Ambitious, Hardworking, Trust


Work experience
2014 - Present


My Ole Plus Co.,Ltd, Dalat City, Vietnam

Project“ Body and Brain Development” at My Ole Plus Co.,Ltd of Dalat, Vietnam

Presentation"Life in Motion, Life without Medicine" at My Ole Plus Co.,Ltd of Dalat, Vietnam

Presentation“ Minigolf improves our Health and Brain Functions ” at Dalat Minigolfsport Club, Vietnam

Presentation"Attractors for Visual Attention and Personality" at Yersin University of Dalat, Vietnam

Russian Class for Kaya Hotel's Staff at Phu Yen, Vietnam

2001 - Present

Science Researcher

Department of Brain research, Research Center of Neurology, Russian Academy of Medical Science

Researcher in Laboratory of Age Brain Physiology


2004 - 2006


Psychological and medical support center "Interaction"

Topic: “Study of perception and intelligence in dyslexics, autistics and oligophrenics.”

Conducted master classes on "How to write an article, a business letter, advertising. Different literary styles."

2002 - 2004

Associate Professor

Russian University of Innovation, Department of Psychology

Lecture course:" Experimental psychology".

2002 - 2004

Scientific supervisor

Experimental Project in Centre of Education No 550, Moscow

Topic:“ Study of dyslexia and dysgraphia in primary school children”

1967 - 2004

Editor and Translator

National Center of Translation, Publisher MIR, Publisher EKSMO

Editor and Translator from English to Russian

2001 - 2002

Associate Professor

Moscow College of Technology, Faculty of Advertising

Lecture course:” Visual and textual ads”

1999 - 2001

Associate Professor

Moscow State Pedagogical University, Design Faculty, Graphic Art Faculty

Lecture course:" Physiology and psychology of visual perception"

1987 - 2000

Associate Professor

Moscow University of Aviation Technology 


1968 - 1987

Science Researcher

Institute of Control Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences

Researcher in Laboratory of Bionics


2010 - 2012


Moscow State Pedagogical University

English language

1991 - 1992

Tennis Instructor

Institute of Physical Culture

Tennis Instructor


PHD Doctorate

Institute of Physiology in honor of I.P.Pavlov

PhD – Doctoral thesis: “Investigation and Simulation of Human Stereo Vision”

1963 - 1969

 B.A and M.A

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)

B.A and M.A of Physics


“ Investigation of visual system and human cognitive processes”

Developed research projects:

-Development of computer algorithms and 3D devices for visual deficits rehabilitation

-Pre-attentive vision and eye movements

-Pattern recognition in animal and human vision

-Visual perception of 3D space and 3D motion

-Visual mechanism deficits in dyslexia and some neurological diseases

-Functional asymmetry of  brain hemispheres

-Artificial neural nets for visual memory

 Current developing projects:

-Visual attractors in early vision

-Deficit of 3D motion perception in dyslexia and some neurological diseases

-Devices for binocular vision training


2012 - Method and Device for Measurement of Human 3D motion visual reaction

2013 - Method and device for measuring the accuracy of visual-motor reaction to 3D motion

2013 - Method  for 1st Saccade Direction Determination

2014 - Training Device for Presbyopia Correction

2014 - Device for visual-motor coordination training

2015 - Method for determination of visual attention trajectory in early vision


International Society for Neuroethology

Russian Society for NeuronNets

Russian Association for  Dyslexia


European Conferences on Visual Perception  (ECVP): 1993 - UK, Edinburgh, 1996 - France, Strasbourg, 1997 - Finland, Helsinki,1999 - Italy, Trieste, 2002- UK, Glasgow,  2006 - RF , St.Petersburg, 2008 - Netherlands', Utrecht,  2009 - Switzerland, Losanna.

Neuroethology: Canada, Montreal 1992, UK, Cambridge 1996,  USA, Amhearst 1997

Dyslexia: 2004 -Greece, Thesaloniki


1.”Visual Deficits in Dyslexia”, prescript, Moscow 2012

2."Graces on Court", Moscow, Maks-Press, 2010 (in collaboration with L.Klimovich)

3.”Computational Models of Sensory Systems”, Moscow, VINITI, 1989

4.”Foundation of Biological Sensors Theory”, Moscow, Nauka, 1978 , (in collaboration with N.V. Pozin et al.)

And more than published 70 thesises and articles