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Creative, hard-working and charismatic leader with a heart for God and excellent brainstorming, analytical and musical skills.  Possesses 11 years' experience in leading worship and music ministry at churches ranging from multi-stylistic to progressive and ranging from 700 to 2000 in total attendance.  Excels not only as a conductor, muti-stylistic composer, and pianist, but also as a vocalist, pastor, and creative instigator. 


As a music pastor my objective is to enable people to worship from the heart while training effective worship leaders.

As an educator my objective is to equip people to enrich their own lives and the lives of others through the arts.



  • Frequent soloist on music ranging from Mute Math and Coldplay to MercyMe and David Crowder Band
  • Vocalist with the Carnegie Hall Choral Workshop Chorus, 2000
  • German Leider Recital, Eastman School of Music, 2000

Piano and Keyboards

  • Guest pianist and keyboardist for Reconciliation: a Gospel Oratorio, Seattle Pacific University, 2011
  • Pianist, keyboardist, and vocalist for Moody Bible Institute Pastor's Conference, 2008
  • Pianist and keyboardist for nationally known worship pastor Stephen Michael Newby, 2003 and 2006
  • Keyboardist for New Zealand band Parachute Band, 2006
  • Undergraduate Piano Recitals, University of Florida, 1994 and 1996
  • Piano masterclass soloist with Misha Dichter and Radislav Kvapil, University of Florida, 1993 and 1995


  • The Creation, Parts 1 and 2, F. J. Haydn, with full orchestra, choir and soloists, 2004
  • Browncroft Community Church orchestra, choir (One Voice), and ensembles, weekly 2001-2009
  • Eastman Repertory Singers, Eastman School of Music, 1999-2000


Stephen Newby, DMA

Dr. Newby is a personal mentor to me.  In addition to leading the university ministries and Center for Worship at SPU, he is also an Associate Professor of Music.  He is a former music director and worship leader for Promise Keepers, and former Music Pastor for Antioch Bible Church.

Kevin McPeak

Kevin, in addition to being a great friend and musician, served as Audio Visual Director and music team member at Browncroft Community Church during my tenure there as Director of Worship Ministries.

Rob Cattalani

Rob was the senior pastor at Browncroft Community Church during my tenure there as Director of Worship Ministries.

Blake Shipp, Ph.D.

Dr. Shipp is a personal friend and highly gifted pastor.  I served with Blake during my time as Director of Worship Ministries at Browncroft Community Church.

Frank De Luccio

As Music Pastor at Lakeshore Community Church I answer to Frank.  Frank is also a personal friend.

Vince DiPaola

Vince is my present senior pastor.

William Weinert, DMA

Dr. Weinert was my professor when I studied Choral Conducting at the Eastman School of Music.

Philip Schmunk, D. Min.

Dr. Schmunk mentored me during the beginning of my tenure at Browncroft Community Church and has since become a personal friend and confidant.

Work experience

Oct 2011Present

Assistant Director of Music

Covenant Life Presbyterian Church

  • Oversees musical planning and personnel of the Classic service
  • Plays organ for the Classic Service
  • Conducts and selects repertoire for the Classic Choir weekly
  • Plays keys and piano with the Modern Worship Band monthly
  • Assists with the management of online planning
  • Provides spiritual leadership and accountability for the Classic Service musicians
Oct 2011Present

Vice President, Mason

Fran Overholt, Inc.

  • Installs brick, block, stone, concrete, pavers, and other masonry products
Jan 2010Sep 2011

Music Pastor

Lakeshore Community Church
  • Engaged and led congregation in deeper worship
  • Cast vision for the music team in coordination with the church vision and mission
  • Provided spiritual leadership and accountability for music team volunteers
  • Encouraged volunteers in professionalism, excellence, authenticity and a heart for worship
  • Transitioned music team in style and personnel
  • Trained and mentored new and existing worship leaders and musicians
  • Incorporated by current leading Christian and secular artists
  • Arranged and/or composed for services weekly
  • Wrote electronic loops for use in services
  • Unified team scheduling and planning
  • Implemented online planning tool
Jun 2001Dec 2009

Director of Worship Ministries

Browncroft Community Church

  • Led and transitioned worship in the absence of Senior Leadership for 3 years
  • Provided spiritual leadership and accountability for worship volunteers
  • Implemented new team creative programming structure
  • Implemented online planning and organization tool
  • Raised quality of music to professional level
  • Cast vision and advance planned with senior leadership
  • Composed and arranged music for services in diverse styles
  • Led or provided leadership for weekly traditional and contemporary worship services
  • Facilitated transition to a single style of worship in a difficult church environment
  • Recruited, trained and mentored musicians and worship leaders of varying ages
  • Directed challenging and diverse music for choir, orchestra and rock bands
  • Transitioned choir from performance group to worship leading group
  • Implemented design and installation of new sound system and stage modifications
  • Managed 5 employees and 1 volunteer staff person
  • Prepared and managed $37,000 operating budget
Aug 2000Jun 2001

