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A profile with multiple facets and skills. I have international experience as researcher since 2009 in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and India. I have worked on topics such as soil contamination (copper), soil fertility & nutrient management in agroecosystems, soil organic matter chemistry and litter decomposition. Besides of that I have started an import of organic foods from Sri Lanka in order to approach food systems from another perspective. Finally, my diverse language proficiency (French, German, English, Spanish, Hindi and Sinhalese) allows me to be at ease in a multitude of geographic and cultural contexts.

Work experience


Managing Director


Lankaram ( imports and markets food products grown in diversified agricultural systems in Sri Lanka. Marketing a wide diversity of products from selected locations, direct contact with the producers and organic certification are the main pillars through which Lankaram intends to foster sustainable agriculture in South Asia.


Researcher & PhD candidate

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU)

FERTI-MINE: An applied research project to produce fertilizers from waste. Focus on P, Si, micronutrients and carbon recovery from waste material such as sewage sludge, agro-industrial waste, etc. Evaluating P and Si bioavailability from different products and identifying the most viable options among the recovery technologies. Strong involvement in student supervision at the research institute.


Research Assistant

Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL

Research assistant in the frame of a long-term agronomic experiment in India.
Locations: Research institute of organic agriculture (FiBL, Frick, Switzerland), University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart, Germany) & BioRe, (Kasrawad, MP, India)




University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU)

Organic agriculture - Specialization in soil science, soil fertility and crop production



Université Paul Sabatier. Centre J-F. Champollion (Albi, France)

Management and treatment of water and waste


Technician degree

Lycée agricole Albi-Fonlabour (Albi, France)

Management of water supply and waste water treatments



For data analysis and plotting. Familiar with (nested) for loops, multi-panel graphs, etc. Always interested to learn more about this powerful and versatile tool.



English & German

English: my main professional medium. German: I live in Austria since 2005

Spanish & Hindi

Comfortable with day-to-day conversation, reading and writing


Basic conversation, reading and writing.