Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2013 - Present

PPC Marketing project manager


I am planning, creating and managing Google AdWords and Facebook PPC campaigns for small and medium businesses. I am responsible for managing a portfolio of mid market advertisers focusing on targeted revenue growth and build significant client relationships.

Jan 2013 - Jul 2013

Equipment operator

Gedeon Richter Plc. Hungary

The Company manufactures more than 200 drugs. Among our products are original, generic and licensed medicines which provide effective treatments in almost all therapeutic areas. I worked in the injection production department.


2013 - Present

Engineering in Molecular Bionics BSc

Pázmány Péter Chatolic University, Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics (PPKE ITK)

Including practical skills in fundamental molecular biology laboratory measurements and methodology, beside professional knowledge regarding electronics and computer technology. Detailed professional knowledge and practical adaptation skills in the field and ability for accomplishing project items in controlling and qualification assignments, as well as for  items of R&D projects and for the development of such projects. Basic knowledge in economics law and management.

2008 - 2012

Grammar School

Fazekas Mihály Fővárosi GyakorlóÁltalános Iskola és Gimnázium

Faculty of Science


2011 - 2012


Photonics Department of the Research Institute for Technical Physics and Material Science (MFA) of the Hungarian Academy of science

I dealt with protein immobilization, in situ bioellipsometry. The primary aim of my research is to develop of optical models for ex situ and in line mapping ellipsometry of chemically deposited nanostructures. Beside to develop bio-receptors which can selectively detect molecules from solution.

2011 - 2012

Oral presentation

National Conference on Undergraduate Research Circles

I was in the top 8 in biochemistry category with my presentation with title of: "Optical models for in situ measurement of the adsorption of flagellar filaments and bovine serum albumin in a liquid cell using spectroscopic ellipsometry and refractometry"

2010 - 2011


in the journal of the Hungarian Academy of Science

I won second prize in biophisics category with my review with title of: "The examination of the vestibular system in young children".





Computer Skills

  • European Computer Driving Licence - all modules
  • Matlab programming
  • elementry in C++ programming
  • modelling in Spartan, VMD, NAMD

Organisational / managerial skills

Volunteer job

In organize summer and mid-year camps for children who lives with disease, charity events and help them and their family during these events since 2010.

Mensa HungarIQa

Good organisational skills gained as a head of special interesting group and work in program coordinator team.

Personal Skills

problem solving and analytical thinking, precision, proactivity, creativity, open-mind, effective conflict resolution and teamwork skills