Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2007 - Jan 2014

Medical Records Clerk

Core Orthopaedic Medical Center

I worked primarily in medical records converting medical charts to digital copy and filing it away. Daily document scanning, labeling and filing including thousands of medical records protected under HIPAA . Some of the work included IT and computer repair for me and co-workers. Most of the work was clerical and dealt with managing patients charts.

Mar 2012 - Dec 2013

CCE Intern Volunteer

Palomar Health

We serve alongside hospital staff,providing direct patient care under the direction of appropriate hospital staff, which includes assistance in the provision of a safe, comfortable and confidential environment for the patients. I have served 2 rotations (6 months) on the MED/SURG/TELE floor thus far at Pomerado Hospital and will be serving 3 months in the IMC/ICU next.


Feb 2014 - Present


Palomar College


I am highly interested in the International Business field with a specific interest in Import/Export. First and foremost I would like to provide people with materials to push progress and development. I would love to take my analytic capacities and apply them to making better recommendations for companies engaged in commercial trade.


I am a college student working towards a transfer into SDSU or CSUSM for and International Business Bachelor of Science degree. I am attending Palomar College, working on transfer units. I am very good at working through problems very quickly by weighting out the various solutions and choosing the most promising one. I have also always been a very social person working with others very well, whether it be brainstorming, learning from or teaching. I have had experience working with coworkers closely and my patient interactions taught me a lot about people. I am currently working on pursuing college, but would not hesitate to move on an opportunity. According to the highly regarded Carl Jung and Briggs Myers typology test which i took in college I am an ENTP" which stands for Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving.


I am currently looking to transfer to SDSU or CSUSM and continue my Bachelors of International Business degree. During this time I want to invest my time in doing something impactful. I would love a position where I am challenged and given an opportunity to show off my analytic and social skills 



Patient Care

Getting to interact with patients at a hospital has really opened my eyes to the needs people have when they enter the healthcare system. While I am still scratching the surface of what patient care is really all about; I have met with spoken to enough patients get a proper grasp on patient care. 

Web Development

I currently run a WordPress website ( and have become skilled in many aspects of web development. I understand the tenant of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and know the difference between marketing and SPAM. I take care of all the parts of creating a website from design to content within the confines of the WordPress platform.


I work with computers in my professional and academic life everyday. I have done IT work for friends and family members becoming more than proficient in the last few years. At my position  I am often called upon by co-workers to help with common computer problems such as Network access issues, errors and problems with the electronic health records program. 

Medical Documentation Scanning and Sorting

I have worked with many types of Medical documents while scanning charts in my current position. Chart Notes, Past Medical History, Demographics, Insurance, Labs, Imaging, Hospital Records, Pharmacy/RX, Correspondence, Orders, Surgery, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy Reports, Surgery Scheduling and Med Legals are just a few of the types of paper work I look over and sort everyday.