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Over the years I have been a mechanic both professionally and as a hobby. I am comfortable with gas and diesel engines and hydraulics.  In my current job I still utilize these skills on a weekly basis on CAT generator sets and other field production equipment.  
I have honed my skills as a welder.  Having used many different methods of the welding process I have taken great pride in being very proficient in the welding processes.


Work experience

Aug 2012Present

Welder/ Fabricator/ Mechanic

Hayward Baker

Welding/Fabrication Skills

3G-6G,GMAW, SMAW, GTAW, Hard Face, Oxy/Acetylene Torch, Arc-Air Cutting.

Repair/replace worn plates, cracked, bent or fatigued parts, and braces on equipment such as gantry, skip bucket, hopper, and pressure vessel. Repair/replace wear plates, material feed pipe, extension tubes, and hard face wear plates on ground compaction vibrator.

Read blueprints. Design, fabricate and blueprint items such as: roller trip bar for skip bucket, universal switch box mount, vibrator test mount, material guard for gantry, and stands for shop rated at 20,000lbs per stand.


Inspect, repair, and rebuild (in shop or on-site)ground compaction vibator to include complete tear down and rebuild thru final test before transit to regional job site. Maintain CAT generator sets to include program, diagnose, and repair of Altivar 71 variable drive unit and installation of unit into switch box.

Other Skills

Operation of forklift, crane and loader.  Carry OSHA 30,Rigging,Forklift, Confined Spaces, Hazcom, Fall Protection, Crane Signaling, and First-Aid/CPR.

Jul 2011Aug 2012

Mechanic/ Welder/ Shop Supervisor

Twisted Metal Offroad


Custom build fit to application roll cages, step bars, bumpers, four link systems, traction bars, suspension component mounts, and full tube chassis design and build.Design and fabricate rugged mounts for any type of shock to blend with other components.


Engine and transmission diagnosis and repair, installation and tuning of aftermarket high performance parts on all vehicles gas and diesel. Installation of suspension lift kits of all types, along with conversion of 2wd to 4wd. Tear down and rebuild of all types of axles.  That would include regearing,  narrowing and gusseting housings, rebuilding of hubs and planetaries

Other Skills

All aspects of shop management that include, scheduling, inventory of supplies, parts and material ordering, keeping technicians on task, help technicians with troubleshooting, assisting with customers,  project estimates, housekeeping, and general shop upkeep. 

Nov 2001Mar 2011

Production Welder

Harley Davidson Motor Company

Programming and operation of multiple ABB robotic units to weld sub and complete assemblies of motorcycle frames and fuel tanks.

Inspect and repair weld defects using either a Gas Metal Arc Welding or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding process.

Work off-site with Engineering and Suppliers on new product development projects to set up proper tooling for new model fixtures.

Work with Engineering and Suppliers to integrate new tooling into current production processes.

Work as a team member in a High Power Work Organization (HPWO) where individual groups work together to make business decisions with minimal leadership input. 

Held Safety, Planner and Quality Operation Support Role (OSR).

Member of a team that attended Safety and Ergonomics Convention as a finalist for the design and implementation of conveyor and lift system which lowered the Ergonomic Job Measurement Score (EJMS) for lifting and lower back bending and twisting.

Lean Manufacturing/JIT and 5S work environement.

Sep 1998Nov 2001


Atchison Steel Casting

Inspect for defects and repair castings for Caterpillar heavy equipment by removing defects using Carbon Arc Cutting and re-building areas using a Shielded Metal Arc Welding process.

Weld brackets on and inside the axle housings using Shielded Metal Arc Welding process for large dump trucks.

Re-built improperly machined surfaces using Gas Metal Arc Welding process for the part to be re-machined.

Attended classes for Geometrical Dimensional and Tolerance, Finite Measurement and Blueprint reading. 


Platte county Area Vocational Technical School

Did a two year course in one year due to cancellation of the course.  Learned all the skills of all types of welding method and passed all tests.  Instructor was very impressed with my natural ability and worked with me to achieve this.