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Seeking a position where I am challenged and given an opportunity to show off my analytical and social business skills.


University student currently attending SDSU with a focus on International Business (China). I am good at problem solving and communicating with others to reach mutually beneficial solutions. I have always been a very social person working with others, whether it be brainstorming, learning from, or teaching. My computer repair work and hospital volunteering has given me a good sense of how to connect with people.


June 2017


Palomar College
June 2007

High School Diploma

University City High school

Relevant Coursework


Web Development

I currently run a website ( and have become skilled in many aspects of web development. I understand the tenants of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and know the difference between marketing and SPAM. I take care of all the parts of creating a website from design to content.


I work with computers in my professional and academic life everyday. I have done IT work for many people becoming more than proficient in the last few years. At my position in Core Orthopaedic Medical Center I was often called upon by co-workers and management to help with common computer problems such as Network access issues, errors, and problems with the electronic health records program. 

Documentation Scanning and Sorting
I have worked with many types of Medical documents while scanning charts in my current position. Chart Notes, Past Medical History, Demographics, Insurance, Labs, Imaging, Hospital Records, Pharmacy/RX, Correspondence, Orders, Surgery, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy Reports, Surgery Scheduling and Med Legals are just a few of the types of paper work I look over and sort everyday.
Computer Repair (Customer Service)

I fixed computers by putting ads up in my local community. I met many wonderful people and assisted them with various computer problems. I helped fix their computers as well as teach them basic computer maintenance.  

Work experience


Day Trader

Trading stocks on a daily or weekly bases and analyzing market forces. 

Jun 2007Jan 2014

Medical Records Clerk

Core Orthopaedic Medical Center

I worked primarily in medical records converting medical charts to digital copy and filing it away. Daily document scanning, labeling and filing including thousands of medical records protected under HIPAA . Some of the work included IT and computer repair for me and co-workers. Most of the work was clerical and dealt with managing patients charts.

Mar 2012Dec 2013

CCE Intern Volunteer

Palomar Health

We serve alongside hospital staff,providing direct patient care under the direction of appropriate hospital staff, which includes assistance in the provision of a safe, comfortable and confidential environment for the patients. I have served 2 rotations (6 months) on the MED/SURG/TELE floor thus far at Pomerado Hospital and will be serving 3 months in the IMC/ICU next.


English (Fluent) , Arabic (Fluent), Spanish, & Chinese