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Ole Christian Brudvik

Big Data Ecosystem Engineer & Analyst

Key Big Data Projects


Advanced Statistics and Machine Learning in R with Big Data

Data ScienceTech Institute

The CART algorithm, Random Forest, CART and Random Forest for Map/Reduce, the mathematical challenges, Feature selection using CART and Random Forest, Feature engineering using CART and Random Forest, Models competition and selection.

Big Data sets:

  • France Historical National Budget, OECD, IRIS, Olympics

Role: Big Data Analyst

Tools: RStudio, R Packages


Amazon AWS Big Data Project

Amazon AWS “Cloud-Computing Data ScienceTech Institute Chair”

Big Data project for preparation to Amazon AWS Solution Architect - Associate certification. (Non-Disclosure Agreement Signed).

Role: Cloud Archutecting, Big Data Engineer and Analyst

Tools: Amazon AWS

Outcome:  Certified Amazon AWS Solution Architect - Associate Level


Semantic Web Custom Application Model

Data ScienceTech Institute

Representing and querying web-rich data, Introducing Semantics in Data, Tracing and following data history. Big Data set:

  • Crawling the web.

Role: Big Data Engineer and Analyst


  • RDF
  • RDFS
  • Ontologies
  • VOiD
  • DCAT
  • PROV-O

The Hadoop Ecosystem - Twitter Big Data Project

Data ScienceTech Institute

Advanced RBMS techniques and their ETL processes and tools. Data acquisition - Buffering - Transformation - Storage - Analysis. Distributed Systems, Massively Parallel Processing. Designed a Big Data solution on top of Hadoop framework. Functional Programming to put multiple models and tools in competition and select the most mathematically valid one. 

Big Data set:

  • Twitter 

The Hadoop Ecosystem tools and methodology:

  • File System, scheduling and resource management
  • Data analytics
  • NoSQL databases
  • Indexing engines
  • Workflow Management & ETL
  • Data-flow Management
  • Scalable Enterprise Serial Bus Real-time
  • Multi-tenancy: security, resource allocation, data governance
  • Machine learning
  • Data exploration & visualization
  • MapReduce
  • MS SQL Server
  • Agile methodology

Role: Big Data Engineer and Analyst


Algorithms for Optimization of Big Data Complex Systems

Data ScienceTech Institute

Optimization with Data Structures, Algorithms and Computational Analysis of real Big Data projects (Non-Disclosure Agreement signed):

  1. One of the largest Logistics Companies in the world
  2. One of the largest city in the world Subway Network
  3. One of the largest cities in the world Water Network

My Role: Big Data Analyst

Tools: MS Visual Studio using Python


  • Working with Data Structures:  lists, sorted lists, stacks, queues, deques, sets/maps, directed acyclic graphs, and graphs; and implementations including the use of linked lists, arrays, binary search trees, M-way search trees, hash tables, complete trees, and adjacency matrices and lists
  • Working with Algorithms Design: greedy, divide and-conquer, random and backtracking algorithms and dynamic programming; and specific algorithms including, for example, resizing arrays, balancing search trees, shortest path, and spanning trees, Topological sort, Prim's algorithm, Kruskal's algorithm, Stochastic algorithms, Dijkstra's algorithm, A*search, Ford-Fulkerson algorithm, Capcity-Scaling algorithm, Block-Flow algorithm
  • Working with Algorithm Analysis and Asymptotic Analysis

SAS Enterprise Miner 13 Training and Certification Big Data Project

SAS Institute “The SAS ecosystem Data ScienceTech Chair”

Applied Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Miner 13 using SAS's clients Big Data sets (Non-Disclosure Agreement signed).

  • My role: Big Data Analyst
    • prepare data
    • build predictive models
    • assess models
    • score new data sets
    • implement models

Outcome: SAS Certified Predictive Modeler Using SAS Enterprise Miner 13


Singapore Educational System Core Big Data Reasearch Project

Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, National Institute of Education, Singapore

A multilevel analysis of Singaporean schooling, Pedagogy, youth and educational outcomes. 34 Team Members.

Budget: 52.000 000 SGD founded by the Ministry of Education, Singapore

My Role: Research Associate team member

  • Collecting Data, Data Management, Information Management
  • Implementing databases and data access middle-ware
  • Design og Coding-Scheme
  • Multivariate statistics: Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis
  • Interpretation of data and Report  Writing 

Tools: IBM SPSS, SAS, MS Excel, Data Collection and Storage Devices

Stakeholders: Principal Research Professors, School's Management and Teachers Relationship Management 

Internal management: Collaboration and Supporting Fellow Researchers

Outcome: Technical Reports, Conference Papers and Presentations, Journal Articles, Reports to the Ministry of Education, Singapore.


