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Olga E. Paniagua, B.S.

  • Calle Bohechio #10, Green Tower, Bella Vista. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • 829.962.6542


Aspiring physician seeking the highest quality education and clinical practice possible. I am reliable, adaptable, perseverant, and very responsible. My strong interpersonal skills, tenacious thirst for knowledge and genuine compassion for others have allowed me to flourish in the field. 



Universidad iberoamericana 

Doctor of Medicine degree candidate.

Anticipated graduation date 07/2017 

Bachelors Degree

University of Florida

Bachelors of Science in Psychology awarded May 2010. 

University of Florida, Gainesville FL 


BLS Certified 

  • Certified Healthcare Provider (CPR and AED) 

UASD Suture Certified 

UNIBE AMSA Chapter member 

Certificate awarded for participation in the International Conference for Emergency, Trauma, and Critical Care 2013

Work experience

Surgical Technician

Operation Smile 
Aug 2015

Intra-operative instrumentalist/assistant aboard the USNS Comfort
Reference: Dr. Jonathan Armas, M.D. Maxillofacial

Surgical assistant 

HOspiten Santo DOmingo

Gyneco-Obstetric and Cosmetic surgery: surgical observer/assistant  Reference: Dr. Gabriel Eduardo De Peña M.D., FACOG. 

Clinical volunteer

Shands hospital

Plastic Surgery: Clinical assistant in consult; organized patient files. 
Reference: Dr. Kevin E. Buhrns, M.D. 

Community Volunteer Experience

12/11/2011: Coordinated/ volunteered in a community project with the Environmental and Natural Resources Department. Location: Las Malvinas, Dominican Republic. Mission: To enhance the ecologic welfare of the community by contributing to the natural habitat (i.e. planted seeds, donated trees). Supervisor: Dr. Antonia Altagracia Villaman, Universidad Iberoamericana. 

06/06/2013: Volunteer in community project with the Public Health Department. Location: Hato Nuevo de Manoguayabo, Dominican Republic. Mission: To contribute to primary disease prevention by educating underserved, impoverished communities on the CDC guidelines for Dengue prevention. Supervisor: Dr. Dielika Charlier, Universidad Iberoamericana. 


Bilingual: Fluent In English and Spanish
Creative collaboration 
Strong interpersonal Skills
Fast learner 

awards & recognitions

National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) 

Certificate of Appreciation: Continuing Promise 2015, USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) Medical Treatment Facility

Special acknowledgement in the upcoming "First Aid for the USMLE Step 1" 2017 Edition book for making exemplary contributions through proofreading and submitting key information. 


Clinical Clerkships 

1. University of Texas Southwestern Plastic Surgery Clerkship, Dallas, TX, from 1/4/2016 - 1/30/2016 @: 

    • New Parkland Hospital
    • UTSW Outpatient Clinic 
    • UH Hospitals Zale & Clements 

Contacts: Dr. Bardia Amirlak (, Rasha Babikir (

2. University of Texas Southwestern Orthopedic Surgery Clerkship, Dallas, TX, from 02/01/2016 - 02/27/2016 @

    • New Parkland Hospital, E1 Trauma Service

Contact: Susan White (, Dr. Benjamin Schell (502.641.8164)

Oral Presentations 

(Paniagua, O. 2014). Clinical Evaluation of the Trauma Patient (Spanish). Oral Presentation presented at Ney Arias Lora Hospital Medical Conference; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 

(Paniagua, O. 2014). Proper use of Antibiotics in the Surgical Patient (Spanish). Oral Presentation presented at Ney Arias Lora Hospital Surgical Conference; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 

Orthopedic Surgery Clinical Clerkship, Hospital Traumatologico Dr. Ney Arias Lora, 2014

Operation Smile Mission USNS Comfort 2015

Mission description @

University of texas southwestern plastics & orthopedic surgery clerkships

Surgical clerkships @ UTSW

  • New Parkland Hospital
  • UTSW Outpatient Clinic 
  • UH Hospitals Zale & Clements 


  • Dr. Gabriel Eduardo De Peña, M.D. FACOG  HOSPITEN SANTO DOMINGO. Tel:   809.541.3000 (ext. 2507)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Manzano, Faculty of Neuroscience International Students, Universidad Iberoamericana. Tel: 809.481.2337
  • Dr. Roberto Paulino, M.D., HIVS, DTM&H. Tel:809.689.4111 (ext. 1197)
  • Dr. Jonathan Armas, M.D. Maxillofacial Surgeon. Tel: 829.632.2212. Email:
  • Dr. Bardia Amirlak, M.D Plastic Surgeon and Assistant Professor at the University of Texas Southwestern. . Tel: 402.968.3528. Email: