Olli Ohls

learning oriented technologist


I am a technology-oriented class teacher student with over 2 years of experience from the field. I have strong interests in developing and testing new methods to create future learning. Along my class teacher studies I am reinforcing my skillset with Computer Science courses from the Dpt. of Computer Science in Kumpula.

My English school history and living abroad have fine-tuned my English language skills to a professional level. Studies at Helsinki University have given me the opportunities to be active in student-organizations and cross-disciplinary projects.

I am enthusiastic about life, learning and self-development, both mental and physical.

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2012 - Present

Dance Instructor 

Tanssikeskus Footlight

Developed new social exercises for dance teaching. Organized small events to boost student motivation and encourage social interaction outside studio environment. 

Aug 2011 - May 2013

Resource Teacher & Substitute teacher

tähtiniityn koulu

Worked in various positions including resource teacher, special education teacher and language teacher. Utilized experience with ICT equipment and acted as a general support person when needed. Experienced a team-based (class teacher, special education teacher, school assistant) working model in a school environment. Worked with children with mental and physical disabilities.


Aug 2013 - Present

Master's Degree, Class Teacher, Educational Psychology

Helsinki University