The Digital Curricular Literacy Suite of 3 Studies

Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, National Institute of Education, Singapore

A Formative Interventionist Approach to Students’ Development of Dialogic Literacy, Web Literacy and Multimodal Literacies in Creative Problem-Based Knowledge Work with Online New Media Sources in Science and History Subjects in Secondary Schools. Repeated Measure Research Design. Data set: 700 hours of video, audio and computer screen recording combined with 3 Coding-Schemes. 11 Team Members.

Budget: 5.000 000 SGD founded by the Ministry of Education, Singapore

My Role: Lead Research Associate

  • Collecting Data, Information management, Data Management
  • Implementing databases and data access middleware
  • Design of Coding-Schemes
  • Preparation, Coding, Transformation of Data, Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Data 
  • Conducted Advanced Multivariate Statistics: Descriptive, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis
  • Interpretation of data and Report  Writing 

Tools: IBM SPSS, SAS, MS Excel, MS Office, ATLAS.ti, Techsmith MOREA

Stakeholders: Principal Research Professors, Relationship Management with 7 School's Management and 34 Teachers. 

Internal management: Managing the research team

Outcome: Technical Reports, Conference Papers and Presentations, Journal Articles, Reports to the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Big Data Science Skills

Predictive Analytics
Amazon AWS Solution Architect - Associate

Cloud Architecture on the AWS Platform: Designing distributed applications and systems, Deploying scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems, lift and shift of an existing on-premises application to AWS, Ingress and egress of data to and from AWS, Selecting the appropriate AWS service based on data, compute, database, or security requirements, Identifying appropriate use of AWS architectural best practices, Estimating AWS costs and identifying cost control mechanisms.

Master Data Management
Hadoop Ecosystem
Apache Spark
Business Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Neural Networks
Graph Theory, Graph Design

Advanced Statistics, Machine Learning, Text Analytics, Visualization, Optimization, Survival Analysiis

Machine Learning
Azure Machine Learning Studio
Deep Learning

Data representation and distributed representations, Universal Interpretation Theorem, Probabilistic Interpretation, backpropagation and stochastic gradient descent using Torch

Text Mining
Foundational and Advanced Multivariate Statistics
Agent-Based Modelling using NetLogo
Semantic Web technologies for Data Science
Google Analytics
WEB Analytics
Android APP Development
Enterprise Content Management System
MS Lync
MS Windows Server
MS Sharepoint
Active Directory
RDMS, Advanced SQL
SQL Server Reporting Services
Agile Methodology/Waterfall/Lapage/Scrum/PMI/Kanban/PRINCE

Management Experience

Department Management

Product Manager 

Team Management

Owner and manager of my own Consultancy Company:

-artgarden - Research & Education Consultancy which I have renamed to:

- in2KnowIt - Big Data Consultancy

Customer Relationship Management Experience

Customer relationship management with all the Hotel Managers or Marketing Managers in Norway.

Customer Relationship Manager with School's Management and Teachers in Singapore.

Extensive Swiss Hospitality Level Service applied in different roles and fields.

-artgarden - Research & Education Consultancy

- in2KnowIt - Big Data Consultancy


Runner-Up GE Digital Predix Foundry IoT Hackathon Paris, GE Digital, 21-22.10.2016

Macquarie International Research Excellence Stipend, 2007-2010

Research stipend for research, development and consulting:

  • Educational Technology
  • Learning Space Design
  • Learning by Remixing
  • Virtual Worlds in Education


Professional Development


Executive Professional Development Program in Data Science and Big Data

Data ScienceTech Institute, Sophia-Antipolis Technology Park, France

Scientific Publication and Operational Research

Data ownership and protection

IT Project Management: PMP-PMI and Agile Approaches

Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Understanding Complexity with System Dynamics

Semantic Web Technologies for Data Science Developments

Advanced SQL for Business Intelligence & Data Visualisation

SAS "The SAS Ecosystem DSTI Chair":

Time Series Analysis using SAS/ETS and SAS Forecasting Server

Survival Analysis using R

The Extraction - Transform - Load Lifecycle into MapReduce/Hadoop with a focus on data quality

The Hadoop Ecosystem

Foundational and Advanced Statistical Methods and Machine Learning using R

Agent-based modelling & Data Science (NETLOGO)

Algorithmics for Data Science – Optimisation

Applied Mathematics for Data Science

Analysis and Design of Complex Information Systems

Amazon AWS Solution Architect – Associate Certification

Amazon AWS Business Essentials

Amazon AWS Technical Essentials

Amazon AWS Cloud Architecting, 

GE Predix Architecting Certification – Foundry IoT


Machine Learning in R

The Data ScienceTech Institute have partnership with DataCamp.


R for Data Science

The Data ScienceTech Institute have partnership with DataCamp.


Python for Data Science

The Data ScienceTech Institute have partnership with DataCamp.

