe that initiative is one of the best traits any person can have or acquire. It shows a sense of maturity, determination, aspiration, and induces admiration. In journalism, there were several incidents were I had to jump out of my comfort zone head-on and think of different stories to keep my articles coming and interesting. I ponder about my articles' subjects for a great deal of time. I want each article to be special, interesting, and unique. I am not content with an adequate movie review since I have nothing better. I need to think of events to attend, new bands to interview, and people that need recognition for their amazing traits, talents and abilities. Even though this though process is visible and not acknowledged, I still do this thought process before every article. I think of a story and evaluate it's interest, value, and importance level.

On one special occasion, I showed initiative when I took up the challenge to do a before story of Ventura's show choir's first performance. I was given this assignment on a short notice but took it up with open arms. To begin, I was at Ventura High for dance practice. Once dance practice was over, I had to walk a couple blocks to my ballet studio for a lesson. After the lesson when dark has already fallen, I began walking back to Ventura High to get the content to write my article. My partner on this article texted me while I was walking in the cold dark with nothing but my ballet leotard on, She stated that she forgot about the even and would not be attending. Quite disappointed, I still kept walking. I did not turn back or call for a ride to give up since my partner could not attend. To my dismay, even though I put in great effort and time in the article, the article was either not posted or replaced with an article about the actual event. instead of a preview of the show.

Also, I believe my greatest feet of initiative was with my 3OH!3 article. No one ordered me to have the article in by Monday since the editors knew the concert would end very late into the night as all concerts do. However, I put in the extra time and effort and loss an hour or so of sleep to complete and polish an article that I knew would add some excitement and pizazz to Ventura.

All in all, each of my articles are special to me. I show initiative by not choosing the easy way out, the easy A. I am dedicated to my articles and want them to have some value. I can not sit by and write reviews. I need to get out there and report to my fellow artistic, social individuals. The main goal is the article. The goal of having rides, adjusting my plan, losing sleep, and dedicating hours are just minor obstacles to a greater goal.


Journalism is based off the fundamental trait, initiative. Journalism does require other traits to function as an excelling and efficient system but initiative is the main trait the affected me. I feel that Journalism is supported by initiative. Each writer has to keep track of their deadline and in charge of maintaining their grade. Each writer has to think of creative, interesting articles. Each writer is in charge of their article. Each writer has to conduct their interviews and manage their time. Each writer has to submit articles. Each writer does not have a teacher or student holding their hand along the way or nagging at them to turn in articles. I enjoy having great responsibility and believe that accomplishing tasks on initiative makes me feel more accomplished and proud. I also believe that initiative proves that we are a team since we all trust each other to work hard to make the website of top notch quality. I feel more mature, accomplished, and acquired an attitude in which I believe that I can do anything I set my mind too. Initiative also gives me freedom in journalism which I believe is essential. Even though journalism presents news, facts, and stories to the audience, it is still a form of art and requires freedom so each writer can express their own creative stories, pattern, and style that contribute to the uniqueness of the site.

My Highlight

The highlight of my term in journalism so far is all the little moments that made me feel infinite and that we are a family. I enjoyed the time when we all got together and discussed the motto for journalism this year. Each person got to contribute and no motto was deemed unworthy or idiotic. Everyone was accepted and everyone’s voice was heard. I remember some mottos were immensely hilarious puns while others bluntly stated the excellence of the press. I remember sitting in a dark room, with the dragon logo drawn by Alex Phelps on the projector, and each person laughing as we decided as a team on a motto.

I remember how excited we all were to receive our shirts. We all put in time and effort to create a shirt that everyone would love. Everyone was ecstatic upon the arrival of the shirts and the fact that they were American Apparel shirts is an automatic plus. NOTHING BEATS AMERICAN APPAREL MATERIAL! IT IS THE SOFTEST THING KNOWN TO MANKIND! Then, we all went to the stage and joked about the sunny, Californian weather as we took pictures. We became a family at that point.

Another moment that made me feel like a family with each journalist is the end of the month celebrating. The atmosphere is light as everyone is in a jolly mood. Mouthwatering desserts are laid on the table for the hardworking journalists. I enjoy these incentives because it gives the staff a sense of security in my belief. It assures us that our work is being appreciated, that our work is acceptable, and that the director of the press cares for us. Any baked goods given to a person shows the personal attachment and care for each other and I believe that to be one of the best, unspoken bonds between humans. We give each other delightful food because we care and the thought that each of us cares about each other and the press makes me feel infinite.

Journalism may be tough at points when the rest of our lives are busy and we have writers block. But we just kept improving, laughing, joking, and enjoying every small achievement the press made. (I thought this part had to be 500-1,000 words because I can’t read so I know it’s pretty long).

Goals for 2nd Semester

My goal for second semester is to not lose my drive, to be active in the events in Ventura, and to keep connecting the readers with the entertainment, artistic, and social aspect of Ventura. It is easy to feel that nothing exciting occurs in a beach town like Ventura especially for young teenagers that get a thrill from local band concerts, plays, and art galleries instead of parties and school work 24/7. Sometimes the students at Foothill need to calm down and stop obsessing with school work. It seems as though, if those students are not doing school work, they are complaining about schoolwork or worrying about future school work. I want to present several events to these students to show them the beauty that is hiding in Ventura. I am also excited to check out a small café in Santa Paula that hosts a weekly open mic. I always hear of those famous coffee shops in movies and the thought that one is in Ventura County excites me. I hope the article sends people to check out a local place to de-stress instead of rushing in and out of Starbucks.


Rights and Responsibilities

First Amendment (picture link)- The first amendment states that no one can violate our right to freedom of press and speech. However, to what extent does that apply to students in school? What about to student newspapers? In the beginning, it was hazy as to which actions student publications could and could not take but through the rulings of Hazelwood and Tinker, the regulations has been made more clear.

Hazelwood- This case deals with the issue of whether the principal of school board can control the content in a student newspaper. The students printed an article concerning pregnancy which the principal excluded. It was ruled that the schools have the power to restrict a student’s voice only if it does not “substantially interfere with the work of the school or impinge upon the rights of other students”. Also, in the given circumstance, the school was providing the funding and facilities for the newspaper thus allowing them to control the content.

Tinker- The tinker trial set the precedent that public schools have the ability to limit a student’s constitutional rights in certain circumstances on the premises.

Student publications may be restricted to some extent but that does not less our responsibility to serve the county with an authentic, reporting newspaper. As a journalist, it is our duty to expose truth and abide by the law. We must know our limitations and the individuals in charge of us need to know their limitations as well so we can efficiently provide a service.