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Olivia Joanne Skinner 

High level Warehouse Associate

Education:Winder Barrow           High School 


High School Diploma

Winder Barrow High School

I graduated the 12th grade with honors I always succeed in everything I do!  I was on A honor roll from elementary school and I continued to keep working my way up to the top!

Work History

Customer Services Representative


I have experience in Quick Books, Microsoft Word, Excel, I done all the orders, calls, filing, payroll, register, I am great with other people so i have am good with Customer Service as well. I always work hard to succeed and be the best I can be for the company I'm with! And I'm also qualifed with Computer & Technology Proficiency Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Quick Books, Etc. Operating Systems: Windows XP, 7, 8!


Warehouse Associate

Bed Bath And Beyond
Warehouse Associate I started out In Gift Wrapping, then my manager would send me to the pick mod and cross train in other departments as well. I am experienced in Picking And Packing, (since my production was great my manager then made me a bouncer so i moved constantly in the mod on all 3 floors and all 3 mods to clear out lines that was full there was only 3 bouncers in the pick mod on my shift) Shipping And Receiving, Professional Gift Wrapping, Stocking, Returns, Etc. I am a very hard worker and a very fast learner I want to be the best I can possibly be. I'm always ready to learn more and more in every department forklift driving as well so i can succeed in life and so I can become a manager or higher, when i come to work i stay to myself and I get my job done. I can get along with my co-workers, I think I'm extremely nice, I dont start anything with anyone. I've never had any problems at work since I started working in 2009. When I clock in I belong to you, I'm not there to make friends, I am there to make money so i can support my family, so i make sure i do my job and do itd right. I want to impress my manager so I am very fast, accurate, focused, dependable, always on time, and I love to work OT if the company I'm with is allowing OT hours! If you hire me i can promise you that you won't be sorry! I've had two jobs I don't go from job to job I am there to stay the only reason I'm not employed at my past two jobs is because my 1st job i had the owner of the company passed away so the company got shut down, and my last job i went on maternity leave after 4 years! I hope to be getting an email or call from you soon.

Office Manager

I can
Office Manager Glass of Walton type 90 WPM, I have experience in Quick Books, Microsoft Word, Excel, I done all

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