Omar Ortuno

  • San Diego CA
Omar Ortuno


As a current student at Valhalla High School, I'm the type of student that is very committed to finishing a task given to me, and ensures that the work is effective and reliable. My goals for the next four next years are to finish high school, get a job, and go to college to get a degree. Colleges of interest to me would be UCSD, USD, or SDSU, because of their mathematic and science fields. I am interested achieving a degree in engineering, such as Mathematics and science interest me because it allows me to figure out how the world works, and why the world works.


Work experience

Valhalla High School

1725 Hillsdale Road

G.P.A.- 3.67

Rank in Class- 101

12th Grade-

AP Physics. AP Calculus, English 7/8C, U.S. Economy, Art, Cross Country, Tennis

11th Grade-

AP Biology, AP U.S. History, AP Eng Lang, Environmental Design, JV-Cross Country, Pre-Calculus 1H, Spanish 3/4C

10th Grade-

Algebra 11H, AP World History 1/2, AVID. Chemistry 1/2C, Hum 2/Lit 1/2H, JV Cross Country, JV Track, V Tennis, Spanish 1/2C

9th Grade-

AVID, Biology 1/2C, Hum 1/Eng 1/2H, Huml Geo 1/2H, Phys Educ, Pl&S Geo 1H-1/2

Extra-Curricular Activities


JV-Cross Country, JV-Track, V-Tennis(Award for Most Improved), Ultimate Frisbee Club President

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College Recommendation Sheet


Everyone talks, I listen.

College Essay

Omar Ortuno

Period 1

The Quiet Game

Yelling is the worst way to communicate to others, it is loud and hurtful, it is in no way healthy or beneficial to anyone. The ability to communicate is the reason why humans have become highly advanced, and yelling abuses that power. I have not yelled and will not yell because there are more effective ways to communicate to others, such as talking. At that moment that I realized that yelling was useless in the human language i transitioned from childhood to adulthood.

Yelling at people in a moment of anger is one of the darkest things a person could do to another because it opens fear in the other. Yelling doesn’t help anyone. Anytime someone does something that purposefully is done to annoy, I tell myself that yelling will make matters only worse and therefore I don’t yell and instead keep the situation calm. My ability to keep my emotions tamed and peaceful is the reason why I can take care of anything like an adult. Whenever I am walking through the hallways or sidewalks of school or the city, and I see someone yelling, there’s a feeling that gets transmitted to everyone near the person that is yelling, that is hate, hate is very contagious, but to those few that are immune to that disease live happy fulfilling lives.

I find this to be my turning point in life because a respectful adult with a lifetime of experience would know how to handle things, like Mrs. Myers, my Environmental Design teacher here at Valhalla High School is a very respectable women because she treats everyone with respect and dignity. She has never yelled at anyone for any reason. Anytime there is a possibility of yelling she tells the class, “I will not yell because I will not lose my dignity.” Those are words to live by. Since I do not yell, I can form strong relations with people because I’m aiming to be a respectful person to get to know all kinds of people. Yelling isn’t the only thing I can control, but it’s the way I can control anger and other destructive feelings. Since I don’t get angry, people don’t see me as a threat and therefore form strong relations with me.

There are many reasons why I don’t get angry, because I don’t need to, most people have a so-called “limit” if passed the person explodes and rages. However I like to see myself with no cap because if anything seems to bother me I either see the good things, and ignore the bad, or I exercise which is also very helpful in relieving stress. I like people to know me as a cool guy who accepts everyone, and takes things maturely. I hope that by living the way I do that people will learn and try to stay calm in all situations. But I don’t do what I do for others, I do it for me, it only allows happiness to be seen in my world, sadness and madness are blocked from my views.

The part of my life that changed me to an adult was the time I puzzled together that emotions must be tamed and kept at peace. It’s not that I can keep my inner self at ease but it’s that I have learned to accept whatever happens around me. My goal is to learn more and possibly better ways to interact with all kinds of situations.