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Work experience


Camellia Home Health

I cared for patients that were placed on home health.  I saw patients weekly and more often if needed to conduct assessments, lab work, monitor disease processes and report to physicians any changes to patients conditions.  I have cared for elderly patients, middle age patients, and newborn patients.  Each age group and patient had different needs requiring flexibility as a nurse to provide the proper care.

Aug 2007Present


MGH Hospital

I work in surgery providing daily patient care.  I do pre-op assessments, give meds as ordered, review consents and assist patients to surgery.  I circulate inside the surgery rooms maintaining sterile fields and conducting counts of instruments, sponges, needles and other various items.  I recover patients after surgery monitoring effects of anesthesia and administering meds per ordered.  I attend quality improvement meetings monthly organizing and compiling reports to be reviewed related to the surgery department.


Jones County Junior College

I am taking pre-requisite courses at JCJC for  my BSN degree. 

May 1993May 1996


Pearl River Community College

I took pre-nursing courses and then nursing courses.  I finished and obtained my ADN degree. 


Various Nursing Skills
    I am very flexible in nursing.  I have experience with many different diagnosis' and problems.  I have taken care of newborns, middle age, and elderly.  I have seen outside wounds and internal wounds.  Delivering babies and caring for their new bodies is something I have done many times.  Various tubes, wounds, treatments, lab work, feedings all are part of my weekly experiences. 


Shirley Rowley

Ms. Rowley works as a co-worker with me caring for surgery patients.  She has daily contact with me and my skills and experiences as a surgery nurse.

Kevin Holmes

I work daily with Dr. Holmes with opportunities to portray my skills and knowledge as a professional.

Jeff Johnson

I work weekly with Dr. Johnson as a co-worker with patients.  He has various opportunities to view my skills as a nurse.




Jun 2010Jun 2012


American Heart Association
Aug 2010Aug 2011


American Heart Association


I have been an RN for 14 years.  Taking care of newborns and the oldest of adults has been just a few of my experiences.    What makes me a great professional is the variety of experience I have in caring for various age groups.  I am flexible enough to work in one field of healthcare as well as other groups or areas.   


To obtain a job with new experiences and opportunities to excel within the company. 


 I have a variety of interests:

 I love to learn new things, so I'm always searching for something to learn about.

 I love to read books.  One day, I'd like to write a book.

 I enjoy painting and creating new looks on canvas. 

 I am interested in music and writing a song.

I want to make a difference in people's lives.  I want people to change because of me.

Unforgetable, is the impact I want to leave behind, with people yearning to improve life for themselves and others!


Cares of today will reflect passions for the future of healthcare.