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Shell trained job hazard analyst, Permit-to-Work holder with 4 years experience in the Oil & Gas Sector, advanced PC Skills, QMS Audit Skills and Statistical Techniques. An exceptional team builder and leader who demonstrates the ability to manage diverse areas of responsibility and successfully provides exceptional service to senior management and customers.


-        Promote HSE as an integral part of our day –to-day activities

-        No Workplace Injuries and Occupational Diseases

-        Prompt accident notification investigation and reporting.

-        Spread Health, Safety and Environment plan throughout the organization.

-         Enhance employee awareness and involvement in Health, Safety & Environment program implementation

-        Optimize the use of continuous improvement practices as the basis for "Zero accident tolerance" initiative

-        Protection of Environment by removing all hazardous wastes and by proper housekeeping. 

-        The establishment and maintaining of Healthy , Safe and Productive Working Environment

-        There should not be any employee to be found to have been negligent in the matter of Health, Safety & Environment or have contributed to accident through personnel neglect, then that person will be subjected to a Disciplinary Procedure which could result in dismissal.

Work experience

Jul 2011Present

Water Treatment Technician/Quality Control Supervisor

Elektrint Nigeria Limited

Water Treatment Technician/Quality Control Supervisor - Shell Nigeria Integrated Facilities Maintenance (IFM), NSC,

Manage the SHELL NSC Water Treatment plant company branch in Oregun Lagos, Oversee, direct, manage, supervise and coordinate work activities associated with the treatment, distribution and daily operations of the water treatment facilities based on reverse Osmosis process. Supervises teams of operators, institute plant policies and procedures, direct training programs and complete employee performance reviews.Ensures that the plant and its operators comply with health standards and deliver drinking water (Plant product water) according to specifications by regularly testing the water supply and keeping meticulous records.Also responsible for maintaining a safe work environment and ensuring all equipments are in proper working condition. Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the water treatment plant and liaison with the client, consultant and the company. Worked with senior management to create policies and procedures; Trained employees on water treatment and develop orientation. Manage personnel records ensuring that all procedures within the company conform to SHELL HEALTH AND SAFETY REGULATIONS.

 Key Results:

• Plan, direct, coordinate and review the operation and maintenance of the water treatment plant; meet with staff to identify and resolve problems; assign work activities; monitor work flow; review and evaluate the works, methods and procedures to ensure that correct, efficient, cost effective and safe work procedures are followed to ensure adequate drinking water supply for human consumption.

• Schedules and coordinates activities concerned with treatment and processing of drinking water.

• Assigns personnel to shifts to operate water wells, reverse osmosis, filtering, chemical treatment and evaporation ponds and other plants utilities.

• Determines action to be taken in event of emergencies such as machine, equipment or power failure, or need to clean the sludge from the evaporation ponds.

• Prepares plans and specifications for new equipment or modification of existing equipment to affect increased operational capacity or efficiency.

• Reviews and evaluates water reports, records, logs, and graphs to confirm adequacy of present and projected water needs.

• Prepares budget estimates based on anticipated material and personnel needs.

• Prepare reports concerned with chemical and bacteriological analyses of water for administrative purposes and governmental agencies.

• Operate; monitor and trouble shoot error codes/alarms on the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.

• Planning Schedule repairs to existing equipment with internal and outside contractors.

• Coordination of chemical and consumables deliveries.

• Coordination of removal of waste sludge and brine from treatment units and evaporation ponds.

• Maintains records on chemical usage and storage, equipment operation, and personnel attendance.

• Directs workers to operate and repair equipments and reports need for repairs to designated authority.

• Provide or coordinate staff training; work with employees to correct deficiencies; implement discipline and safe working procedures.

• Oversee the water treatment plant’s laboratory function including mandatory monitoring, regulatory compliance testing, and process control and quality assurance.

• Ensure operations meet appropriate client and specification requirements; investigate water quality complaints and implement corrective action as required.

• Oversee the development and maintenance of process control procedures for treatment plant operations; review process control, quality control and laboratory procedures to determine if plant operational needs are being met at the water treatment plant.

May 2010Jul 2011



Under minimal supervision, performs a variety of document control, administrative, and/or clerical functions for a project or department. May serve as document control lead on a small project, or lead a small group within a larger project or functional group. May provide guidance or direction to administrative support personnel. Contributes and adheres to company and department policies and objectives. Ensures that Safety-Management-Process is built into every Project from beginning till the end.

Key Results:

·Ensure that all personnel comply with statutory and particular safety rules and regulations

·Ensure strict adherence of staff to avoid unsafe act that may create unsafe conditions or result to accidents.

·Make conscious efforts to implement sustainable development programmes (Environmental Awareness Talk)

·Ensure that Health, Safety and Environment policies are not only applied in workplaces, but in all spheres of life.

·Formulate Health, Safety and Environment Management System for major projects

·Yearly review of Health, Safety and Environment Plan

·Apply Hazard and Effect Management Process (HEMP) at task levels

·Implement local and international Legislations, Standards and Procedures

·Ensure that sufficient and precautionary measures are put in place in case of accidental occurrence, which may lead to environmental pollution/degradation.

·Encourage sustainable development with host community.

·Promote the culture of safe Handling ofChemicals

·Ensure that there is strict adherence to SHOC cards in operations.

·Consult relevant stake holders on environmental issues.

Apr 2009Jan 2010

Quality Control Officer– Quality Control Department (Water Treatment Facility)


·Observe action of microorganisms upon living tissues and other microorganisms matter

·Supervise biological technologists and technicians and other scientists.

·Study growth, structure, development, and general characteristics of bacteria and other microorganisms.

·Prepare technical reports and recommendations based upon research outcomes

·Perform tests on water, food and the environment to detect harmful microorganisms and to obtain information about sources of pollution and contamination

·Examine physiological, morphological, and cultural characteristics, using microscope to identify and classify microorganisms in human, water, and food specimens



Water Treatment treatment and Operations
Computer Skills
Audit planning, construction and use of checklists included
Audit report writing and feedback techniques


Quality Management System Lead Auditor Course (ISO9001)

Jan 2014Jan 2014