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Software Developer, and IT Engineering Student, with good knowledge and experience in web backend, iOS, database, and windows desktop development, and acceptable knowledge in machine learning

Work History

Web And Mobile Developer

Unifi Middle East L.L.C FZE
Sept 2015ApRIL 2018

Working as a Web and mobile applications developer, helping my teammates in the development of a number of PHP projects built on some of the best open source frameworks like PrestaShop and CodeIgniter. in addition to installing, developing, maintaining, ERPNext instances, using python, and Linux shell scripting.

and we are building a number of native iOS apps as well.

i am currently working only when their is time available from my studying in the FITE college 

iOS Developer

AlphA Apps FZ LLC
September 2014 December 2014

Developed a number of native, and Cocos-2d based iOS Apps.

had to leave the job because i got a seat in the F.I.T.E that i wasn't expecting, and due to the level of difficulty and the importance of attending my college lectures, i couldn't continue this job, since it required me to work from an office full-time, not at home, which conflicted with my college attendance.


Engineer's Degree in Information Technology

Faculty of Information Technology Engineering at Damascus University

I got to this college thanks to my Scores in The TCC, i am currently in the 5th and final year, specializing in artificial intelligence, i still have one subject left to graduate, hoping to finish it in the second semester of 2019

Deploma in Computer Software Engineering

Technical computer collage at Damascus university

learned a lot in this institute, thanks to the high focus from our great teachers on Software and database design, and good team work skills, and most importantly learning and applying iOS Development skills (which i learned on my own) in my graduation project, which eventually got me a Job at Alpha Apps.

Graduated as the third between my colleagues, with an average score of 79.4%


Software Engineering

Excellent skills in

  • OOP design
  • Multithreaded Programming
  • Git Version Control System.

Good skills in:

  • Machine Learning
  • Multiprocessor computing with MPI
  • Basics of GPU Computing with CUDA
  • Database Design (mysql, SQL Server, Core Data)
  • Expert Systems

proficient knowledge in a number of programming languages, including:*

  • C# (5/5)
  • Swift (5/5)
  • Objective-c (4/5)
  • Python (4/5)
  • C++ (4/5)
  • SQL (3/5)
  • PHP (2/5)
  • Java (1/5)

with good experience with these APIs and Frameworks

  • Cocoa (used in iOS and Mac OS X)
  • .NET
  • Keras
  • Frappe ( python-based, used in ERPNext )

* ranking used is relative to my total experience in projects and tasks made during work and school , so it's not an absolute measure

Operating Systems and SOFTWARE

great Experience in utilizing a considerable number of software, including:


  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Apple's XCode
  • JetBrains (IntelliJ IDEA, PHPStorm, Pycharm)

basic editing in Adobe's:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Audition

with Very good knowledge in working with most major operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Ubuntu Linux