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Work experience

Electrical Engineer

Red Sea Lights Establishment.

Red Sea Lights Establishment. (JEDDAH- SAUDI ARABIA)                          

       Responsibilities: (98-2003) (5th years)

        1)  Maintenance and construction department.

               2)  Classification and selection of electrical materials section.

               3)  Customer care section.

Apr 2003Present

Project Electrical Engineer

Dar AL-ARKAN Real Estate Development

Dar AL-ARKAN Real Estate Development Company                            


 Responsibilities: (2003 –up to now)

    1) Al-Qasr mall Project, Supervise management and follow up Construction progress.          {Jun 2010 – up to Now}

         Owner :   Dar Al-Arkan.    Management : Turner.    Consultant : Saudi Diyar.         

    2) Shams Ar Riyadh project - (Riyadh), Supervise management and follow up Construction           progress for two power substations                        132/13.8 KV Substation - No (8105 & 8107).

                 {Dec 2009 -- May 2010}

      Owner :   Dar Al-Arkan.    Management : Turner.   Consultant : Saudi Consult.

    3) Member of the final handing over team for Al-Tilal project.

             (AL-Medina Branch). {March 2009 -- Dec 2009}

        Owner :   Dar Al-Arkan.    Management : Turner.    Consultant : Arch Center.

    4) General supervisor for electrical works at (Jeddah) branch.      

              {Apr 2006 -- Feb2009}.   

    5) General supervisor for electrical works at (AL-Medina) branch. 

                 {Apr 2005 -- Apr 2006}

    6) Member of the Committee on Quality Assurance to oversee of                  projects (Makkah, AL-Medina, Jeddah, Yanbu (CITY).KSA     

        Makkah branch {Apr 2003 -- Apr 2005}

    7) Member of the final handing over Committee for Golden beach                 project  - Jeddah.                           

    8) Al-Mashaer towers {7Towers > 17 Floors}, Supervise and                        follow up Construction progress.

       (Al-Mashaer towers) Makkah {Apr 2003 -- Apr 2005



Total number of experience -- 16 years (*) Sufficient experience in projects management and follow up implementation. Malls, Hotels, Small and Large Buildings. (*) Sufficient experience in the preparation of studies and plans required for the implementation of various projects. (*) Knowledge of organization, policies, procedures and programs. (*) Expertise in high/low voltage power systems and process control for Review of Electrical Safety Standards. (*) Knowledge of local utility requirements and regulations. (*) Ability to conduct Effective meetings. And to apply accumulated knowledge to resolving a wide range of issues that arise when working in a group that operates with various and changing needs. (*) Sufficient experience in the calculation of electrical loads. (*) Classification and selection of electrical materials for projects implementation in accordance with the best international standards quality. (*) Sufficient experience of many electrical systems, Design and follow up of implementation. lighting, power and low current system. (Telephone ,Access control, CCTV , MATV, fire alarm system) . (*) Works safely and promotes safe attitudes and compliance within Safety rules and environmental regulations (*) Good use of Computer in various transactions internal and external communications, as per companies applications technologies used.