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I want to make contributions to the gaming industry using the skills that I have.

I'm work well with people and often find enjoyment in helping them solve their problems, whether it be a huge or small.

I've attended a college called A.I.E. where we made games and 3-d works, here I figured out how to deconstruct a problem, find it's source, and then figure out how to fix it. The method can be applied to my own needs or to a large groups of various people.

I've also had an internship at "Off By One Studio's" where I would work long distance with a group to create material and models for their needs, as well as making corrections or fixes to anything I delivered or they couldn't get to work.

I've used various Microsoft programs and operating systems and had an Xbox 360 for quite a while, so I am pretty familiar with Microsoft and it's products.

Work History


Commission Artist

I work with commissioners to provide them with art they want, this ranges from rigged 3-D models to digital drawings. I listen and work closely with a commissioner to help me understand what they want. I present them with sketches at first to confirm a goal and then works in progress of their commissioned work to make sure they are satisfied and that any criticism is addressed.

Feb 2015May 2015


Off By One Studio

My internship at OB1 Studios was centered around being the lead developer of 3-D content.

My task was to develop and create 3-D props and creatures, this required me to draw and sketch various designs and versions, then run them through my boss and the group I was assigned to, to evaluate and approve the design.

After finalizing a concept it was then up to me to model the concept and get feed back about the design, making corrections or adjustments as requested, and also rig the model if needed. I would work closely with the company to ensure every 3-D asset I gave them was in working order and that no issues arise when put into the game for testing.


Sep 2013Jun 2015

Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development In Game Art and Animation

Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE)

Here, I not only learned how to use programs such as Zbrush, Maya, and Substance Painter, I also learned important communication skills that allowed me to diffuse situations where interests in a games development  make connections with other game developers and how to work effectively with a group. I often served as a mediator between opposing peers and often pushed for progress when group projects reached a stand still or slow down.

Many Guest speakers gave me a understanding about how games are created and how the Game Industry functions at various company's. Some of them included "Nicholas Laborde, founder of Raconteur Games" and "John Comes, Design Director for Uber Entertainment".

I handled many projects such as "Character Design", "Rigging and and Animating a Model", and "Game Development". All of these gave me crucial skills and information about handling the work flow of delivering content for a game and how to make what I create work in junction with what other artists and programmers are making. Also, I received criticism about everything I delivered and made sure to follow up on it and make corrections when needed.


Highschool Degree

North Kitsap Highschool


Microsoft Office

I'm well versed in Microsoft Office, Excel, Power point, and the such. I've used these programs for a multitude of personal and school projects. Such as Essays, Presentations on certain subjects, and planning out resources or schedules.

Visual Arts

Skilled with Photoshop, SAI, and tablet devices. Can create various mediums of digital work effectively and quickly.  I also can create drawings and sketches through more traditional means and have some experience with Clay sculpting.


I can make use of all of it's tools such as Dynamesh, Zremesher, Masking, Polygrouping, and it's library of brushes. I can also create uv's and texture maps effectively. I am also looking for new tools and researching new techniques and work flows.


With Maya I can build or fix models, I can rig and animate them, Create or Fix UV's, perform renders, apply texture maps, do lighting, and create content that's ready to go into a game engine.

Substance Painter

In Substance Painter, I can make modifications to my models texture map and normals. I can assign materials to different objects on a model, and I can export the model and textures to use in 3-D modeling Software.


I can import animations and models, I'm always experimenting and learning new tools programs. I can edit code for Unity. I can apply the animations to the game play.


Proficient and up to date with the most current edition, I understand all the tools and abilities needed to create and refine images to a greater quality.