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Sep 2010Present

Lethbridge College
Sep 2006May 2010

High School Degree

Swift Current Comprehensive High School

The Swift Current Comprehensive High School in which I graduated from. I completed 24 credits and graduated in 2010. I attended from 2006 to 2010. 

Work experience

On ice official

Saskatchewan Hockey Association

As a on ice official, it was my duty to up hold the rules of hockey and administer them properly in a fair and neutral manner.


  • Skating
  • Calling penalties
  • Breaking up fights
  • Taking complaints
  • Articulate rules
  • Make the hockey game safe for everyone
  • Making reports on serious incidents

Stock associate


Being a stock associate ment I did a variety of tasks including helping fellow employees who do specific tasks. I also helped people find items they were shopping for and did carry outs when customers bought large items such as TV's.


  • Cleaning
  • Stocking shelves
  • Helping customers
  • Off loading deliveries of goods
  • Carrying out large goods
  • Collecting carts

Swift Current Husky Gas Station

I worked as a general worker and performed an assortment of duties which helped run the gas station.


    • Cleaning gas station
    • Helping customers
    • Filling gas tanks
    • Checking oil
    • Running tills
    • Checking ID's

General Worker

Taco Time

As a general worker, I did a lot of different jobs while working. This was only a summer job but it was a fast paced job.


  • Preparing food to be cooked
  • Sering Customers
  • Cleaning
  • Closing store
  • Taking orders
  • Stocking food
  • Cooking food 
Sep 2010Jan 2011

Work Experience/Practicum Student

Swift Current Emergency Medical Services

While working as a work experience student, I learned what a paramedic does on a daily basis as well as performing some of the duties that a paramedic does.


    • Cleaning around the station
    • Using equipment
    • Learning about medical devices
    • Responding to medical calls
    • Being reliable and dependable  
Jan 2009Apr 2009

Work Experience/Practicum Student

Swift Current Fire Department

As a work experience student with the SCFD, I learned all about what it takes to be a fire fighter and learned the duties that fire fighters perform everyday. I also participated in learning sessions that the SCFD makes to kids.  Duties 

  • Cleaning around the Fire Hall
  • Performing presentation for students
  • Using equipment 
  • Clean and test equipment
  • Responding to emergency calls
  • Projecting a positive experience with the public
  • Being reliable and dependable 


My ability to learn essential parts of a job is very important. While doing work experience with the Swift Current Fire Department and Swift Current Emergency Medical Services, I demonstrated this skill, learning how tools used in those professions are used, where they are located and when to use them. 



My interests include sports, music and history. My favorite sport is baseball. I played when I was younger and really enjoy watching the sport live. I have even seen a few Major League Baseball teams play. I love the sport because what you learn on a team can be applied to everyday life. I also play guitar, and enjoy learning new songs and sometimes coming up with simple riffs of my own. I enjoy classic rock, blues, some jazz and metal rock. I play anything and try to learn any song that catches my ear. I also love jamming with people and learning from other players. Music always has something new to offer, whether it be a new style of playing an instrument or learning a new way of playing something you already know.

My favorite subject is history, and like learning about human conflicts, and why they occurred. I know quite a bit about World War II and enjoy learning new things about history everyday. I feel this is important because we need to know the past so that we don't repeat certain parts of it.