Work History


Big Data Ecosystem & Analysis Consultant

- in2KnowIT - Big Data Consultancy

My own consulting company.

Renamed from - artgarden - Research & Education Consultancy


Consulting individuals, research teams and organisations:

  • WATTx
  • Oslo International School
  • Temasek Polytechnic
  • National Institute of Education
  • University of New South Wales
  • The University of Sydney
  • Macquarie University
  • The Catholic Schools Office
  • ICE International


Senior Developer

Department of Learning Technologies, Kristiania University College

2015Senior Developer,:

  • Managed successfully the online learning platform further development projects.
  • Managed and improved successfully the communication, collaboration, coordination business process with an external supplier for the development of visual design, features and tools in the online learning platform.
  • Managed successfully the test and launch of major upgrades to the online learning platform and learning technology features and tools added to the platform.
  • Improved the courses production process, from course author to launch new courses with added new pedagogical and technical approaches.
  • Produced and launched of new and revised courses.
  • Managed successfully the daily 24/7 operation and teacher and student support for using the online learning platform.
  • Kept all the courses problem-free; its content: text, images, games, video, assignments, assessments, plagiarism checker and more.
  • Completed a project to strategically evaluate the establishment of research and development in the organization to increase brand value with greater visibility at conferences and establish new sources of income.
  • Conference publications writing and research presentations at strategically selected conferences. Resulted in brand visibility and course collaboration with other university colleges.

Advisor ICT in Education

Department for Upper-Secondary Education, Akershus County Council

Implemented educational ICT projects and pedagogical learning technology professional development seminars for teachers and administrators. ✓ Developed long-term strategic solution for learning technology. ✓ Evaluation and data analysis of development. ✓ Tender Work for a new learning management system.


Product Manager

Oppad AS

Product Manager MS SharePoint LMS:

Configured, adapted and launched Microsoft's new MS SharePoint online learning platform, Connected Learning Gateway 2.0, for schools in Norway. Sold the solution with tender work to the first 7 municipalities.


Senior Consultant

Artgarden Consultancy

Educational Designer & Research Consultant,:

  • Conducted training in the professional use of qualitative and quantitative analysis software in the research process to research teams and researchers.
  • Conducted Formative Evaluations of learning technology programs in Singapore, Australia and Norway.


Temasek Polytechnic, National Institute of Education, Catholic Schools Office, Oslo International School, The University of Sydney and research team projects within research and development.


Macquarie University International Research Stipend

Macquarie University

Educational Technology Research 

Consultancy work for Macquarie University for The Catholic Schools Office, Australia


Educational Designer & Researcher

The University of Sydney

Consultancy work 2008-2009 Educational Designer, , Australia: ✓ Designed and Implemented blended learning design with the use of Blackboard LMS for first-year undergraduate students. ✓ Conducted professional development for lecturers. ✓ Evaluated the program, improved it. ✓ Presented the evaluation at conference and wrote a final report.


Research Associate

National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
  • On behalf of the Ministry of Education in Singapore, we performed a study investigating of the teaching and learning in primary and secondary schools: what instruction, tools, knowledge dimensions, modes, scaffolding and assessment forms.
  • Implemented several projects to improve teaching and learning in schools with the development of new learning environments and professional development of teachers. I led three ICT-Supported learning projects and participated in other projects.
  • Responsible for data collection methods and preparation of collected data for analysis and storage, the development of analytical methods, qualitative and quantitative analyses of data, coordinated analysis with several people who analysed data, report writing, publishing and lecturing.
  • Responsible for software for processing and analysis of qualitative data. Responsible for software maintenance, support and training.
  • Design, installation and configuration of" content management system"(CMS) to SingTeach(singteach. nie. edu. sg), a web magazine for communicating educational research to teachers.

Manager Marketing Consulting Department

Reiselivsutvikling AS
  • Led corporate sales, market development and customer projects.
  • Introduced web solutions and built web solutions for customers.
  • Completed the sale of marketing products for businesses in the tourism industry. Achieved very good sales results.
  • Managed successfully the customer relationship.
  • Developed a CRM system to handle this.
  • Increased department sales and profit.
  • Developed and administered web portal solutions with real-time booking (eg. and on behalf of the Norwegian Hospitality Association.
  • Operated our own servers.
  • Designed and produced printed marketing materials for customers.

Project Manager - Procurement

Inventum AS

Inventum AS had at the time 13 outlets divided into restaurants, bars and nightclubs in Haugesund city.

  • Project manager for a procurement project that resulted in lower costs and better cost control of beverages and tobacco. With a new system for beverages and tobacco purchasing and internal logistic we used a computerized system that daily monitor the sales, inventory, inventory at venues, cost and profit on drinks and more metrics.

