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In over a decade of work as a fitness trainer, Olesia Gregg has dedicated her career to helping people become healthy and physically fit. Through Health Tech, her personal training company, she works directly with clients in the Los Angeles area to create personalized fitness regimens. Founded in 2003, Health Tech provides assistance with every aspect of physical training, from nutritional tips to workout guidelines. Throughout this process, Olesia Gregg provides support and advice to keep her clients on the path to better health.When meeting new Health Tech clients, Olesia Gregg first provides a fitness overview to determine the client’s level of physical health. She stresses the importance of establishing reachable goals and helps clients choose a desired weight or level of fitness that can be attained in a healthy way. She pairs customized workouts, which usually include strength training and cardiovascular exercise, with complementary nutritional programs. She specializes in physical training for pregnant women and new mothers looking to return to their pre-birth weight. Regardless of the client, Olesia Gregg presents a simple path to fitness and believes that good health will always improve one’s quality of life. Olesia Gregg received her certification as a personal trainer through the International Fitness Association. She enjoys working out, particularly resistance training and running the stairs. When not busy at the gym, she likes to go to the beach or travel. Olesia Gregg indulges in the cuisine of her native Jamaica as often as possible.

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