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Tenor Banjo with Several Bands including Traditional Jazz and Dixieland Bands


An individual of manifold talents, Olin L. West, M.D., today resides in Free Union, Virginia, and is known as a musician, psychiatrist, instructor, and financial consultant. A passionate tenor banjo player in the genres of jazz and Dixieland, Olin L. West, M.D., currently contributes to groups The Jazz Bands and The Shenendoah Swingers; formerly, he offered his talents to New York City’s The Red Garter Band and New Orleans’s Your Father’s Mustache Band. A practicing psychiatrist for more than 20 years, he authored a host of pieces in medical journals, including “First APA Partial Hospitalization Standards” in The Bulletin, “Partial Hospitalization: Guidelines and Standards” in Psychiatric Annals, and “Careers in Partial Hospitalization” in Careers in Psychiatry. Formerly an Instructor of Clinical Psychiatry at his alma mater, the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City, he also acted as a Faculty Instructor in Group Dynamics within a training program at The Westchester Council on Alcoholism, Inc., in White Plains, New York. Proficient at both supporting other care providers and guiding individual patients towards sustainable solutions, Olin L. West, M.D., maintained a private practice in Charlottesville, Virginia, for 23 years. In 1997, Olin West, M.D.’s career shifted into the financial industry when he founded Wealth Preservation Services of Virginia, LLC. Since its conception nearly 15 years ago, Olin L. West’s firm has offered a variety of services that benefit senior citizens preparing for the retirement phase of their life. A Certified Long-Term Care Specialist and Certified Senior Advisor, Olin L. West, M.D., provides individuals with the tools to compare different life insurance companies and better understand their products. Additionally, Olin L. West, M.D., proffers guidance in areas including asset allocations, life insurance trusts, and annuity laddering details. Dedicated to his clientele, Olin L. West, M.D., works to ensure that each patron employs their resources in a sustainable manner that will benefit both them and their families. For more information regarding the firm’s services, please visit

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