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Oleg Morozov

Ph.D. in History, Lecturer in European and Russian History


Lecturer at School of History and Senior Research Fellow at Poletayev Institute for Theoretical and Historical Studies in Humanities (IGITI) at National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow. In 2012, graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) as translator/interpreter in Russian, English, and German. In 2014, attained master’s in history. In 2015, finished doctoral program at HSE, and in 2016 defended dissertation on comparative history of German and Russian universities in early 20th century. Participated in conferences, colloquia, and workshops at universities of London, Berlin, Tübingen, Freiburg, Düsseldorf, Warsaw, and Taipei as well as in Moscow Carnegie Center and German Historical Institute in Moscow. In summer 2014, visiting researcher at  Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in D.C. Publications in scholarly periodicals, e.g., History of Education and Children’s Literature, Kasvatus & Aika, Rossijskaja istorija, Dialog so vremenem, Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, as well as in Russian non-scholarly outlets, e.g., Ezhednevnyj zhurnal, Nezavisimaja gazeta, Postnauka, Open Russia, and

work history



Lyceum | HSE

Courses: General History of Europe and Russia, research advisor | grades 10–11


Senior Research Fellow

Center for University Studies | IGITI | HSE

Contributing to the Center's research projects; preparing annual reports; participating in conference organizing committees; working with visiting scholars; editing the Center's website



Ph.D. in History

SKFU | Stavropol

Dissertation: "Universitetskie jubilei v Rossii i Germanii nachala XX veka" | "University Jubilees in Russia and Germany in the Early Twentieth Century"

Fellowships, grants, awards


Research projects

  • The Ages of Learning: The Cultural Construction of Old Age, Youth, and Generations at Russian Universities between the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries | Center for University Studies | IGITIHSE | 2017
  • History and Practice of Scholarly Reviewing in the Academic Culture of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries | HSE | 2016-2017
  • Experts and Expert Institutions: History of Academic (Self)Evaluation at Russian Universities in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries | Center for University Studies | IGITI | HSE | 2016
  • The Criteria of Scientificity and Effectiveness in the Humanities: the History of Professional Conventions in Russia and the Soviet Union | Center for University Studies | IGITI | HSE | 2015
  • Academic Attestation and Degree Awards at European Universities in the Modern Era | Center for University Studies | IGITI | HSE | 2014
  • The Construction of Tradition: the Problem of Continuity and Caesurae in the History of Russian Universities | Center for University Studies | IGITI | HSE | 2013
  • Religious Life in Russia Today: a Systematic Description |  Keston Institute | 2011–2013


Research interests

  • History of ideas
  • History of universities
  • Memory studies
  • History of churches and religions
  • Historical epistemology and narrativity 
  • Comparative history of Germany and Russia
  • Historical game studies


Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Morozov Oleg, "Uchenaja korporacija i politicheskaja vlast: podgotovka i prazdnovanie jubileja Tjubingenskogo universiteta v 1877 godu," Istoricheskaya i socialno-obrazovatelnaya mysl  7/3 (2015): 45–50 | "Academic Corporation and Political Power: Arranging and Celebrating the Jubilee of Tübingen University in 1877"
  • Morozov Oleg, "Vliyanie iubileev na razvitie istoriopisaniya germanskih universitetov v Novoe i Novejshee vremya," Klio  97 (2015): 58–66 | "The Impact of Jubilees in German University History Writing in the Modern and Contemporary Periods"

Articles in Edited Collections

  • Morozov Oleg, "Sovremennaja RPC v zerkale religioznoj filosofii L. N. Tolstogo: cerkov, vlast i vera v Rossii," in Fenomen tvorcheskoj lichnosti v kulture, ed. A. Vashenko, vol. 2 (Moscow: Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies of Moscow State University, 2011): 56–69 | "The Russian Orthodox Church in the Mirror of Leo Tolstoy's Religious Philosophy: Church, Faith, and Political Power in Contemporary Russia"

Book Reviews

  • Morozov Oleg, Review of Istoricheskaja pamjat i obrazy proshlogo v rossijskoj kulture XIX–nachala XX v., by O. B. Leontieva, Dialog so vremenem  46 (2014): 374–383 | Review of Historical Memory and the Images of the Past in the Russian Culture of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 

Other Publications

  • Morozov Oleg, "Pjat knig ob istorii universitetskoj identichnosti v Evrope i Rossii," Postauka (2015), URL: | "Five Books on the History of Academic Identity in Europe and Russia"
  • Morozov Oleg, "'Propovedovat leto Gospodne blagoprijatnoe:' missija Cerkvi hristian adventistov sed'mogo dnja v Rossii," Moscow International SDA Church, URL: | "The Mission of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Russia"
  • Morozov Oleg, "Pravoslavie i subkultury: sovremennye problemy missionerskoj dejatelnosti RPC v neformalnoj srede," Religia i pravo  57 (2010): 18–21 | "Orthodoxy and Subcultures: Modern Problems of the Russian Orthodox Church's Missionary Work in Russian Informal Environment"