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Omotayo Emolu

940 North Main Street, Eagleville, TN 37060


Determined, gentlemen, professional in the line of work, and disciplined.

I have volunteered in the past that involved:
Food service, elderly care, Sanitational duties, and food prep.


*Communication                               * Concentrated       
*Computer knowledge                    * Sewing
*Story writing                                      *Electronics
*Animation                                          *Sound design
*Animal grooming                            *Conformed 
*Art design                                           *Innovative 
*Game design                                     *Creative 
*Empathetic                                        *Sympathetic

Work History

Volunteer, Service

Nashville Rescue Mission - Hope Center, Nashville, TN

Working as a volunteer in Hope Center, I've gained proficient skills in teamwork, communication, planning, and service.

Volunteer, Service

Senior Citizen's Center, Lavergne, TN

Working as a volunteer at Senior Citizen's Center, I've gained proficient skills in communication and service.


*Strategist: I attempt to avoid the worst outcome.

*Strong willed: I try my best at my hardest tasks.

*Mature: I'm able to gain the attention of higher-ups.


Home school, Eagleville, TN

General studies.