General Music Teacher

Charter School of Science and Technology

  • Taught Kindergarten and Grades 2 through 8
  • Created music curriculum with peers for Kindergarten through Grade 8
  • Taught effectively in the absence of textbooks and instruments
  • Led effectively in difficult inner city start up charter school environment
  • Wrote and received innovative music grant
Jun 1999Jun 2001

Contemporary Music Director

Browncroft Community Church

  • Taught bands to master current music styles
  • Arranged music weekly for the services
  • Selected repertoire
  • Directed rehearsals
  • Played piano and keyboards in worship


Aug 1998May 2000

Master of Music

Eastman School of Music

At Eastman I studied choral and orchestral conducting under William Weinert and orchestral conducting under Mendi Rodan.  At my degree recital I conducted the Repertory Singers in music by Budd Udell, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Heinrich Schütz.  Especially for this concert I edited Schütz's Psalm 100 from the original sources, which are kept at the Sibley Rare Books division at the Eastman School of Music, and performed using a full choir, brass quartet, and positiv for the first choir, and a vocal quartet, string quartet, and lute as the second choir.  At a second recital I conducted music by Bela Bartok and Zoltan Kodaly in the orignal languages.

In my second year I performed a vocal recital of lieder by Hugo Wolf and Franz Schubert with Paul Vasile at the piano, editing Ganymed by Hugo Wolf especially for this concert.  I also received readings of my Toccata for piano and wind ensemble by the wind ensemble with Donald Hunsberger conducting and Paul Vasile at the piano, and I conducted the Chorale in a reading of my choral work, How Do I Love Thee, for 12 part choir.

During my two years at Eastman I recataloged the entire choral library under the direction of Ensemble Library head William Pottebaum, creating a searchable database of the music as well as re-shelving and organizing materials as necessary.

Aug 1991May 1997

Bachelor of Music

University of Florida

In addition to a Bachelor of Music in Music Education with a General/Choral Concentration, I also received a Performer's Certificate in Piano Performance and graduated with Highest Honors.  For my honors project I completed a single movement concerto for piano and wind ensemble entitled Toccata.  This concerto was read in 2000 by the Eastman School of Music  wind ensemble under the direction of Donald Hunsberger, with Paul Vasile at the piano.  A choral work of mine, Job 14, was also selected to be performed as part of a local composers concert put on by the Willis Bodine Chorale.

I studied composition with Budd Udell and James Paul Sian, piano with Holly Hughes and Patricia Dinkins-Matthews, and voice with Ronald Burrichter.

My student teaching experience included high school choral music, 9th grade choral and general music, and elementary general music, including experience with Orff instrumentation.  I also worked as an instructor and dorm chaperone for two summers as part of the University of Florida Piano Summer Music Camp.

As part of my electives I chose to take two semesters of poetry composition and completed a portfolio of poems.



Contemporary Loop and Music Composition
My abilities include Song and lyric writing in pop, jazz and rock styles Writing accessible charts for standard rock, hip-hop, jazz, and pop music Transcribing current rock, hip-hop, jazz, and pop music Composing loops and click tracks using Garageband and Logic Pro  
Pop and rock from Mute Math and Coldplay to John Mayer and MercyMe Jazz standards Classical music, particularly German lieder
Classical Music Arranging and Composition
My abilities include Composing new works for any choral or instrumental combination Re-arranging existing works for available instrumentation Composing new arrangements of standard or ancient works Composing large-scale works in collaboration with video, lyrical, dramatic and design artists Professional score and part creation and editing using Finale Music Publication Software
Choral, orchestral, and mixed ensemble works Classical works (The Creation) to rock music (my arrangement of U2's I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Rattle and Hum version) for choir, band and orchestra)
Pianist / Keyboardist
I have been playing piano since the age of eight, and keyboards at least since I was 14.  I have accompanied professional artists and worship leaders such as Parachute Band and Stephen Newby, and I am comfortable performing in almost any style.
Teaching is a natural gift of mine, and I have a degree in education.  I teach through  training, positive reinforcement, constructive criticism and example, and I base my thoughts and ideas in Scripture where applicable.  I am able to teach people ranging from teens to seniors, and I enjoy working with them.  
Worship Leadership
I have been leading worship since I was a teenager, and I have led in churches ranging from 60 to 1400.  While I will always have something to learn, I am comfortable leading people of all ages, and I feel comfortable sensing where God wants to take a service or what He wants to say through me.
My outlook on life is that "Life is about people; everything else is just details."  I began my ministry more as a professional musician and leader than as a pastor, but about five years ago God began changing my focus to pastoring people.  What are their lives like, and what has this past week in particular been like for them?  How are they hurting, and how can I or the church help?  I truly believe that outside of our relationship with God, the only thing that matters in life is our relationships with people; everything else is just details.
I am skilled at leading a ministry to the next level through training, positive reinforcement, constructive criticism, example, benchmarking, vision casting, and instruction.  I have over eight years' experience leading multiple staff, and am comfortable leading meetings and discussions both musically and otherwise.

Lakeshore Community Church

Browncroft Community Church