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Innovative IT professional offering extensive experience leveraging software engineering and DevOps methodologies to deliver highly effective and creative solutions to business and technology challenges. Utilizes highly attuned analytical skills to develop IT and business strategies employing cutting-edge technologies to increase productivity. Highly skilled in application design, architecture and development with strong expertise in full stack development. Consistently drives high standards of service through effective communication and planning to develop and manage strong client relationships. Highly organized with strong capacity to prioritize workload, extremely motivated and committed to delivering the highest standard of work.

Core Competencies

  • DevOps
  • E-commerce
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Optimization
  • Architecture
  • Solutions Design
  • Full Stack Development
  • System Integration
  • Automation & Performance
  • Team Building / Leadership


Research problems, plan solutions, recommend designs, develop codes and coordinate development to meet business or other requirements. Identify, understand and plan for organizational and human impacts of  planned systems, and ensure that new technical requirements are properly integrated with existing processes and skill sets.

Successfully delivered and delivering high quality of e-commerce solutions for below customers in different role ranging from core developer to technical project lead. Led complex software development for a broad range of functions in e-commerce domain like regional pricing, personalized search, order management, smart and fast shopping.

Work experience


Solutions Architect / Technical Project Lead

Salmon Netherlands


  • Work with the team and key stakeholders to set the key goals and major objectives.
  • Interact directly with line managers to ensure resources are available when needed.
  • Organize, facilitate and ensure follow-up action on issues raised in the meeting.
  • Keep team members and stakeholders informed of key developments, program decisions, issues, and changes to the project and the project plan.
  • Recognizes and acknowledges the contributions of team members.
  • Constantly looking for ways to increase the team’s velocity/productivity.


  • Key member of the project for communication with customer, external and internal parties.
  • Interact with key people of customer to understand business goals.
  • Study the systems and operations and identify the scope of the problem.
  • Liaise with key stakeholders and conduct brainstorming sessions to get exact requirements.
  • Analyze the problem from different angles and perform gap analysis.
  • Integrate best practices while evaluating business prospects, goals and objectives.


  • Convert requirements into the architecture and design that ultimately constitute the blueprint for the solution.
  • Design the solutions in detail and see through the implementation of the solutions.
  • Write quality code, set an example of quality in front of the team members.
  • Use project’s best practices and coding standards.
  • Prepare and help team to prepare the low level design.
  • Conduct peer review and provide feedback.
  • Remove the technical impediments.
  • Provide guidance to the team during the systems development life cycle.

Senior System Analyst

Eperium Business Solutions, India
  • Performed application programming assignments, typically scratch projects / e-commerce systems development on Intershop/J2EE platform.
  • Reviewed and analyzed complex programming specifications to resolve any possible misunderstandings as to the assignment.
  • Carried out various forms of testing – unit, string, system, acceptance, volume etc. to ensure that desired test results are achieved.
  • Given technical guidance to members of the development team to ensure the high quality delivery of development projects.
  • Ensured that the technical procedures, tools and ultimately the code produced by the development Team is high caliber and fit for purpose.
  • Played key role in the architectural design of solutions, during both solution design meetings and coding.
  • Prepared the Technical Design Documents (TDD) for the development team to start with the development process.
  • Deployed the latest code on regular basis on different environments & executed/managed the build processes and updated all the stakeholders of projects.