Richard Oliver

Richard Oliver


Use my previous experiences to add value to the organization by increasing sales, improving processes, and lowering costs

  • Using the latest technology to drive the business
  • Previous experience to build, expand relationship with customers and sales team
  • Understanding the relationship between Sales, Distribution, and the Business Unit and make decisions to support the business




Weight Lifting

Public speaking

Learning a foreign language (French)

Value Add

I bring a broad range of experience to add value to your organization

  • People Leadership and Management Experience - IT Management,, Pricing/Contract /Tech Support Management, Product Management
  • International Experience - France, Dominican Republic
  • Manufacturing Experience - Scheduling, Manufacturing, Factory Automation
  • Operations Experience - Warehouse, Distribution
  • IT Experience - Using the latest technologies to bring value and competitive advantage
  • Customer Focus - Training Sales Team, Distributors, Customers
  • Marketing Analysis - Where to find value and why

Over thirty years experience in the manufacturing and organizational management with a proven record of reducing cost and increasing revenue by initiating, implementing and following proven best practices

Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2010 - Present

Product Marketing Manager

Souriau USA, Inc.

Responsible for all Souriau Milaero products

Coordinating activities for new products developed with the Souriau US Sales Team, Distributors, and Customers

  • Training
  • Technical Support
  • Contract and Quoting coordination
  • Resource to Sales Team (FAE support, Sales, Marketing activities)

Circular and rectangular electrical connectors

Military spec - D38999 SI, SII, SIII, 26482 SII, ARINC

New product release - micro38999 miniature range circular connector

International experience - Working with and supporting Souriau France with Milaero products

National experience covering the US Market



Sales Team

Sep 2006 - Jul 2010

Product Manager

Souriau USA, Inc.

Circular and rectangular electrical connectors

Military spec - D38999 SI, SII, SIII, 26482 SII, ARINC

International experience - France

National experience covering the US Market

Apr 2004 - Sep 2006

Systems Manager - Information Systems

Souriau USA, Inc.

Systems Support Manager for hardware, applications, networking at Souriau USA Headquarters

Using new Information Technology to drive the business, improve efficency, profitability

2003 - 2004

Demand Manager


Forecasting sales, trends, plant production and manufacturing, and financial impact on the business

Collaborate with Sales, Prodcut Management, Financial, Planning to make sound business decisions

2002 - 2003

Contract/Pricing/Technical Support Manager


Manage customer contracts

Manage Pricing models, analyze data

Work with Distributors updating price models

Manage Technical Help desk resource for customers and new business

May 1999 - 2002

Warehouse Manager


Distribution Center for the Interconnect (Mil Aero and Industrial,or MAI) division of FCI

Responsible for start up of new Interconnect facility, including developing and implementing processes, hiring team, bringing in materials, and developing/implementing MRP II practices such as lot/date codes, barcode labels, ISO 9000 practices, and successfully passing audit by FCI's major customer at the time.

Responsible for 15,000 square foot facility, approximately 15 employees including Receiving Inspection, Warehouse, Receiving

Warehouse responsibilities included:

Receiving of purchased and manufactured components, purchased end items

DRP shipments between the US and Dominican Republic

Sales Order shipments (pick, pack, ship) with 99% OTDP

Inventory Accuracy of 99%





Sales and Technical Support

Partnership with customers, working with them to discover solutions and determine appropriate technology to meet their needs.  Follow the project through from concept to design, qualification, prototype sales and production sales, with support for new programs beyond the original scope.

Project Management

Startup team for two OSB plants, Startup manager for Distribution Center, Implementation of various programs for process improvement, including lot/date code implementation, ISO 9000 and MRP II implementation, inventory accuracy objectives.

Manufacturing, Operations, Factory Automation

Start up team for $80mm OSB plant in 1982 and $120mm OSB plant in 1995, supporting commissioning of electrical and hydraulic systems, PLC programming and troubleshooting to refine and improve the process. Maintenance team lead specializing in electrical and multi-skilled high performance works systems, scheduling maintenance and contractors for down day activities, with focus on safety, preventative and predictive best practices


Various management roles, supporting many aspects of the business from Operations, Logistics, Information Systems, Sales and Marketing Working with diverse teams, both in the US and International (Europe and Latin America)