Conference Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, Head Chef, Sous Chef, Cook, 

During these years I had several positions within the Hotel and Restaurant industry.

Dissertations, Journal Articles, Conference Papers & Presentations

  • Brudvik, O. C. (1st draft). Learning by Remixing: Supporting Scientific Dialogic Literacy and Multimodal Literacy in the New Media Knowledge Age. Dr.Philos Dissertation to be submitted to University of Oslo.
  • Brudvik, O. C. (forthcoming). Learning by Remixing: Supporting in the New Media Knowledge Age.
  • Brudvik, O. C. (2013). Learning by Remixing: Students' Approaches to Finding, Evaluating and Using Web Resources in History and Science Tasks. Master Dissertation. Oslo and Akershus University of Applied Sciences, Norway.
  • Brudvik, O.C. (2013). Learning by Remixing: Assessing Students Design of Meaning in their Digital Responses to Academic Problems. European Distance and E-learning Network Annual Conference.
  • Brudvik, O.C. (2012). Learning by Remixing: Developing Multimodal Literacy in the New Media Age. European Distance and E-learning Network Annual Conference.
  • Brudvik, O.C. & Nome, A. (2012). An E-assessment Model for Supporting Collaborative Knowledge Building in a Social Software. European Distance and E-learning Network Annual Conference.
  • Brudvik, O. C., Hedberg, J. G (2010). Scaffolding learning Tasks to Achieve Internet literacy. Paper presented at the 4th Global Conference on Learning and Technology, Malaysia.
  • Brudvik, O. C., Filed, D, Nolan, E., and Tan, D (2008). Student Perspectives on Learning Outcomes and Experiences in Practicing Online Problem-Based Learning in First Year Agricultural Education. Research Reports 2009. The University of Sydney.
  • Brudvik, O. C., Hedberg, J. G., & Tiu, A. (2008). Constructing Alternative Semiotic Designs of Meaning. Paper presented at The 4th International Conference on Multimodality, Singapore.
  • Hedberg, J. G., & Brudvik, O. C. (2008). Supporting Dialogic Literacy through Modding and Mashing in Places and Spaces. Theory into Practice, 47(2), 138-149.
  • Towndrow, P. A., Brudvik, O. C., & Natarajan, U. (2007). Crafting a total learning environment: Case studies of multimodality and task design in two Singapore science classrooms. In Ng, C.-H., & Renshaw, P. (Eds.). Reforming learning: Issues, Concepts and Practices in the Asia-Pacific Region. Kluwer Academic Publishers.
  • Brudvik, O. C., Lim, C. P., & Hogan, D. (2006). Multimodal Literacy: Semiotic Design of Meaning and Synaesthesia. Presentation at the 3rd International Conference on Educational Technology, Singapore.
  • Brudvik, O., Li, D. D., & Praba, N. T. (2006). Creating a "cultural tool" For online historical inquiry. Paper presented at the Landscape: Exploring ways of Teaching Language and Literature Conference, the English Language and Literature Academic Group of the National Institute of Education and The Singapore Teachers' Union, Singapore.
  • Brudvik, O., Li, D. D., Tiu, A., & Lim, C. P. (2006). Engaging students in web inquiry: A study of multimodal literacy and science and history learning (Research Report). Singapore: National Institute of Education, Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice.
  • Hong, K. S., Brudvik, O. C., & Chee, Y. S. (2006). The impact of structured discussion on students' attitudes and dispositions toward argumentation In R. Mizoguchi, P. Dillenbourg, & Z. Zhu (Eds.) (2006), Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Computers in Education (pp. 133–140). Amsterdam: IOS Press. (pp. 133–140). Amsterdam: IOS Press.
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  • Brudvik, O. C., & Tiu, A. (2006). Designing and Implementing Online Scientific Inquiry: An Intervention Study. American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting 2006.
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  • Hedberg, J., Brudvik, O. C., Tiu, A., & Towndrown, P. A. (2006). Lower High-school Students' Approaches to Finding, Evaluating and Using Web Resources in History and Science Tasks: Technical report on the first-year study. (Research Report). Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice. National Institute of Education. Singapore.
  • Li, D. D., Brudvik, O., & Hedberg, J. (2005). Designing and scaffolding digital internet tasks in secondary level history classes. Presentation at the international conference on education, Redesigning Pedagogy: Research, Policy, Practice, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
  • Brudvik, O. C., & Hedberg, J. (2005). Visual representations for Student’s learning processes in Internet Tasks. In P. Kommers, & G. Richards (Eds.), Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2005 (pp. 3806-3812). Chesapeake, VA: AACE.
  • Brudvik, O. C., Hedberg, J., Freebody, P., & Natarajan, U. (2004). Integrating Internet Task as Curriculum Extension Tasks. Paper presented at the Annual conference of the Educational Research Association Singapore 26-28.