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Since I'm father of a very clever 5-years old I have been through a daily learn of everything related to this "job", from how to build something in the garden, googling answers for his questions, visiting museums, etc. to styles of education to find the most appropriate school for him. Make him a person better than us has been the obsession of mine and of my wife and our biggest interest.

I also like to travel, learn about other cultures and appreciate diverse building architectures are passions that grow daily.


I've been around for quite a while working in IT (since 1991). Chose this area because it was challenging and was in constant movement/change, don't regret at all!

My mind is always in search for a good defy, if don't have something to organise or make better I would become bothered and impatient. I need to plan and do! I also have to feel that I learned something every day.

People say that I'm good advisor in business/technology and have excellent leadership skills; I have to believe/agree...

My speciality is in Telecom/Networks, Operational Systems and Servers though I don't limit myself to this, I'm always trying to develop new skills and find a way to apply technology to business benefit so don't take me as just another geek.

My work has taken me to a number of countries where I could experience dealing with different cultures and perspectives of the world, I truly enjoyed and that even created in me the desire to live in another country, UK was my choice and have been a wonderful experience. So far I've been to: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, United States, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and Singapore.

I was born in Brazil (1972), though have Portuguese citizenship as well, and since Jan/2006 I've been living in UK.

Work experience


IT Manager


After a long time working for Unilever in Brazil I was getting incresingly interested in working abroad, specially in UK (head office of the company), took me some time to find the right opportunity, I applied and was very happy to be accepted. Since Feb 2006 I've been working in UK  as responsible for the outsourcing and architecture of Network Services in a global basis.


IT Manager


After I left the Army I was looking for opportunities and a teacher said that Unilever was a great company to develop knowledge, a trully world-class in IT. I tried really hard to find a job there and finally had to accept a job as Intern, something bellow the skills I already had, but it was an investment so I was keen to take it.

I've been with them since 1992, as Intern I passed by several departments (always in IT) up to be contracted in 94; after 5 years as Analyst I was promoted to Manager responsible for Telecom Architecture for Latin America.

In 2004 my responsibility increased covering all initiatives for technology development, projects and management of outsourcing services for all Latin America being also responsible for the Messaging, GroupWare and Web services for the region.Have learned so much that it is really hard to list everything, I think the most important is to always look for a business sense in implementing a technology, also liked my experience as program manager and in ITSM / ITIL best practices.

The biggest enjoyment I had in all this time was to exercise talent building, by attracting and mentoring high-performance people in a cohese team, specially by doing this with those based in other countries and/or that weren't reporting directly to me.



Brazilian Army

Strange to have soldier experience in a CV? Yes, it is, I know. Just wanted to include because this was a real division in my life, I had opportunity to learn how to work in a team in the most rough way possible and don't regret the 13 months I spent there, even that I wasn't volunteer.

At some stage my skills in English and IT were recognised/discovered so I started to make translation of documents and also manage the network of HQ in Sao Paulo.


IT Teacher


I started as a student full of curiosity and end up as Logic and Database teacher while developing small applications for this IT school.