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Work experience

Feb 2010Present

Human Resources Director

Revolutionary and Institutional Party

Main Responsibilities

  • To manage the payroll and employees structures of the different departments. The departments in a political party are changing continuously, the employee rotation is immense, and the administrative work related hence is enormous.
  • To have administrative control over the thousands of people collaborating in a political campaign. Since the state of Mexico is the most populated in the country, these efforts are extremely big.
  • To create forecasts and budgets for different departments in the organism, allowing the finance department to have better results.
  • To manage a multi-disciplinary team. Having lawyers, secretaries, administrative auxiliary, and software developers working in my team.

Main achievements

  •  set a high standard in the department. This department has never managed so many people in previous political campaigns.
  • I created a new web-based, multi-user payroll software. It was programmed internally and tailored to each department needs. This software communicates with the accounting and treasury departments.
  • Reduced at a minimum the time required for generating payrolls.
  • Eliminated the risks of temporary workers suing the organism.
Sep 2007Feb 2010

Technology Lead

Infosys Technologies

To lead a team of Bussiness Intelligence professionals in a software project for the credit approval process for corporate clients of Bank Of America.

Main Responsibilities

  1. To bring business and IT knowledge to the project’s team
  2. Team coordination. Project analysis and time estimation
  3. Quality assurance in solutions deployment, minimizing impact to users
  4. Follow strict information security policies for accessing bank’s information
  5. To lead a team of colleagues in charge of designing and implementing initiatives for improving the commmitment and engagement of Infosys Mexico’s employees.
  6. To train new teammates  in Teradata technologies, as well as in Infosys’ security policies.

Main Achievements

  1. Gained team recognition by the client as a team that met expectations of time, costs, quality and security as well as a team that handles perfectly the mortgage-related terms and apply them to the better understanding and design of the software.
  2. Developed, while studying the MBA Program, a couple of strategic business cases for the company, based on global trends in the Software Industry, such as SaaS as a platform for broadening its participation in developing economies. This project was largely disclosed among some local and international executives.
  3. Got certification in the PM Elite Lite (An internal certification for Project Management).
  4. Designed and programmed a software for the administration of code in build phase that increases productivity and collaboration between software developers.
  5. Training India and Onsite’s (charlotte based) peers on Loans and mortgage subjects.
  6. Implementation of some initiatives for improving personnel satisfaction towards the company, obtaining great results.
  7. Planned and executed some official events of the company in different locations. These events were of the kind of formal events, such as employee-awards and some others celebrations for company’s anniversaries.
Dec 2003Aug 2006

IT Project Leader

SuKarne S.A. de C.V

Main Responsibilities

  • To lead the development of an IT Project for the livestock purchasing with a huge organizational impact.
  • To fully redesign the livestock purchase process based on Mobile Technologies, which involved the coordination of professionals from different corporate areas such as finances, accounting and operations.
  • To Research on mobile technologies.
  • To Maintain a close collaboration and communication with the Company's TOP Executives, as it was a very polemical project, due to the conservative way of management of the company.

Main achievements

  • This Project contributed to a substantial reduction of time spent on cash flow management. In the same way, with the reduction of cattle purchases control to 15% of its original time.
  • A complete integration of livestock purchases with the company's legacy systems in finances, accounting and cattle management, having purchases with up to date information and controlled to an individual animal level.
  • An optimal management of inventories in each of the livestock purchasing centers and if the account balances.
  • Prevention of frauds in purchasing centers, which represented immense annual losses for the company.

**Quit this job for starging the double degree MBA Program

Feb 2003Nov 2003

E-Business Developer

Ilinium S.A. de C.V

Main achievements

  • Developed software for the administration of medical files for CEMEX's employees, located around the world.
  • Developed a portal for selling corporate insurance policies for AON.
  • Learned ASP 3.0 and HTML languages


Sep 2006Dec 2008

Master in Business Administration

EGADE Business School

Concentration in:

Global Business Strategies and Multinational Management. 

Sep 2006Aug 2008

Master in Business Administration

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Emphasis on:

Corporate Finances: Strong business case orientation to Financial management and Risk control through the proper utilization of Financial instruments, such as Derivatives, and on Financial Modeling for Mergers and Acquisitions. 

Sep 1998Dec 2002

Information Systems Engineer

Tec de Monterrey

A Bachelor degree in Information Technology. 


Results Oriented
Software Design
Software Design is  one of the concentration areas of my bachelor degree. And since graduated I have been designing software, becoming one of my greatest areas of interest.
IT Project Management
Since my first job in 2003 I have been in charge of different software projects. In every company I have worked for I have been involved in project management, even nowadays working for a non IT institutions, I am in charge of the Payroll Software development.


I am very interested in Finances. I want to end up 2012 with the achievement of the CFA Level 1.