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Work experience

Sep 2010Present

Graphic artist and secretary

Trophy Queen

Unpaid internship for designer handbag company


Goals for 2nd Semester

My goal for the rest of the year in journalism is to earn the best photograph award for one of the months in second semester. I know that this goal is reachable, I just need to cover more stories with photography to increase the amount of photographic work I produce on a regular basis. In order to do this, I will need to allow more time in my schedule to dedicate to journalism, which I should be able to do easily once I have completed the rest of my college applications. Not only will this improve my skill and experience as a photographer, but the aesthetic aspects of the site as a whole.

Best Work

My Highlight

Perhaps the single best moment for me in this semester of journalism was when the shirts that I designed the logo for arrived. It was so exciting being able to see my work finally realized in a functional, professional manor that looked great. Also, seeing my peers just as thrilled to wear the shirts with my artwork on them filled me with pride and made the many hours of labor I put in to the design feel worthwhile.

Personal Initiative

Over the course of this semester, my decision to photograph the Foothill for Africa benefit concert and pursuing a variety of other assignments of my own volition best exemplifying my initiative. In the months leading up to the benefit show, I had grown increasingly frustrated with the quality of some of the photography I had seen on the Dragon Press site, particularly those taken of concerts and performances. Thus, without being assigned to do it, I chose to photograph the Foothill for Africa benefit in early December to accompany the article written by Heather Luscombe. This required me to step out of my comfort zone because I knew that I would have to use a hot shoe flash in order to get good lighting in the dim light of Epic and had did not have much previous experience using such equipment, let alone when shooting on location where if something goes wrong, there is not much one can do about it.

Another example of my initiative is that I have pursued many of my more traditional illustrations on my own by simply looking at the yellow slips or talking to opinion section editor, Trenton Pham, about incoming articles and creating illustrations for the ones that I got the best ideas for. Such illustrations include work to accompany stories about texting, cafeteria food, gap years, and the commercialization of Christmas. 


The character trait that I most typify is accuracy. Accuracy is essential not only in journalism, but in nearly every aspect of education, work, and life in general, because if one rushes through tasks and assignments without attentiveness, one’s work will be sub-par at the most. I take accuracy in my work seriously because I want to be proud of my work and for it to be the best reflection of my skills and attitude.

I have demonstrated accuracy while on staff with the Dragon Press in a number of ways; most notably in my work on the web header and that I always edit my own work. While working on the web header, I created at least five different versions, each time refining the design to improve its appearance and readability on the site, over the course of several months. I took into account the views of others and used their feedback to ensure that the site would look its absolute best.

Furthermore, I go through all of the photographs I shoot for the Dragon Press, choose the best few, and crop and edit for reproduction in Photoshop all of my images myself. Because the staff tries to upload stories as soon as possible, it is important that my work is as accurate as possible before it leaves my hands in an effort to make the Dragon Press more efficient. 


1.Member of the Foothill Technology High School Chapter of the National Art Honors Society for 4 years and president for 3 years

2.Participated in The Sketchbook Project 2011

3.Unpaid graphic design internship for designer handbag and accessories company Trophy Queen 4. Member of the Foothill Technology High School High Society Club

5.Irish danced competitively with Claddagh Irish Dance Company for 9 years

6.Attended California State Summer School for the Arts in the summer of 2009 for painting and photography and received college credits through Humboldt State University for my participation

7.Graphic artist, photographer, and head of marketing committee and volunteer recruitment team for youth and community enrichment organization Ventura City Corps as a part of an extensive year-long project

8.Organizer and planner of the annual Foothill Technology High School Art Show for four years

9.Organizer and painter for my school’s National Art Honors Society’s participation in the Memory Project for three years

Rights & Responsibilities

Student journalists have almost the same restrictions and rights as professional journalists, although it differs greatly by state and type of institution. The First Amendment protects journalists’ freedom of speech and press in public institutions, but does not cover student newspapers ran under private schools. For example, a Dragon Press staffer has more protection by the First Amendment because they attend a public high school than a journalist at a private school or even a professional privately owned news organization because private, non-government owners can legally set boundaries on freedom of speech.

Also, non-school-sponsored student speech on school campuses is protected by the First Amendment as established in Tinker v. DesMoines. However this does not includeunlawful and physically disruptive forms of speech. Another pivotal case in defining the rights of student speech on campus is Hazlewood School District v. Kuhlmeier where the Supreme Court held that school-sponsored speech could be censored, but does not provide for unlimited license for schools to censor speech. Fortunately for California student journalists, Hazlewood does not apply to individual state law, including California.

Some other important responsibilities of student journalists is to avoid publishing libel, false statements and information, and digitally manipulated photographs beyond what is necessary for reproduction. Publication of such not only harms the reputations and integrity of those targeted, but of the newspaper as a whole, resulting in a loss of respect by readers and the community.


Adobe programs
Understanding of latest versions of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Bridge, and Lightroom.
Standard computer programs
Understanding of a wide variety of standard programs including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet including navigating social media sites like Facebook and MySpace.