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I am an Egyptian student in the first year of Political Science Faculty of the University Lyon II. I am looking forward to discover and build my future professional career through internships in different domains associated to Political Science studies.

Work experience

Feb 2011Aug 2013


Outreach Egypt consultancy for development

During almost three years i was enrolled in the "Youth Engagement Department" program made by Outreach Egypt for youth professional development. During this period i worked on different projects and i was charged of different tasks such as administrative and field work.

Recycling Awareness Campaign

This project began in March 2011 in partnership with T.B.S (Bakery Chain). It was the project of a campaign to raise awareness about recycling and reusing. I worked on it in all its phases. Starting with the brainstorming, Marketing, field logistics and administrative work.

Craft Caravan Project

This project was a partnership between our company and the SDF (Egyptian Social Fund For Development). The company's team organized one convoy per month to an Egyptian city in which they give the chance to local ِArtisans and Handicrafts to present their products and build a partnership with company so we can help him improve his products and its marketing. I participated in the field campaign and its preparation and its logistics.  

Bahareya resort tourism development

This project was in partnership with a resort in Bahareya Oasis. The company's team was recruited to go on field and make report to help the resort improve its services and facilities. i went on field and made my report which was part of the final report.

Helwan University awareness sessions  

This project was in November 2011 in partnership with USAID. The management team was charged of giving 3 day sessions to the students in Helwan University. And i was charged of preparing the field logistics and the organization of the sessions.

"Ahl El Balad" community development Project 

The company team was recruited in April 2012 by British Gas Egypt and its Partners to design and execute a social development project for the community in which the factories of these companies are based. 

i participated in different phases of this project: brain storming sessions to design the project. Field campaigns to present the projects for the community. Making assessments and statistics reports of the community. End of contract report.

UNHABITAT Cairo development Project

This project was in partnership with UNHABITAT and other social development companies, law firms, economic firms and media production houses. In order to achieve UNHABITAT 2020 urban vision for Cairo, some local districts had to be evacuated. Our team had the duty to design a campaign to convince people relocate their neighborhoods and how will this be in their favor. I was assisting the CO during the meetings and while writing reports and presentations. 

Mar 2010Jul 2012



I was working as a supplier for T-shirts and sports equipment. i worked with with my school during their events. Also with the club in which i played handball. And i was the main supplier for a company called Sportree for sports events.

Jun 2008Jul 2008


I had a month of training in this company divided in two parts. The first two weeks i was working in the warehouse department, i was learning the system of inserting and expulsion of the products. The second part of the training was in the administration department and i was mainly working on the abstracts made after the projects. i was also given a task a side to make a little movie on the company's projects. 


Sep 2015Present

Political Science and Sociology degree

University of Lyon II

I started the political science and sociology degree. In which i am studying History of french politics, Political sociology, Political analyses, statistics and modern societies. 

Sep 2013Jun 2015

Political Science and Law Degree

University of Jean Moulin - Lyon III

I studied a first year of the Political Science/Law double major degree. In which i studied Political Philosophy, International relations, History of international systems, institutions and compared governments, War Anthropology, Political sociology, Constitutional law, civil law and history of law. 

Jun 2013

French Baccalaureate 

Misr Language Schools- Lycee Francais Internationale
Jun 2013

Egyptian Baccalaureate

Misr Language Schools - Lycee Francais Internationale

Arabic Language, History and Geography