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Partnership Possibilities for America


Professor and philanthropist Dr. Oliver McGee III founded the Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm Partnership Possibilities for America in 1997. There, Dr. McGee works with a number of government and academic clients, such as the White House, NASA, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, offering speaking and educational services as the keynote speaker at a number of outreach seminars. He has constructed a highly vetted and credentialed team devoted to meeting the needs of the firm’s clients and helping them attain their goals.

Partnership Possibilities for America’s concepts on education, economics, and politics are covered in a number of Dr. Oliver McGee's many publications. Dr. McGee has authored the books Jumping the Aisle, Confessions from the Balcony, and Bridging the Black Research Gap, as well as such essays as “Anatomy of a budget deal.”

Dr. Oliver McGee studied business administration and finance at The University of Chicago School of Business, where he earned a Master’s in 2004. He obtained degrees in Civil Engineering and Aerospace Engineering from The University of Arizona, as well as a Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics. An alumnus of Ohio State University, Dr. McGee began teaching at his alma mater in 2001 as the first African-American to hold a professorship and departmental chair position at the institution.

In addition to his leadership role at Partnership Possibilities for America, Dr. Oliver McGee III currently functions as a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Howard University in Washington, D.C. To learn more about Dr. McGee's work with Partnership Possibilities for America and his many services, visit

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