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A Senior Software Development Engineer with 20+ year’s expertise in Search, Azure, Big Data business intelligence and analytics, enterprise applications and advanced solutions. Strong experience in cloud-based scalable solutions, identity management and messaging. An experienced professional with exceptional problem solving skills, strategic thinking, flexibility and a track record of job completion under tight time constraints. Bilingual in English and French.

Work experience

November 2014Present

Senior Software Engineer - Search


Designed and developed new cloud-based Solr search platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with RESTful web services to replace legacy search infrastructure. Those services use a mix of .NET and Java, as well as open source technologies like Ratpack and Polly.

• Designed innovative solution for NLP using Hamming derived algorithm.
• Integrated Machine Learning model for Solr self-boosting sequence generation.
• Implemented A/B experiment support in micro services.
• Migrated to DevOps model on AWS infrastructure using GoCD for CI/CD life cycle.

September 2014October 2014

Senior Software Development Engineer

Microsoft Corporation - TEKsystems

Consulting in the Xbox Preview Program, a.k.a.Flight Program.

• Involved with the backend services (Azure and RESTful JSON web service) powering the Early Access Dashboard app for the Xbox One. The app provides a bi-directional customer feedback mechanism with Xbox Preview Program users.

Jul 2014September 2014

Senior Software Development Engineer

Microsoft Corporation - TEKsystems

Consulted in the Xbox Accessories Personal Devices team for a brand new not yet released product.

  • Designed and developed Azure REST API based web services producing JSON data.
  • Managed Cosmos data ingestion in Cosmos. Cosmos is Microsoft distributed scalable storage system with a massively parallelized application execution engine (SCOPE).
Apr 2014Jun 2014

Senior Software Development Engineer

Microsoft Corporation - TEKsystems

Managed ingestion of Commerce Platform business data into Cosmos in the Knowledge Services team.

Sep 2012Mar 2014

Senior Software Development Engineer

Microsoft Corporation - Linked Consulting

Managed full development lifecycle of Demand Subject Areas (DSA) Cosmos pipelines in Bing Ads Business Intelligence team. DSA is a data platform component that helps measure the demand health for ads. The pipelines produced over 2.2 petabytes of data in 18 months.

  • Increased responsibilities up to managing the development lifecycle of the DSA 6 data pipelines.
  • Designed and developed the Aggregates Datamart pipeline business logic.
  • Developed E2E validation logic for Demand pipelines to verify data consistency for over 20 billion rows.
Nov 2010Sep 2012

Senior Software Development Engineer

Microsoft Corporation - Linked Consulting

Consulted in the Microsoft Online Services Division Business Intelligence Customer Intelligence (BICI) team to improve the sales dashboard development velocity. This dashboard presents standard and ad hoc reporting in web based Silverlight UI to facilitate finding key metrics to support business reviews and decisions.

  • Increased responsibilities up to managing the entire Silverlight UI MVVM stack and database services (SQL & MDX), consisting of 650,000+ lines of code.
  • Designed Task Parallel Library training course.
Mar 2010Sep 2010

Senior Software Development Engineer

Daticon EED

Developed Load File Importer application to ingest ESI (Electronic Stored Information) into e-Discovery software platform. Defined strategy for portal client user provisioning and lifecycle management. Investigated and promoted new technologies like FIM and SharePoint 2010.

  • Architectured, designed and implemented Load File Importer application using .NET technologies to facilitate ESI ingestion from third party vendor products into in house software platform. This resulted in a platform capable of processing 40+ TB of data.
  • Designed and developed scalable automated virus scanning Windows service for targeting multi vendor workflows.
  • Drove strategy for defining customer facing portal integrating services using an Enterprise Service Bus approach, claims based authorization and Security Token Service (STS) appliances. This portal offers customers a unified self-service front to use internal products and services.
Mar 2009Nov 2009

Senior Software Development Engineer

Microsoft Corporation - Volt

Integrated the Microsoft Operations portal with the Microsoft Windows Identity Foundation (WIF), formerly Geneva Framework, to provide single sign on capability and claims-aware applications. This web portal is used to manage OEM partners’ agreements and revenues. WIF provides a claims-based model for implementing federated security scenarios, including using a Security Token Service (STS), a federated authentication mechanism and an object model facilitating claims-based authorization for ASP.NET applications and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services

  • Designed, prototyped and developed core authorization components.
  • Integrated user provisioning with the STS Service.
  • Designed and prototyped integration with portal tenant applications.
  • Made claims-aware over 200 projects representing 250K+ lines of code.
Dec 2007Mar 2009

Senior Software Development Engineer

Microsoft Corporation

Designed and developed major features and components for Desktop Management Services (DMS). DMS is a SaaS product scaling up to several hundred enterprise customers managing millions of desktops. Spearheaded a new security model using the Entitlement Management and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Identity Model, and policy and claims based access control authorization model

  • Designed, prototyped and developed Driver Remediation Service (DRS). DRS provides an improved user experience by transparently provisioning Windows Server Update Services and Microsoft Update drivers on the client machine.
  • Designed and prototyped DMS Security Model.
  • Designed and prototyped Driver Management, which included interfacing to the System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007, and validated the new WCF and claim-based security model.
Apr 2005Dec 2007

Senior Development Lead

Microsoft Corporation

Managed a team of 11 developers in the Identity Management and Messaging space, responsible for MSIT applications including source code access control, remote access to corporate network and group management.

  • Completed development of a multi-tenant SaaS group management solution using PowerShell to supplement and automate Exchange Server 2007 functionality. This solution managed in excess of 800,000 groups with significant service cost reduction.
  • Drove Microsoft Managed Solutions Service Provisioning Provider development based on Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM), which is the core of Microsoft Exchange Hosted services in the enterprise.
Mar 2004Apr 2005

Development Lead

Microsoft Corporation

Led development of and released the Enterprise Portal and Platform (EPP) V1.0 and V1.5. EPP is a world class portal system managing over 100,000 Microsoft partner users, 5,000+ Extranet applications, and thousands of business partnerships.

  • Retired the former Microsoft Extranet without any interruption of service.
  • Managed a team of 14 developers to build and release the first two versions.
  • Promoted to this position within one year on the project.
Jul 2000Mar 2004

Senior Applications Developer

Microsoft Corporation

Designed and developed first four releases of the Accounts Management Next Generation (AccMan NG), enterprise level Active Directory provisioning solution, managing over 300,000 user network accounts across multiple forests.

  • Significantly improved user provisioning management by developing software for AccMan NG portfolio of applications: BatchMan, Queue Viewer, Password Reset Tool, Machine Account Deletion, Universal Principal Name and RTC.
  • Implemented role based management using Windows Server 2003 Authorization Manager.
  • Integrated Microsoft Operations Manager with the Microsoft ticketing system.
Jul 1999Jul 2000

Product Development Manager

Spacelabs Healthcare

Managed development of Pager-based Vital Sign Viewer and Patient Episode Management System for major supplier of medical monitoring devices equipment.

Developed web-based mobile Vital Sign Viewer and Clinical Messenger.


Senior Software Engineer

Teknekron Infoswitch

Developed web-based call center performance evaluation software.

Built ISDN Primary Rate Interface for Infoswitch Automatic Call Distributor.

Jan 1990Jan 1991

Software Engineer

Alten Ltd

Implemented DASS2 and France Telecom E1 protocols for Infoswitch ACD system.

Designed ISDN protocol  implementation for the Infoswitch ACD.


Software Engineer

Infi Ltd

Developed call processing, DPNSS protocol and user interface for PBX system.


Software Engineer

Thomson CSF

Developed call processing software for air traffic control digital switching system.


M.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences